Ideas for Dad's 80th birthday brunch

compumomAugust 16, 2003

I'm giving a brunch for about 30 people to celebrate my dad's 80th next Sunday.

It will be in the garden and buffet style. I'm planning to serve a blintz souffle, a hashed browned casserole, fruit platter, fish platter (from the deli), creamed cheese, bagels and tiny chicken and apple sausages. For dessert I'm thinking a birthday cake and cookie platter. Can you add or change anything? Most guests are above 50 and half are 70-80ish.

I've ordered umbrella tables, pretty chairs and need to check another place for linens or I will order the solid colors from the rental place.

I'm using stainless silverware and nice plastic plates, cups etc. I'm trying to hire a magician to do close up magic tricks for entertainment. I'll put the stereo on with soft music for background.

Can you suggest anything else? I would like to do a clever favor but can't think of anything. I'd love some ideas.

Thanks in advance!

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Sounds like you have everything covered. Really I'm sure it will be just lovely & maybe you can do personalized bookmarks or maybe even a fall bulb wrapped in some tulle netting with a ribbon & a tag indicating the date of the celebration & to plant a memory or something? I'm sure I've seen sayings to attach on tags for bulbs somewhere.

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: ) the only thing I can think of is to make sure that some of the desserts are diabetic-friendly without being overt about one likes being reminded to watch their diet at a party- but I've seen my dad get pretty loopy from all the sugar at oh, his retirement party!

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