Menu for after-party?

momand3boysAugust 1, 2010

We're having a 50th anniversary luncheon party for my parents at a restaurant. The menu consists of (that I know of) Veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, salad, salmon and beef, apple cobbler and anniversary cake.

I am then having 24 adults and 10 children back to my house for the evening. Not sure what to serve. I don't want to be cooking since I will not have enough time to do much once we get back from the party and before everyone arrives. I was thinking sandwich wraps, veggies and fruit, hummus and salsa and chips. Cookies and such. What else should I serve? Should I serve veggies and cheese tray if we are having it for lunch?

Thanks for your help! By the way, its this coming Sat!

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That's a wonderful menu and a lot of food. I'd welcome something very light, and am glad that you mention fruit. If I wanted anything just to nibble, I'd be glad for it. Regarding more veggies and cheese, well, I don't know that you need it but it wouldn't hurt. Again, I'd probably not eat a sandwich wrap after all of that other food earlier in the day, but might pick on cheese and crackers.

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I'd probably do a bunch of appetizer type items. Enough so that those who chose to eat light would be ok but those who wanted something more substantial (men and if there are any teenagers will most likely fall into this category) can fill up.

In addition to the fruit, a couple of chip/dips, and some things you can easily make ahead. For example, meatballs (either make ahead or use frozen ones) in sauce. My favorite sauce is ketchup & beer - you'd be surprised how tasty that combo is. Instead of duplicating the cheese tray, why not do a queso type dip or VERY easy, cream cheese block with a sweet-hot jelly poured over the top.

I've made a rice-krispie cheese "cookie" recipe which is very good, and again, easy to make in advance and serve room temp. If you want the recipe LMK and I'll dig it up. Again, this is a "cheese" item but without duplicating the lunch menu.

Veggies are IMO always welcome so I'd definitely do those even though they were served earlier.

When I have a lot of people over like that, it's nice to have stuff they can just graze on so that whoever is hungry can eat whenever they want.

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You might even consider very casual sandwiches/deli platters, pizza, or take-out Chinese food. Put it out buffet style.

I am picturing myself in your position, and I think I'd be too tired to put out a big homemade spread.

Actually, the menu you described seems to be like this. Just all stuff you can set up ahead of time and just put out without fuss.


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I would have a bunch of burgers in the refrig and some hot dogs too, and about a gallon of potato salad and another of slaw.
All can be done ahead and then just heat the grill and start cooking.
After the "main party" they may not want a traditional dinner...but you can grill some stuff as people want it.
I have done that a few times....and the word is..."Ok everyone, let's go to Linda's to hang out and cook burgers and dogs." Informal easy and everyone gets fed.
Linda C

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Nibbling and grazing is exactly what I like to do before, during, as well as after meals so I think we are all on the same page! :)

Lowspark - I'm interesting in knowing what that rice-krispie cheese recipe is!

I'm definitely going to make this simple so I don't have to do much. Meatballs sound like an easy idea. I have some other dip recipes I can do too, to change it up.

Thanks everyone!

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Here it is:


1 lb sharp grated cheese (2 cups)
2 sticks butter
2 cups flour
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
2 cups Rice Krispies

Grate cheese & let cheese & butter come to room temperature. Using dough hook on mixer, combine cheese & butter & add flour, 1/2 cup at a time. Add cayenne. Blend in Rice Krispies with dough hook. Form into small balls on a cookie sheet & flatten with fork tines. Bake in a preheated 325° oven for 10 minutes. Only let them begin to brown on the bottom.

My notes: I added more than 1/2 tsp cayenne because I like things hot. I just sprinkled a bunch in.
Mine didn't actually brown on the bottom but they turned out fine anyway.

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That sounds like fun! I want to try it. Thanks for the recipe.

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