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nhsuzanneOctober 16, 2004

Good Morning All,

Rise and shine, tell us how your weekend was.

Marci, hope your are feeling much better today.

* Posted by: NHSuzanne (My Page) on Sat, Oct 16, 04 at 16:10

I asked Marci to post some pix for me at her gallery of me and Sweet Pea. When you get a minute check them out.

Poor Marci has been stricken with a virus and has been feeling very poorly.

Let's all send out positive thoughts for her speedy recovery.

((((((((HUGS))))))))) Marci, feel better soon and thank you for posting my pix.

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Thanks for starting us out today, NHSuzanne!

(((((((((((MORE, BIGGER HUGS today, MARCI))))))))))))) I hope you kick the virus soon! Thinking of you!

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((((((((BEAR HUG, Marci!!))))))) I hope you are on the mend!

NHSuzanne, The pictures are great!You look lovely against that backround of foliage.

The weeekend was rather quiet. We had our first rain in over 6 months! I can't believe how excited I get over a change in weather, but we don't get much here. It is supposed to rain off and on through Wednesday and I hope it does. It did put a crimp in my gardening plans, though.

DS was sick at weeks end but bounced back only to wake up sneezing and sniffling and achey this AM. I'm giving him plenty of water, tea and O.J. Since we homeschool, he can do a bit of school work between naps : )

I have a bit of work to do, some errands to run and a quick trip to Curves.

Check in everyone and have a great day!


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Marci - hope you are feeling much better - lot's of bad stuff going around here too, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Tikanis - looks like DS has a little allergy to his lessons LOL.

Thanks for all your input on the concert situation. There were a few reasons that I was upset for my friend. She is a single mom and a very hardworker. This was a night out she had been looking forward too for a long time and she was all decked out and paid way more than she would normally have for tickets. She also didn't stand up that much, it was just little spurts and then she sat right down. So my thinking was that I could deal with that if I were behind her. After reading your input and thinking about the entire evening, I do believe she should've stayed in her seat, but I am also very disappointed in the way the security handled the situation. I usually go with the flow too and I didn't stand except at the end, when the entire arena stood up. Now I can put that to rest. It was really bothering me for a while and needed to look at it through someone elses eyes.

We had a wonderful weekennd. The Lion King was amazing, what an elaborate stage production.

I hope everyone is doing well, I must go and see NH Suzanne and our SP.

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Suzanne - those are beautiful photos, you're lookin' good girl! The color lavendar is very flattering on you. And could Sweet Pea be any prettier, who would know all that she went through this year. Seems she's a bit of a ham for the camera LOL.

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Marci, feel better!!!!!!

Suzanne, I love those pictures!!! Bareback, heh? Could never do that myself, even when I was younger. What great pictures of both of you. I am so happy that you shared them.

Tikanis, DS is on the couch tonight. He went to school today, but was really dragging. He is supposed to go camping this weekend with the scouts, hope he will make it. DS #1 will be away also, so DH and I were looking forward to having the house to ourselves this weekend!

Raeanne, glad you can put the concert issue to rest. Is your friend still upset?

My FIL is not doing so great right now. He has fallen 3 times in the last 5 days. DH is there now waiting to hear back from the Dr. We think he may have had a small stroke. He has had 2 already in the past couple of years. Yesterday was my MIL birthday, so we all went to church and then to the cemetary and he seemed fine, but maybe it was too overwhelming. I don't know.

Have a nice evening.

Love, Besh

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Good evening all!

Marci!! (((((((((((hugs!!!))))))))))) You know--since you've been away so long, you'll need a doctor's excuse, young lady!!! :):)

Raeanne--I had to post my .02 worth on the concert. Rog and I spent **serious** bucks a couple of years ago to se Elton John. I ended up taking part of the morning off to get tix, and I stood in line for hours. We're excited, and looking so forward to this concert. We're all dressed up, and so are the 2 friends we went with. Our tix were on the side of the stage, about 20 rows up, but we could see the gorgeous clothes, the piano, the set, everything--until-- the 5 idiots in front of us "got the spirit" (so to speak), locked arms and started swaying back and forth. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Now--there was no one standing in the rows ahead of them that would block their view (then understandable to stand). and these yahoos blocked the view not only for us, but also the 2/3 rows behind us. Lemme tell ya--I don't care to pay that kind of $$$ to spend time looking at someone's sweaty @ss. I, too, worked hard for the money to buy those tix, and I wanted to see EJ. I'm 5'1", and even standing, I could not see. The people behind us started yelling at them, and they turned around and called us a "bunch of f@g haters", (ummmm.... yeah--right--I don't think so, but in your narrow, entitlement-minded little universe, whatever....) The guy sitting somewhere behind us came down, some words where exchange, and the 5 guys left. And, unless the rest of the section stood up, then we all stood up, and the rest of the evening was grand.

