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nhsuzanneOctober 30, 2006

Good Morning All,

It's Monday........time to get your butts in gear.

Come out and tell us how your weekend was.

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Hi Suzanne - thanks for getting us started. I hope you finished painting.

My weekend was boring, but that was exactly what I wanted LOL. Friday night was the town variety show and I'm involved backstage - everything went extremely well and the show was well received. I ended up being in some of the acts as some of the participants were forgetting to come off stage for their props and that was the only way I could get them to them LOL. I always dress like a cast member just in case. That was my big excitement the rest of the weekend I worked, stayed home, cooked, cleaned and watched a couple old movies.

It is a beautiful day here today, quite a contrast from our rain filled weekend.

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Good MONDAY Morning!

My weekend was filled with repairs, cleaning, and painting the interior of 2 of the rooms in the home my parents left to my siblings and me. Most of you know the story of my 2 siblings who live there....basically trashed the place over the last 15 years or so. Such disrespect, but due to circumstances I won't go into here, they have no where else to go. My DEAR sister and DH have been completely transforming the house into a cute, liveable home. Our next steps are getting our sister and brother on a budget plan and cleaning schedule. Five rooms are completed; two rooms to go (not including the basement and the outside), but we are taking tiny steps as time permits. We need all the good thoughts you guys can put's been an incredibly long and draining process.

We are expecting a few beautiful weather days, so I'm anxious to get out at lunchtime for a short stroll around the grounds of the office.

Tonight is Yogilates, and boy do I need some calmning and stretching!

Make today count!

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Hi there,

Lousy weekend for me. It poured buckets on Saturday. We went to a costume party Saturday night. That was fun. Yesterday I was in bed all day with a high fever and stomach cramps and a headache. I didn't feel that great this morning either, but I went to work.

This town is hopping and tomorrow night it is supposed to be nice and warm so the crowds will be unbelievable. We are planning on going downtown for a little while just to do some sight seeing. It is the best night for people watching!

Dee, you are nice to help clean up the house to make a nice place for your siblings. It is a lot of work, but I'm sure the results are great.

Suzanne, did you finish your painting? Isn't it nice to have a fresh coat of paint on everything. Did you have any wind damage over the weekend? We didn't but some neighbors lost some big tree limbs.

Raeanne, I have this visual of you dancing onto the stage holding a prop, trying to fit in as part of the scenery. LOL

DS has a football game this afternoon, so I have to fly.

Be good.

Love, Besh

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Ladies Ladies Ladies-What a pesty bunch you are! HAHA

I am fine just so very swamped with way too much on my plate. Could someone please explain to me how I gained weight without a kitchen. I finally got on the scale today and I have gained 7 pounds. I really feel like I am at my heaviest ever. How do we let our eating get out of control? How do we get it back under control? I really need to get my act together.

It has been a crazy year. I think once January came around, I went into overdrive. My son's wedding was June 17 and we were in San Diego for a week. After that my DD were off to Kentucky for 4 days, more softball, off to Seattle, kitchen remodel and my busy time of the year at work.
I think it is really true that stress really can pack on the pounds. I am actually kind of mad at myself that I allow myself to accept this weight with excuses.

I am in the process of putting together pictures of my remodel and when I am done I will email them to Marci for the website. It was a down to the studs type of remodel.

Besh - thank you for the card and Raeanne-thanks for the gentle reminders to come and visit.

I will try to be better. I think I need to post my menus...


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You guys are such a wonderful bunch! I am so sorry to have been absent for so long. Thank you for the cards Besh and Raeanne. And Raeanne, that kayaking card is in a small frame on my desk. I will replace it one day with a photo of US kayaking. : )

I have purposely kept away from my computer while I established my freelance biz. I knew that it would be hard to establish a routine and accomplish my goals if I allowed myself to get distracted at all.

I am finally on top of my game (at least as far as business goes...) and couldn't wait to say hi! this project has been even more difficult than I had imagined, but worth every minute of effort. So, although I won't be sitting on my laurels, (I continue to build this business) I can reward myself with some much needed free time.

During this hectic time, DS has now moved out and is sharing a house with several kids his age about a mile away. He's still working hard at the grocery with plans to start the recording arts program in January. This is the first time in my ENTIRE life that I have lived alone. The silence is almost deafening (ha ha!)and when i clean house, it stays clean.

