WANTED: Bucilla , Lasetta, etc. Easy Weave afghan patterns

lauralexMay 23, 2006

I am interested in trading afghan or pillow weaving patterns. The weaving is done with yarn on a mesh fabric (no knit, no crochet). Several companies made kits for these under the names of Bucilla Easy to Weave, Lasetta, Mary Maxim, Herrschners, etc. I have the following patterns to offer in trade:

1. Craft leaflet with 4 afghan patterns with 4 matching pillows (it has a Plaid, Rose, Country Hearts, and Potpourri)...none of the patterns in this leaflet were ever sold as a kit.

2. Bucilla "Blue Diamonds"

3. Bucilla "Daisy"

4. Lasetta "Chevron"

5. Herrschner "Romance"

6. Lasetta "Country Hearts" pillow

7. Lasetta "Baby Clown"

8. Mary Maxim "Southwest"

9. Bucilla "Brown Aran"

  1. Lasetta "Jennifer"

  2. Lasetta "Petit Fleur"

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Lauralex, I will go thru my patterns in the next few days and see what I have to trade! Iam so excited to find someone else that does this stuff too! Yippee! Jane

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Lauralex, Just wondering if you have been receiving my emails? Jane

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Your 6/3/06 email is the first one I have received. I have been having trouble with e-mails being automatically deleted by the system lately. I thought I had it fixed. I sent two emails to you...did you get them? Let's try again. Send me a test email directly to :


and then add a post to the message board so I know your email was sent. Barb

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I just sent another email to you. jane

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Has anyone ever tried dyeing the weaving mesh cloth? I don't really care for the white showing. Just wondering if you tried it how did it work out? Just finished my first piece. they called it baby blanket size, it's too long and not wide enough for a baby blanket. Guess you have to buy a larger piece and cut to size. I've seen a baby blanket in a heart shape but I can't draw a heart. I'm wondering how I could get a heart shape and enlarge it don't know where to get it from? I have been watching video's of knitting and it really looks pretty easy. I may try that too! It's official, I'm middle age and knitting! LOL it's for any age though. I just don't understand the written directions. I have to watch it being done in order to do it.

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They say there are only two easy stiches to knitting. If thats so I wonder about all the differnt patterns. Ordered two dvd's for crockig and knitting. Only $7.99 each. I'll have my hands in about three different crafts. You get excited and then you can't stop Barb, if you're reading this I have an envelope coming your way and as you see I found the site again.

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Recently someone gave me the kit for the Bucilla "Daisy" weave Afghan however, the pattern was not included. I would be interested in obtaining either a copy or buying it if the price is reasonable. Let me know

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I bought a Lasetta Irish candlewick afghan kit at a church thrift shop but it didn't have the instructions in it. Like the note above I would be interested in obtaining a copy or buying it if the price is reasonable. Can anyone help? thanks

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For jeach and mhooper

I have the pattern for the Daisy and Irish Candlewick afghans. Please send me your address and I will be happy to send you copies of the instructions. My email is akrupa@cinci.rr.com

If I don't respond in a day or two, it means I didn't get the email...post another message here for me

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I now have many more patterns in my collection (more than I can possibly list here). If anyone needs copies of patterns, please email me at akrupa@cinci.rr.com

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I would love to get my hamds on just about every pattern you have. I have discovered recently this way of crafting and excited to get started. I am so excited to have found this forum.


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I have been looking for the mesh to hand weave. I have an old kit I got from Bucilla (blue and camel ribbons woven afghan kit #37012) If anyone can help me I would be so excited. Thanking you in advance. Jan

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Hi Jan, If you are looking for the afghan mesh fabric, Joann Fabric.com has it. Look under utility fabrics, then its listed as mesh fabric. Its around $2.99 a yard.

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do you know where i can get the needle to weave the afghans with,i lost mine in the move and would like to weave some more afghans...really loved it

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I bought a kit-Lasetts Country duck Afghan-Article #L1l0-the needle is missing. (special long weaving needle) Thanks

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Thanks for the info on where to get more of the fabric to weave the Lasetta afghans. I ordered 12 yards today from Joann's. I was so glad to see that there were others who also liked to do this...

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You can probably find them(needle) at a craft supply store or fabric store. The original ones are 5 inch long, they are in doll supply section (if they have one) sometimes too. If no luck, let me know and I'll search my craft room and see if I can find an extra one or 2.

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I have a kit from National Yarn Craft with Lasetta afghan supplies given to me by someone who was unable to do the craft and some of the directions for the pattern but it seems to be missing diagrams on how to do the overweave e.g. double zig zag, popcorn and single zig zag. The kit came from NationalYarn Crafts, Pattern is "Shannon Lasetta Afghan" Article #L150. Can anyone suggest where I might look for the pattern. Thanks

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Scanned instruction files have been emailed to you for the Shannon afghan. FYI everyone...I don't get notified when someone posts to this thread. I you need info or patterns (and I have a lot) please email me directly @ akrupa@cinci.rr.com. If I don't respond in a day or two try again. Barb

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I am so happy to see that I am not the only person looking for these patterns. I thought this was a lost hope until I found your post. I tried to find the kits however I can not find them anywhere. My grandmother bought me a Lassitta kit when I was very young and I am looking for any of these kits or instructon sheets. Can you help me out with one of these?