However--your situation is different--I can not imagine a single woman being that much of an obstacle. I probably would not have been happy, but as long as I could mostly see, what the heck--I wouldn't have called security--

Well, we had a good weekend--loooong days, but good. I'm going to a temp agancy tomorrow, so here we go again! :) Wish me luck! :)



Oh, Raeanne--I was wandering around at the festival/flea market on Sunday, and some guys were up from New Orleans and they were serving (among other items) STICKY CHICKEN!!! LMAO! Luckily, Rog missed the sign, or I would have not heard the end of that one!!

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Hi again!

Besh, So sorry to hear about your FIL. Maybe the day WAS just a bit much for him... Does he live alone? (once a nurse... always a nurse!) I'll be praying for him.

Your DS is sick too?? How old is he? Mine is 16 going on 4 when he's sick... Send yours here and I'll watch 'em both so that you and DH can have that weekend alone. I've been bringing mine tea and juice and VIta C all day and plenty of water.

Raeanne, I must agree with you; that Sweet Pea is NO stranger to the camera : )

Marci, any better? Passing you a big bowl of Virtual Chicken Soup....want crackers with that?

Be strong, be well..


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I'm back. I am taking a break from watching the Red Sox/Yankee game. Talk about stress!!!!!!!! I don't think I can take it. I want the Sox to win so badly, but it is not looking too good at the moment. Sorry, all you Yankees fans, but it is our turn. LOL

Tikanis, DS is 13. He is sleeping right now. Thanks for the offer. LOL He actually is an excellent patient. I hate it when my kids are sick. I hate it even more when DH is sick, because you know, nobody is ever sicker than him!!
I hope that you DS is doing better quick. Sounds like he has a great nurse. Yes, my FIL does live alone for now. He has someone come in 3x daily to give him his meals. He will be 87 next month, so I don't know how much longer he can live alone. DH just called and he is bringing him to the hospital. His Dr. called and said he is concerned that his blood pressure is too low and that is why he keeps falling. Oh dear. It just seems to never end lately.

Maddie, good luck with the temp agency. You never know, it could lead to something good!

Back to the Sox. I can hear a lot of cheering on the TV, so I must go check it out.

Love, Besh

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Thanks for the hugs and good thoughts. Today, I finally feel like I am back in the human race. I actually think I had a bad reaction to the antibiotic the doctor gave me. I had a high fever, severe headache and sore throat. Classic symptoms of strep, which I tend to get easily. He did a quick strep test and it came back negative. But he put me on the antibiotic as a precaution, while they did the overnight strep test. He told me it could be a virus (which would make the antibiotic useless), a throat infection or strep. I am allergic to penicillin, but he gave me Ceftin, which is a distant relative of penicillin. He assured me that I should be okay on the Ceftin since I had only gotten a rash when I took penicillin. I started the antibiotic on Wednesday and went back to work on Thursday. My sore throat got better, but everyday, my headache got worse. I kept taking the antibiotic since my throat seemed to be improving. But then the doctor's office sent me a notice that the strep test was negative, so I figured that I probably did have a virus. But I thought I might as well finish the antibiotic, just in case it was a throat infection. But after I took my antibiotic on Sunday, my lips went numb and my head hurt so bad that I wanted to cry! It finally dawned on me that my virus might be gone and my symptoms might be from a reaction to the Ceftin. So I quit taking it and today I felt almost like my old self. (Tikanas - I lived on chicken soup and oyster crackers for most of last week! It hurt to swallow and nothing else tasted right.)

I am sure I need to catch up on what has been happening on the thread, but I don't really have the time right now. I neglected so many things last week and my house needs lots of attention too. DS is going to see DD at school this weekend, so I hope to get some computer time then.

