Need suggestions for reunion.

melvie001August 24, 2008

Hello, I'm a regular visitor to this site but a very infrequent poster. I don't know why I didn't think of asking help from all your creative minds earlier but I need suggestions for gifts for family reunion. We have a yearly reunion and always give prizes for Longest distance traveled, Longest Married, Newest Married, Youngest Girl, Youngest Boy, Oldest Man, Oldest Woman and Largest family present. I've been in charge of prizes for last 2 years but am short on ideas this time. The prizes are really very inexpensive

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I LOVE useful items--and they are the gifts I prefer to give. I have a few suggestions:

high quality potholders like those offered by
pyrex cassaroles (9x13 and square ones) with lids offered by walmart.
fun kitchen utensils offered by bed bath and beyond--I especially like the tongs and other fun things.
restaurant gift certificates (chain restaurants are present in many towns and cities)
You can probably think of other similar items.

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A book of Olie and Lena jokes for the oldest Man
susie the cook's ideas for women would be fine.
Gas cards would be appreciated by anybody

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Thanks for the suggestions, Susie and Marge! Marge, I'm dying to know who Olie and Lena are. My dad, at 79, will probably end up being the oldest man and he loves jokes and humor!

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