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I have tried several places and can't find the weaving mesh. Lots of books and Jo-Ann's still doesn't ship to Canada. Does anyone know of a Canadian source our one from the US that ships to Canada?
Thank you so much for any help.

Gale, Surrey, B.C.

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I know all of these posts were quite some time ago, but if anyone is still interested in the mesh fabric used to make these woven afghans it can be found at Hobby Lobby http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/afghan-mesh-large-cut-943522/ The current price is $12.99 for 2 1/2 yds x 45".
I don't have any patterns to exchange, but am very interested in any that are available, or sources where I might find some.

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We were cleaning out a storage facility after a death in the family and came across an unopened easy to weave afghan callled "Rosebuds". Being a crafter myself i have opened and started the afghan. it is beautiful. I would gladly share the pattern. I would also like to find more easy to weave patterns.

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Hi, if anyone wants to buy a complete kit, there are about 5 or 6 kits on Ebay for auction. Some of them seem sort of high to me, but if you keep watching someone will have a reasonable price. A way to get you started and really see if its what you want to do. I love it! and have been
working with the fabric for quite a few years. My big problem is getting my fringe even, the yarn does have a habit of stretching at times.

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Susan Bates brand offers a 5 inch weaving that should work fine for lasetta or bucilla. I am trying this weaving for the first time, but am having a hard time finding info and patterns. I was doing Swedish embroidery, but the Monks cloth is so expensive and I am disabled and on a fixed income as well. Is anyone else having problems with the utility mesh cloth that Joann's offers as stated in the one posting? I want to try it, but do not want to waste my money. Can anyone recommend any other cloth for Swedish embroidery other than Monks cloth or huck cloth. Huck cloth is too narrow and I do not want to splice or piece my project. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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Susan Bates has a 5 inch weaving needle. Sorry for the typo

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i have been doing the same lasetta pattern for 30 + years ready to try a different one! I would really appreciate it if anyone would be willing to mail me a pattern or 2. I am curious if there was ever a list made of all the different kits made. I was given a kit 40 years ago due to cerebral palsy I cannot knit or crochet but I can weave using my right hand. I do not have a working computer at home so I have to go to the library. I can email my mailing address privately. thank you so much.

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I am just getting back into this after being away for many years. I have gotten a couple of kits on Ebay but find that they are quite expensive. I have found the mesh at Joann Fabrics.com but would like to get some patterns. The kits I have now are Bucilla Diamond Quilt. Lasetta Plus Country Duck and Lasetta Plus Rainbow afghans. I would be willing to trade those instructions for some other ones

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hi, I have tried to email you to let you know that I have the following to trade please let me know which 3 you would like.
hombre, beach shells plus, baby clown plus, mallard duck plus but was never given the duck part of the instructions,baby heart plus, baby afghan. the chevron pattern I have memorized no hard copy to copy but I can write it out for you. thanks carmen

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Sorry I haven't been on the computer. I have gotten 9 kits total now off Ebay. As soon as I get them all. I will post what I have and we can exchange what we both want and need. I should have all of them by end of next week.

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Hi, I just discovered the afghan mesh at Hobby Lobby and if anyone has any patterns they are willing to share, I would really appreciate it.
This looks like so much fun. Bet it is relaxing, too.
Thanks so much!

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My wife has a Lasetta Plus Plaid Afgan Plus kit (Article no. L66), but is having trouble understanding what to do on the edges. There seem to be two different sets of instructions for this, but neither are clear to either of us. Can anyone explain it better, or is there a video of that anywhere?


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which edges? the sides or the top and bottom...on most of the afghans you fold the edges under and baste them down before starting the afghan, then weave them in with the yarn. The top and bottom on most of them you leave about 6 inches of yarn hanging and then when you have 6 strands you tie a knot in them. When you are done with the afghan you trim the fringe so they all match. I am not familiar with the afghan she is doing and I don't know of any videos since these kits are so old. Hope this helps...

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I just bought "Afghan Mesh at is 21/2 yds. x 45" . 2.28m x 114.30cm

100% Polyester. 8 holes/inch made by James Thompson & Co. I had seen an afghan made of this stuff years ago (20-25) and lost the magazine it was in. I have now found the mash but can't find a pattern and was wondering if any of you would be willing to help me in getting started in making an afghan. I have plenty of yarn and if this isn't enough mesh maybe someone could even help me in telling me where I could order some more. I have always wanted to make an afghan and am no good at knitting or crocheting so I hope maybe I can make some this way. Very excited about learn this new craft I hope someone out there is willing to help me in my venture.

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