Thanks again for the well wishes,


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Good Morning All,

Besh ((((((HUGS)))))) I am sorry that DFIL is having a hard time. It's so hard when our parents start failing. I hope all will be well with him. Did you watch the whole game? You must be exhausted but wow, it must have been something to watch the Red Sox win like that. I hope they win that would be so cool.

Marci (((((HUGS)))))) glad that you are starting to feel better. The flu is starting early this year. At least it seems that way.

Raeanne, glad you had a great weekend. We missed you around here! We took those pictures for our holiday greeting in the December issue. We took over 100 pictures and there were three that came out good. It's SO hard to get the ears up and it's the same old story either I look stupid and SP looks great or vice versa! Thank God for digital cameras.

Tikanas, I like the virtual chicken soup......what a great idea! Have you ever read any of the chicken soup books? Last year for Christmas someone gave me Chicken Soup for the Horse Lovers Soul. Almost every story made me cry.

Maddie, good luck at the temp agency today. Besh is right something great could come of it. I am hoping to make it until the end of the year before I start looking. It's such an arduous task...................sigh..............Good luck Sis.

Well, it's Tuesday and I am happy that Monday is behind me. This my last week to sell December and it's not going all that well. So, what else is new?? LOL

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Go Red Sox!! :-)

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Maddie - I once had a couple standing in front of me at a concert, that wasn't the problem, the problem was they kept passionately kissing throughout the night and I thought I was going to get physically ill LOL. I should've offered to pay for a room for them LOL. Good luck with the temp agency. That is how my DD got a permanent job. You could start your own Sticky Chicken booth - people could eat and be entertained by your cooking methods LOL.

Besh - I am so sorry about FIL, I hope he is okay. My experience has been that it is much harder for men to deal with the loss of a spouse. Hope DS is okay too.

Marci - I am so glad that you are better, that sounded nasty.

Suzanne - I normally take terrible photos, so when there's a decent one, I pass it around LOL.

I am off to go swimming, will check in later.

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Raeanne- sorry about the episode at your concert. But sounds like you did enjoy most of it. I just wonder who makes the decision on wether the majority stands and dances or not and the exact time of the concert that it is acceptable. It is a concert, a free for all to have fun. If people do not like to watch others dance and have fun in front of them, they should have put out the extra cash for front row seats or they should have saved their money and watched a DVD concert at home. I don't think your friend did anything wrong. Who do those people think they were telling your friend what to do. To get the security involved, those people must be very unhappy and suppressed and want others to be in their same boat. I am sure they saw she was upset when she returned to her seat, and did you check to see if they had smiles on their faces. UGH....can you tell I am on my soap box.

I too have been sick, I feel like I have a sinus infection coming on. I am gonna stick it out today, I took AlkaSeltzer Cold & sinus, so I am hoping that will help for today. If not, I will have to go to my Dr.s and get something for the infection. I worked half day yesterday and ate chicken soup and crackers... I laughed when I read what Tikanas wrote and Marci. I know the feeling.

Suzanne - loved the pics of you and sweet Pea.....what a gentle face Sweet Pea has. Loving eyes!!!!

Take Care - Lynn

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Happy Tuesday!

Marci, I am glad to hear that you are a little better. Sounds like a drug reaction to me, as well. Another problem with antibiotics is that they often are prescribed for viruses. Not only do they NOT fight viruses(virtually useless except against anything but a bacterial infection) but they lower our resistance to antibiotics which we might need in the future!

Lynn, I am sorry you are sick, too! Virtual chicken soup coming your way too! Try not to work too hard; go home early if you can...

Besh, how's your FIL? Sounds like postural hypotension, possibly. When a person suffering low B/P rises suddenly, blood drops rapidly from the head to the lower extremities causing dizziness, which in turn lead to falls. Position changes in these cases should be done slowly and pumping the feet up and down several times will help get the blood pumping more effectively. I hope your DS is better today.

Maddie, good luck at the temp agency today! We are rooting for you!

Raeanne, do you swim everyday? Where do you go?

NHSuzanne, I HAVE read a couple of chicken soup for the soul books!

Well, MY DS is still sleeping. I could hear him coughing and sneezing all night. He's such a little boy when he's sick. He gets very quiet and just lays there wrapped in a blanket alternately watching TV, reading and sleeping. Poor baby...