My diet has suffered terribly thru all of this chaos and i am just now relaxing enough to realize how "carpy" i feel, having lived on adrenaline for about 10 weeks now!

So, off to the grocery and the new community market I went today and stocked up on all kinds of fresh fruit and veggies. I am back to packing my lunches and working out. Boy, am I rusty!

It's good to be back and even nicer to have been missed!

thanks guys!



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I gotta ask---What is SS?

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Good Morning and................

Happy Halloween!!

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Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!!!!!

Gretchen, It's great to see you back. Remember the book you sent the girls for Christmas 2 years ago? They still love it. "If you take a Mouse to the Movies". It's a great book. I found the "If you give a pig a balloon" (or something like that). I am so glad you introduced me to that author.

Tikanas, Glad your back. How is the Freelance Biz? You will make it a success! Living alone is tough. At least your son is still close. I can't believe how fast this past year has flown!

I think we are going to turn down this trip to Hawaii that DH has won. I know it would be a blast, but since DH's best friend won't be going, I just have a feeling we shouldn't go. I can't explain it, I just have a gut feeling that we shouldn't go. It has nothing to do with his friend, it's just a feeling. Does that make sense to anyone? I am not sure it does to me. Who knows!

I am in such a funk lately. My eating is way out of control, I am not exercising, And I feel lousy! (wonder why??) I need to get my head on straight and get back to business. Holidays are coming up and this is not the time to be eating junk!

Have a great day. I will try to send some pics of the girls out after Halloween tonite.


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It's so good to see some MIA's reporting in.

Tikanis - feeling crapy is a good reason to get back on track - you can do it. Thanks for checking in!

Donna - I'm not sure where you are located at the Shore, but I see that Brick was named the safest town in the US. At least that is what they said on the radio this morning - they were laughing because the DJ's up here never heard of it LOL. My best friend used to have a 2nd home in Brick - so I know it well.

Gretchen - Good to hear from you. Yes, definitely start to post menus - I think that motivates everyone.

Jen - I didn't realize that DH's bestfriend was suppose to go to Hawaii too. You make sense to me, I think it's important to listen to your gut.

Marci - thank you for the decorations!

I am getting ready to take a friend out for her birthday, we are going to lunch and shopping - 2 of our favorite activites. I bought her dance lessons for her birthday. Although she is a great dancer she has always wanted to take lessons.

Enjoy the day!

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Brick, NJ is a very nice shore community where my nieces grew up. Donna is about 40 minutes away; I'm about 1 hour 15 minutes. My DSister and DBIL moved about 30 miles west so that the girls could go to better schools. Apparently it is safe, but the schools were not so great (in my family;s humble opinion!) haha

Tikanas & Gretchen, so glad to see you both on board! please stay in touch.

It will be nice to have Maddie, BJ, Joanne, John, and the rest of the gang back too.

Gotta run; I've been able to get an appointment to see the doctor. Want to rule out bronchitis because I'm not feeling much better.

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Happy Halloween from Salem. Let the games begin!!

I am thrilled to see Gretchen and Tikanis back. Glad that you were away for busy reasons and not something else.

Lime Coke, SS stands for Suzanne Somers, which is how most of us got connected here. I don't know if anyone follows that program still. We kept the name of the thread the same, so if any of our long lost posters came back, they could find us. Join us. We are a great group!

Jen, I agree. You should always go with your gut. If your wrong, oh well. But if you were right.... Glad to see you back as well. How is Galen doing?

Dee, I want the others to come back too! :-(

Marci, thanks for getting us started this morning. Very cute.

Back away from that candy!!!!

Love, Besh

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Happy Halloween!!

Besh, Salem must be insane....enjoy.

I am so glad to see some MIAs (Gretchen and Tikanas)! Where is Milkdud?

((Jen)) hugs to you - it's rough.

Lime Coke - welcome! This is a great group!

Just a quick check in - last night I went to our hospital's 3rd annual breast health event in AC (and not as a worker bee but as a guest). It was fantastic-the food, the people, the shopping and the speakers. The celebrity speaker was Marcia Wallace, the woman who played the receptionist on the old Bob Newhart Show. I had an opportunity to meet her and chat with her one on one...she's alot of fun and a breast cancer survivor. A local oncologist was the other speaker and she too was great. I called today and scheduled my mammo.