May all of you "sickies" feel better today. The nurse is now OUT! : )


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Now, don't take this the wrong way, but I ALMOST liked it when my kids got sick and they were a little older. They wanted me to baby them and sit with them and make them soup. It made me remember when they little and needed me all the time. But of course I would rather have them healthy and rejecting my affection and nurturing LOL.

I have to tell you it was so nice to go visit both DD's in NYC. It felt so chic to sip wine and have hors d'oeuvres while overlooking an elegant luxury apartment (not theirs, but the one behind them LOL). The apartment is the tiniest little thing you could imagine, but they did such a great job decorating it and made the most of the space or lack of space.

Tikanis - I belong to a fitness center with a pool and I go to their Water Strengthening class. I didn't go in the summer, but I do go the rest of the year. I will be going 2 times a week. It is at a resort and they have a spa, that I also joined and that is a real treat after the workout.

Lynn - stay on that chicken soup and get better!

BJ - I was waiting for another good QOD from you.

I have a book to add to the self-help books. It is Open Your Mind to Receive by Catherine Ponder. Although she is a true believer in tithing, I think you can interpret that part to match your own beliefs. It is a quick read book that helped me change my thinking in the area of prosperity. Definitely good for someone that is more a giver than a receiver.

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Busy day here in the Emerald City, but I just HAD to stop by. I am going to do some things on my "Intentions List", then I am going to read the last weeks of the thread and post while I have some tea!


If you had to spend one month each year separated from your spouse and kids, what sorts of things might you do during that time? Do you think your relationship would be strangthened or weakened by recurring separations of this type?

Back later!

NHSuzanne: You asked where I was coming up with the questions--- I sometimes go to bed asking my brain to think of something to work on and a question is there in the morning or some I come upon ida or questions in my daily travels. I just LOVE reading the answers though!

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QOD - I am confident that our relationship would be fine, but I am sure I wouldn't like being separated for a month, can I do 4 separate weeks? LOL. I would like to use my time to spend with relatives that live a distance from me and also do some work on ME by taking classes and attending workshops on becoming a more evolved and enlightened individual. If I must take the entire month at one shot, then sign me up for going to a fat farm boot camp - that should whip my big butt into shape. Maybe I would volunteer for Habitat for Humanity or something like that. That would be very rewarding and I would also get a workout. Hey, I'm beginning to like this idea - good one BJ.

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QOD: My DH lives away from me most weeks as he works almost 2 hours from our home. Our entire 18 year relationship has been like that. At first it was hard because I missed him but now I really enjoy my time alone. A month is a long time though and I know it would be harder for me. I think that for us absence makes the heart grow fonder for sure.

If I were the one that were away from home it would be much harder. I think that I would spend more time at a gym and developing new relationships with girlfriends. But the truth is that I would be miserable without my home and animals.

It would definitely get old after a while and would not want it long term. DH gets tired of not sleeping in his own bed too but is very used to a life on the road.

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Hi goils!

Marci--glad to hear you're feeling better! :) Someetimes the cure is worse than the problem! (I'm allergic to pencillin, also, and I too, ahve a tendency to get strep.)

Besh--hugs to your DFIL--my dad is sick again, and you just worry about them so much! He'll be 79 next week.

QOD--I'm with Raeanne--fat camp boot camp! I'd love to go to one of those resorts/spas that work you out, massage, mud baths, etc.... wait on you hand and foot.....horseback riding...another massage....Antonio that brings me drinks with a little umbrella as I lounge by the pool... (I'm gonna hafta stop before I make myself cry!!! LOL!) The longest Rog and I have been apart is 3 weeks, and I really did miss him, but the break was quite nice--and the reunion was better (evil grin!)

Well--the temp agency--I got there, and as I was waiting to talk to the receptionist, my cell rings and it's mom, and dad is not doing well, and mom wants me to come--I go in and tell her what happened, and she was really nice, and told me to come back when I could--they'd love to talk to me. So.... I go over to mom and dad's and the d@mned pulmonary dr won't see him today--he has a appointment for tomorrow at 2:30, and mom has thrown her hip out--so, I don't know if she'll be able to drive, and my schedule is booked solid tomorrow, and now I'll hafta redo appts. (I'm truly **not** complaining--I'd do anything in the world for them, but my timing just reeks sometimes!!)

Where's Amy???



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DH and I spent 5 weeks apart this summer when I moved back home before he finished his job in AK. I had to get the kids in school and get some work done on the house. It helped our relationship and breathed new life into our idea of appreciating the companionship we share when we're together. I enjoyed being on my own but was glad to share our home again when he returned.

If I had to spend a month each year away my DH and kids, I think I'd pick a city or town that looked interesting, rent a studio apartment, and fill every week night with some type of activity - a movie theater or rental flick on Mondays, rock climbing gym on Tuesdays, enlightment class on Wednesdays, dinner out with a friend on Thursdays, and dance lessons on Fridays. I'd get a job and work like a dog during the days until around 6 or 7 pm, eat a quick bite and hit the activity. I'd go to bed exhausted, but will have lived life to the fullest each day. The weekends would go like this: Saturdays: bike or drive to a friend's house and have a coffe and conversation or drive to a local breakfast hangout, then go home and garden or visit an old folk's home, then read and eat a healthy TV dinner. Then into a hot bath or shower, read, and sleep. Sunday, I would stay home all day, invite my friends to drop by anytime, and putter around fixing things up. Then more reading, a long phone call with the family, and do it all over again the next week.

I'm confident my DH and kids would be doing great. They can do everything without me. I can only see it strengthening the relationship. We'd all be lonely sometimes, but that'd make the reunion all the more cherished.

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Wow BJ. You are making me think way more than I want to at this time of day!!!

QOD: And it is a good one. I think it would take me a week to realize that I didn't have to do anything for anyone but myself. I am a procrastinator in the worse way, so I would probably goof off, lay around, read, watch TV, etc for the first week. I would then realize, hey I only have 3 more weeks of this vacation, so lets get moving. I would go to a 1 week spa, get the toxins out of my system and be pampered. I would go to yoga classes, swim, walk, and meditate. I would hook up with friends and catch up. I would try to read at least 2, if not 3 good books. I think I would work on me. As far as the marriage surviving, I know it would. DH may not be too happy about me being gone (depending ofcourse on what he was doing for that month!) and I know I would miss him and my kids, but also would know how fast my month would go by. I really don't think it is something that I would want to do every year, not for a month anyway, maybe a couple of weeks. One week to unwind and one week to do whatever I planned.

Love, Besh

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Wow BJ, I didn't realize I was going to be able to take a vacation during this month. LOL That puts a whole new light on the question. I think couples and families would only spend that much time apart out of necessity so my answer stands. HOWEVER, could I do anything I wanted and not work, etc I'd be in France or Italy so fast your head would spin. I would be taking an inn to inn horseback ride through Provence and/or Bordeaux, Tuscany and/or Piedmont and I would be eating fine regional cuisine and drinking lovely local wines. I can smell the lavender fields and olive groves now!................................back to reality......I would only be away from home and DH if my job required it.

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NH Suzanne - ROFLMAO - I was just going to rewrite my answer.

If money is not an issue - I would find a little house in Tuscany and live there for a month. I have never been there, but my DD says it is a place to put on my list of things I MUST DO.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad! When it rains, it pours! I will be praying. And for your Mom's hip, too!

This Qod is hard for me. It's been 9 months to the day since my DH died. I honestly don't know how we've made it THIS far! But we have... I sure miss him a lot...Life is very different now.

I talk to my DD almost everyday. And I homeschool DS. We spend a lot of time together. Sometimes we get on eachother's nerves. But he's a GREAT kid. I not only love him, I respect him as well. Those kids are my lifeline!

During these 9 months, I have just thrown myself into homeschooling, my work ( I work from home right now doing home health chart audits) and with my church's social comittee ( I'm the chair). Sometimes, I think I have been keeping myself busy so as not to think....I find myself doing something for everyone but me.

I've joined Curves, but then I got sick and am just trying to get back into the swing of things.
I am looking forward to French Lick. That will be my spa time, my own vacation.

This QOD has got me thinking... Time to make some changes here! Thanks for the question and the great ideas, you guys!


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Tikanis - (((((HUGS)))) You are doing exactly what you need to be doing right now. Busy is good and I know your DS must appreciate all the time you are dedicating to him. French Lick will be here before you know it.

Maddie - I meant to send you my positive thoughts and prayers too.

Joanne is also among the MIA's. Come out come out where ever you are.

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Good Morning All,

Raeanne, lets rent a villa in Tuscany!! A villa with stables so I can ride horses and also vineyards so we can partake of the fruits of the earth ALOT!!! LOL That might be the month I wouldn't mind being away from home!