Believe it or not as close as I am to Brick I have never been there..I intend to change that when Dee and I get together for lunch before the end of this year :-)

Was up past my bedtime last laundry and such to night then off to sleep, I hope.

Talk to ya tomorrow!!!


PS: Raeanne - congrats on the show!

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Hi goils!

Another MIA checking inmy gawd, it seems like forever since IÂve been here!!

I donÂt even know where to begin. ScheechÂwhat a wild 3 months this has beenÂI started my job on July 24, and weÂve had shows every weekend since then until last weekend. I literally have not had a day off since July. We had a show last weekend, but I just couldnÂt, and I put my foot down, and we stayed home and slept. And slept. And slept some more. At one point, in mid- Sept, I sat in the middle of the kitchen floor and just bawled one Sunday morning. And then threw a fit. Bawled some more. Rog was quite alarmed, to say the least, but I had surpassed the breaking point by then, and out it came. In floods.

However, we have had some really spectacular shows, and looking back, it was worth it (I thinkÂthe juryÂs still out on that one). We have a great one this weekend, and itÂs one that I always look forward to. Then itÂs the auctioneerÂs convention, and then shows again, until mid-Dec.

And workÂlemme tell yaÂwork is a trip. I really, really like it. I have the best boss everÂI was at my desk today, just giggling at some stupid thing I posted, and she came in, gave me a hug, and got me a glass of water when I couldnÂt stop laughing. Since IÂve been there, IÂve lived through ***2*** government audits, and am gearing up for an international accreditation review in 2 weeks. I have had to learn this stuff fast, and while I am pleased with what I can do, I am very much aware of my weaknesses. I just got my own printer, and a huge deskÂIÂm so proudÂeven more room to stash piles o papers! On the down sideÂthey really do monitor internet usage, which is why I donÂt post from there. I think it would be OK, but I donÂt wanna push it.

LetÂs seeÂmy 30yo BIL moved his married, lost-her-kids-to-the-state, ex-girlfriend into MILÂs house, and while she was there (3 months), she had a mastectomy. I think they removed BILÂs pea-brain as well, because as soon as he set them up in an apartment together, she kicked him right out, and moved her (still) hubby in. Apparently, chick-o is doing realllly bad, and is now making squawking sounds of reconciliations to BIL. Did I mention that Ho-of-the-Year is still married? And also, did I mention that I can not stand this bint? And it seemed that everyone else ceased to exist when BIL-Ho, BIL-Ho, BIL-Ho was living there. Obviously, there are some interesting undercurrents still running here.

Oh, and mom has an 83yo boyfriend, that she and dad knew from years ago. I like him, but I am suspicious b/c he hadnÂt seen her for years (not counting dadÂs funeral), and now all of a sudden heÂs attached to her hip. And sheÂs talking about selling her house and moving into an apartment with him. He has 4 grown sons, and all of a sudden, mom has started calling them her ÂsonsÂ, and she hasnÂt seen them for over 40 years. She is convinced that she moves ib with their dad, and then he passes, that her Âsons will take care of her. I Âve worried, IÂve spouted my opinion (when she asked for it), IÂve talked to her bank, and her lawyer (IÂm POA), and have lost eons of sleep over this. IÂve decided that whatever will be, will be (good old songm there!), and IÂll just hafta be around to pick up the pieces.

Oh, yeahÂa mutual """"friend"""" that we do shows with made a pass at me at the end of September, and I clocked him one. I am really surprised that I didnÂt get arrested. In retrospect, this had been comingÂhe had been making some very uncomfortable comments to me, when no one was around. I did tell Rog about them, but I said that IÂd handle it, and I did. Making comments in one thing, but grabbing body parts all over is not. I probably should have kneed him, too.

SoÂall in allÂthings are just nuts. I am looking to join a new gym next week, so maybe I can get off my be-hind, and lose some of this weight. I have promised to post and read more regularly b/c I sure miss youse guys!

My love and hugs,


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Just quickly. We just got back from downtown. What a hoot. I'll send Marci some pictures for the album.

What I really posted for, was to tell you Maddie how great it is to have you back.

Later. (Nip/Tuck is on!)


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It's so nice to "see" everyone again! Good for you to have turned it into a people watching opportunity.