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((((Maddie and Tikanis))). I think you both need them.

FIL is doing much better. Nothing broken, no low blood pressure, just some more effects from the previous stroke last year. Thanks for your well wishes.

GO RED SOX!!!!! :-) I don't know if my heart can live through another game tonight. What great televison!

Love, Besh

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(((((((((Tikanis)))))) Grief works in strange ways. I have had my share and it catches up with you when you least expect it. Sudden losses are even harder to comprehend. I won't preach to you but you need to spend time taking care of yourself. I had a situation in my life with my DEX ( that would be d@mn ex husband ) and it shook me to my very core but at the time, my children were 15, 11, 6. I had to keep it together for them. It all caught up to me, 6 months later when I was driving down the freeway sobbing my eyes out. I got help the next day. I can clearly remember the dr. saying to me very simply " How are you doing" and I lost it...sobbed for days. Came to the realization that I was about to embark on a life changing event and moved on with my life.

NHSuzanne - Oooooooo I love that picture of you and SP. You look so happy on her back. I am so impressed with the bareback riding! LOLOL

Raeanne - I am here reading most of the time, just not a ton of time for posting. I am still doing WW and am down 7 pounds. Slow and steady wins the race as they say. I am sleeping better and eating very well.

Marci - Feel better and drink your fluids.

BJ - Great QODs! No time to answer them but they are good.

Maddie: When it rains it pours....Hang in there girl.

Ok..I am off..just wanted to say and I hope to be back in here more often.

OH WAIT....I do have great news! My son who lives in San Diego was accepted to the San Diego Police Force. It has been his life long dream. He has left Nordstrom ( boo more discount for me) and begins the Police Academy on Monday! I am so proud.

Off I go!


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Okay, so the next SS get-together will be at Tuscany LOL.

Gretchen - glad you checked in and congrats to DS! Don't be a stranger.

Another nice way to spend the month away from my immediate family would be by visiting each and everyone one of my SS family.

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Thanks Raeanne! I have to adjust my weight loss since I just came back from a weigh in. I am down 9 pounds total.

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Wow Great stuff.

QOD: I too would go for the Tuscany villa. I saw under the Tuscan Sun and just loved it. Also, I would sign up for the spa/fat farm. I really think I would like it.

Way to go on all the pounds lost ladies!!! Someday I will be on that list.

Thank you for the get well wishes. I am on the road to recovery. Sore throat is gone.

Hope everyone has a great day.


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Gretchen - WTG, you are doing great.

Lynn - glad you are feeling better. I loved that movie too. I watched it twice and could watch it again.

I attended my first rehearsal for our town variety show. The theme is the 70's - glad I hung onto those bell bottoms from last year's show. I am behind the scenes for the most part, but I am in a few small skits, nothing noteworthy LOL.

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Hi all!

OK--I'm with the Villa, too! Antonio can feed me drinks there, too! LOL!!!

Tikanas--((((hugs!!))) I am soo sorry--I can not imagine that pain.

Gretchen--congrats to your son! I always has a fantasy of being an officer, but if someone stuck a badge on me and handed me a gun, I'd head for the hills so fast it would make your head hurt! LOL! (Actually, I think what it really is is that I enjoy good looking men in uniforms--don't get me started on flight suits.... big, drooling sigh....heehee!)

Well, dad is in the hospital as I write--he is on those breathing treatments, and does seem to be somewhat better.

Gotta go--sorry so short--



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Hi Gretchen! Congrats on the weight loss and on your Son's new position. Gotta respect those guys who put themselves out there for the rest of us.

Lynn, Glad to hear you are doing better. Marci, how about you? Feeling better? I am hoping so.

Maddie, I am saying prayers for your Dad, and for you too. Enough is enough already!!

Well, Yesterdays QOD really lit a fire under me! I woke up feeling like a new girl! I got so much done today! I started out by getting up at 5:45. I updated all the homeschool records, and finished home health chart audits by 10:30. I did stretches in the living room and some pilates for 1/2 hour, then took a walk. I had homemade beef and barley soup for breakfast and broiled shrimp and veggies for lunch.

After lunch, I worked on our investment profile and got all of our financial ducks in a row. I didn't realize that we were doing so well... Ha Ha!

A good friend from New York called and asked me to be her Matron of honor next June. I was so surprised! I started back on my goal setting program ( I'd let it go by the wayside when I got sick after Bill died) and couldn't believe how much I've already accomplished!

Tomorrow I am going to lunch for salads with a dear friend. Friday, I'm going to the Drs. at 8:00 and back to Curves at 9:00.

Tuscany, here I come! Well, French Lick, anyway... : )

Thanks, you guys!


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Good Morning All,

Group ((((((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Besh!!! GO SOX!!!! Can you believe it?

Great to hear from you Gretchen. Congrats to you and DS and way to go on the loss! What a loser.

Lynn glad to hear you are feeling better.

Marci, how about you?????

Tikanas, nothing like a good question to light a fire under you! Sounds like things are getting better all the time!

Maddie, I am a sucker for men in uniforms too! I don't know what it is.

Yesterday, I landed an account that I have been after for two years! It's a mere drop in the bucket in the scheme of things (as far as my goal goes) BUT, it's personal victory because this one was tough and I got it.

Raeanne, perhaps that was some of the prosperity the Kingfisher brough into my life. I am going to go down to the brook this morning before work and stay until I see another one!

Something took down part of my fence in the paddock this morning. I started to let the girls out into the pasture but it's pitch black out there and thought better of it because if something took part of that fence down too the girls would get out and that could be a disaster. I am waiting for some light to see what's going on. MOOSE comes immediately to mind they just walk right through fencing!

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Tikanas - you sound great!!!!! I am glad you are better and your on your way to total organization...ok, I am jealous. Have you decided to be in the wedding?

NH suzanne - Congrats on your new account. Feels good right!!!!! do you work for an Advertising Agency or Marketing Agency? I hope you find out what took your fence down. If it is a Moose, I hope he is long gone when you go out there.....YIKES!!!!

Maddie - Sorry about your Dad....I hope he recovers quickly.

Raeanne - I love movies like that....the ones you can just watch them over and over again. My DH has to watch SELENA everytime it is on TV. I catch him and say.... are you watching that again. He says he likes it. I do think it has something to do with JLO I am sure. LOL.

Take care everyone....


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Hello and happy Thursday! Can't believe that it is Thursday ALREADY!!

I cannot believe those SOX! What a fete!

Marci, how are you?

Yes, Lynn, I will be in the wedding! Not sure if it will be this June or next....

Maddie, how is it going today?

NHSuzanne! Congrats on that new account! That's wonderful. Back to the pond and that Kingfisher for you! What happens next with that fence? Do you get someone out to fix it or do you do it yourself? A moose, huh...?

I am on a roll here! Up again at the crack of dawn and started to work right away. I am way behind in getting things done but I don't care! I'm not holding anybody up and can work at my own pace.Today, I want to finish up with investment management and dig into my RN continuing education tests. Then I am going to tackle some much needed kitchen clean up! Tomorrow I have lots of errands to run!

Everyone have a great day....
Be strong and be well!


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Hello Everyone,

It was still dark when I left for work so I won't be able to tell anything until I get home.............and then I have about an hour before it's dark again!!!!! If it was a moose then he's long gone. They do this all the time and never seemed phased by the electricity. Moose don't mean any harm and I am not afraid of them. I WELCOME them and love to have them around. I fixed the fence in the paddock this morning by flashlight that I held in my mouth so I could use my hands.........and it was cold this morning! If there is damage beyond what I was able to patch this morning I will get it done tonight. No biggie, just work.

Lynn, I am in advertising sales for an equine publication called Equine Journal. You can check out our website at The October and November covers are my clients and both covers are really beautiful.

Speaking of covers I just sold the January issue! There must be a Kingfisher around me somewhere!

Tikanas, you are on a roll and sound upbeat. Must be our group hug!
Do you have any details of the wedding yet?

QOD: What time do you get up in the morning and what time do you usually go to bed?

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Well, I had a bit of extra time on my hands and am checking back in. I seem to be ahead of schedule, all work done...DS getting ready to take over the computer to do his Spanish lessons and his driver's Ed. program, Spent a little time finishing up on investment matters.

NHSuzanne, I went to your business' web site and those covers are BEAUTIFUL! I hope we can ride at French Lick!