Jen, I agree; go with your gut. I NEVER sneer at "women's intuition". Let's get back on track together, ok?

Besh, How great that you have turned your town's holiday madness into a people watching opportunity! I really appreciated your cute card.

Marci, thanks for the nice start to our day!

DeeMarie, I could use a LOT of calming and stretching! A rack maybe? : )

Hi Gretchen! We just can't stay away, huh?

Donna, where is Brick? Glad that you made your appointment.

Maddie, wow! you have been busy! I am glad that the job is working out. It's hard to pace ourselves and not work ourselves to death! Timing is everything I am finding.

Raeanne, I am so impressed by your thoughtfulness and intuity. I'll bet your friend is thrilled with those dance lessons. How was your shopper's lunch?

I gained another contract today, though this company is doing EVERYTHING to convince me to come on board full time. I am so happy freelancing that i will have to pass on that idea.

it's a little lonesome here; Holloween and no kids running thru the house... but i savored every moment of the time when the house was overflowing and it's all good! The Trick or Treaters are sure cute! Jen, I'd love to see pictures.

Manana, y'all : )


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Rabbit - Rabbit

I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to say Hey to everyone who poked their head in to say Hi!

It feels like home again!


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Good Afternoon all,

I thought you all might enjoy seeing a picture of my handsome rooster, Sam Wise Gamgee. He is a rare breed known as a Buttercup and he is very sweet.

Tikanis, Maddie, Gretchen it's so good to hear from you.

Maddie, I am so happy your job is going well! What a pleasure to have a nice boss for a change.

Tikanis, I am glad you have gotten to where you want to be. You should be very proud of your self and your determination.

Gretchen, I am glad you are just plain busy but I miss you!!

I took the day off yesterday because I had the equine dentist out for his annual visit and he had to do some extra work. What a glorious day to take off! It was in the 60's. I got a ton of yard work done and was able to have my chickens out and about all day......they had a blast. I even got the chance to sit and try to get some photos of them. It's hard they are constantly in motion. Oh how I wish this weather would last all year bugs, no oppressive humidity, just lovely!!

I hope everyone is well. I am so glad that you MIA's are coming out of the woodwork. Now for BJ and John.......uh oh, not again!!

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Hi all!

Suzanne--he is gorgeous, and he knows it! I love chickens, and want some of the fuzzy ones (I can't think of the breed name), but I call 'em 'hairy chickens'. I look for one gentleman in particluar when we go to the state fair b/c he thinks that's funny (heehee!), and lets me hold one. I'd also like to have turkeys.

Besh--thanks for the card! :):) I'll bet you're glad today is here! A woman at work is vacationing in Salem now just to celebrate Halloween.

November 1---wow! Where has the year gone?? It seems like yesterday that I was at the casino, and then it was spring, and then bam! I started this position. Now Christmas is lurking..

Speaking of Christmas---is anyone game for the annual Christmas exchange? (Jen, I know I fell down on the birthday exchange, but I think you and the girls will like my Christmas box--:):)) We did Fung Shi (something like that) last year, which was fun, so any ideas for this year? I was thinking that we could find out a hobby/love/interest of the receipent, and then go from there--like cross-stitching, or horses, or something like the magnetic poetry. Just a thought.

So........ has BJ and John ran off again? Scheech! I leave youse guys alone for a minute, and there they go! LOL! OK--you two--I've showed back up--you all poke your head back in! :)

Gotta go--



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Maddie - Count me in for the Christmas exchange.

NHSuzanne - Great looking rooster! You should frame that picture.

Gotta run,

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Maddie, my hand is up for Christmas exchange. So glad to see you post. Let me know if you are getting my e:mails, OK?

Make today count!

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Maddie, It's great to see ya again. We have been missing your smiling face!

Tikanas, We will get back on track together. I am down to 2 diet cokes a day. Need to cut back on 1 then 0 but I am addicted!!!! I will send out some pics of the girls today. I wish I could post one on this board. Not sure how.

NH Suzanne, I love the pic of the rooster. Don't laugh, I have lived on a farm all my life, but roosters tend to scare me. Don't know why, they just do.

Gotta run. Have a great day.


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Jen, the pictures of the girls are adorable. Thanks for sending them. They look so much like a combination of you and Galen! Please share them with Marci for the album. I was looking this morning at their pictures from Halloweens gone adorable!