QOD: When I was feeling down and blue, I found myself staying up later and later and getting up later, too. Now, (well, the past couple of days...) and my USUAL pattern, is to hit the hay between 11:00 and 11:30 and get up before 6:00 am. I would like to get to bed even earlier but DS seems to want to chat late at night and I won't pass THAT up : )

Somebody's gotta say it... It's killing me!!...

For Dee Marie... Never, Never give up!! : )


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Tikanas, if you want to ride in French Lick you are ON baby! Nothing radical just a nice easy going trail ride. I imagine the horses at the stable are old trail horses used to doing the same route blindfolded and backwards! LOL
It would be my pleasure to ride with you. Don't forget your riding pants!

The farrier just left and I am wound up. Normally I would be in bed by now so I have to find a way to unwind and get sleepy...................somehow! The good news is that all feet are doing well with the transition they are making to being barefoot horses. Nine months into this and the changes, for the better, to the hoofs are amazing! God bless the natural hoof!

Nighty, night. It's way past my bedtime.

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Good Morning All!!!!!! Wake up and say hello.

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Hello everyone!

I'm back from LA and LV; we had a wonderful time, despite the rain. I hope to post a picture with Marci if any come out good from my Goddaughter's wedding. I was dancing and singing with Terry Nunn from the group Berlin (Top Gun "take my breath away"?) She was a riot!! DH and I also met Pete Rose (of baseball fame), and had a nice chat with him (I think that picture came out well and may post it when I get the chance).

So much to catch up on....

QOD: I am sleepy by 10pm and rarely stay up past that time. Our alarm rings at 5:15AM. This morning, I was at the office at 6:30am! OUCH! Wanted to catch up on my e:mails and projects I missed. Right now, I could nap at my desk!!!

Promise to check back later or this weekend.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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QOD - To bed by Midnight and up by 7AM. I love staying up, but since I can't seem to sleep in these days, I rarely do it.

Welcome back DeeMarie - sounds like you had quite a time - can't wait to see those photos and hear more.

Tikanis - sounds like you are on a roll - keep it going.

NH Suzanne - Congrats on the cover - I wanna see a Kingfisher LOL.

When do you think we have to firm something up for French Lick? Should we make reservations soon?

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WOWZA, it's quiet here today.

DeeMarie, welcome back. Can't wait to see your pix. Marci posted some for me while you were gone!

Raeanne, I would think that right after the first of the year we should start seriously making plans. Maybe sooner? I guess I would ask Maddie to guide us here because who knows. I can't even remember the exact date!
I am sending Kingfisher thoughts your way. LOL

Today is my Siamese boys birthday. 12 and 10 years old. Boy time has flown. They are out in the livingroom rolling around in the catnip I got them to celebrate with. I will join them with a glass of wine shortly! I love watching them groove on catnip. I lead such an exciting life!!!

The pumpkin festival in Keene, NH is this weekend. Our office carved pumpkins to spell out Equine Journal and it will be displayed on the tower at the top of Main Street about 9 tiers up. Keene is trying to break it's own world's record of 28,000 or so. This year we are going for 30,000! Check out the link below. The tower you see here is at the top of the square and is the tower our pumpkins will be on.

QOD: My alarm is set for 4am Mon-Fri. and I am usually in bed by 9:30 and 10 is pushing it for me unless I have to. On weekends I try to sleep in which usually ends up being 5:30 or 6! Still it feels good not to have to hear the alarm.

Here is a link that might be useful: Keene Pumpkin Festival

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Good Morning All (she said to herself!)

I don't think the link above works as I just tried it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pumpkin Festival

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QOD - Are you doing anything special for Halloween?

I am going to a costume party. A group of us are going as pirates and wenches and I am the TREASURE CHEST. So I have to get busy this week making my costume. I was thinking of getting a styrofoam chest and cutting it to fit onto my front. I will paint or cover it and then have jewelry hanging over the sides, etc. I think I will wear a glittery top and attach rings and beads to it and I am going to wear a tiara - any other thoughts?

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QOD: Staying in and locking the doors!!! LOL. As you know, Salem is "the place to be", so thousands of people think. The traffic has already begun. You can't get out of Salem and if you do, you can't get back in!! So we just sit tight, enjoy our home and give out candy to the little trick or treaters.

Raeanne, treasure chest? You could get very creative! LOL

Love, Besh

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Besh - there is a very good reason, that everyone thinks that the treasure chest should be me LOL.

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