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Good Afternoon all,

I don't think I mentioned that I am going away with the horses this weekend starting tomorrow. It's our last hurrah of the year. We are staying in an old farmouse in SW Mass and while we aren't riding we will be sitting in front of the fire or out in the hot tub! I cannot wait. This is our annual trip to Colrain, MA.

So, I won't be checking in this weekend.

Jen, alot of people are afraid of roosters. I know some can be quite mean and have to be dealt with appropriately. I hope I don't have to ever deal with it but I will if I have to. They can be dangerous sometimes. So far, my two are very sweet. Sam jumps into my lap for a petting still!
Can't wait to see pix of your girls.

I think BJ and John have run off again too Maddie.

Marci, count me in for the Christmas exchange.

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Suzanne - I love the rooster picture - I actually love roosters! We have lots of roosters that roam around our area (they run in CVS when the automatic doors open).

Maddie - count me in for the Christmas exchange.

I am so glad to see Tikanas, Maddie and Gretchen.

Will check in tomorrow or good..take care.


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Suzanne - what a handsome fellow you have there. When I went to a Harbour Island in the Bahamas there are chickens and roosters all over the island and everywhere you go you are greeted with a cock-a-doodle-doo. Have a great trip.

Donna - that is so funny that you have chickens running wild by you.

Maddie - it is so good to hear from you! Count me in on the Christmas exchange too. Glad you put that jerk in his place! Your life is as colorful as always.

Tikanis - Good to hear that things are in order and you are ready to get back on track. Yes, we have to work on replacing that postcard with a photo of us. Now with DD in CA it should be sooner than later.

Jen - did you make a decision on the trip. If you don't mind e-mailing me the girls photo, I would love to see them. Unless you are sending it to Marci for the album then I will check there.

Besh - You survived another Halloween. I would love to see it, but I don't do crowds LOL.

Dee - DD#2 saw James Gandolfini trick or treating in the West Village with his kids, it is her 2nd sighting of him as he lives near her office in Tribeca.

Make today a good one.

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Good Morning,

Raeanne, Yes, we decided to stay home. I am praying that DH will win the trip to Cancun Feb. 17-21. That is the trip that I really want to go on. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Count me in for the Christmas exchange. I need an easy theme this year though!

DH has an awards banquet tomorrow nite. I am looking forward to a nite out. My old sitter is going to watch the girls so they will have a blast. It's sad that the only time dh & I go out is work related.

Well, better run. Have a great weekend.


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Jen - thanks for the photos, the girls are gorgeous and their costumes were adorable. I will keep my fingers crossed for Cancun - we are going the end of January.

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TGIF even though I go in 1/2 day tomorrow :-(
I thought I could slide out by noon but some nurses I know holding a seminar said oh good Donna, we'll order lunch for you with us tomorrow! Oh well, I guess it's good to be liked.

Jen, I hope you win the trip to Cancun...Raeanne, I have been there only once but want to go back. I loved it there! It was one of the best vacations I ever had.

Besh, glad Halloween is over for you for another year.

Just a fast check in cause tonight is a work night :-(
Can you tell I don't really want to go in???

Take care - have a great Friday night - I love Ghost Whisperer tonight, looking forward to that.

Catch ya tomorrow!!!


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Hi! I have so much to say to get everyone updated on myself but I only have time to say that my oldest DS & DDIL gave me a DGD on Aug. 26. She is a BEAUTY! I cannot get enough of her. She lives in Dallas.

Milkdud's birthday was overlooked. I had her name & was in Dallas at the time. We got together & had some fun.

Welcome Lime Coke!

Jen~I'd love to have pics of the girls. I know exactly what you mean about passing up the trip. I got an open-ended trip to Dallas & then begged Dave to come & pick me up. I didn't want to get on the plane again. That is when they kept changing all of the rules & I was afraid that I would bend one.

I definitely got on here at the right time. I was hoping that I hadn't missed the talk for Christmas. Please include me.

Tikanis~I am absolutely SO proud of you. We need to get on the phone & talk to each other again. It has been way to long.

NH Suzanne~Loved the pic of your rooster. He is very pretty.

I will address everyone else later. I don't mean to leave anyone out. Just have a lot going on. Take care. Oh, Milkdud, had a DGD, a month after I did and they both have the same name but different spellings. Isn't that cool?


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