Good exercise music please? MP3 suggestions?

don_na_naAugust 5, 2005

hello everyone,

I was wondering what music would be good to work out to. What are your favorite songs to listen to while doing your exercises?

Also do any of you have any suggestions about your favorite type of MP3 players?

Thank you ,


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If you walk, marching band music is great. You just have to walk to the beat! No choice!

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Good question. I'd like to know too. "Flashdance" and "Gloria" are two that come to mind that I like. Also "Let's get physical" is good. I also like Neil Diamond's "America".

I have a SanDisk MP3 player. Not one with a large capacity, it only holds about 60 songs (4 hours worth) but it does quite nicely. The quality of the music is good and the earphones are comfortable. It is very easy to load and delete songs.....copy and paste technique. My twins' ipod is a little more complicated to use. She has a better one with a large memory card and wanted to put her songs in directories. It took awhile for she and her DH to figure it out.

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I think it depends on what you do. If I'm doing weights, I don't like to listen to any music as I'm focusing on lifting. However, I find cardio boring so I like to either watch t.v. or listen to music. This isn't pure music, but for cardio, I find that using one of the Cardio Coach mp3s really speeds the time away. I have a Sanyo MP3 player, which is nice in that it's expandable (has a 512MB flash, plus a spot for a SD (I think) card. However, I am lusting after an IPOD shuffle, so I can download from itunes.

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Check this out - - they've got playlists set up by professional trainers, and you can search on lists submitted by members for different excercise types. Would ya'll mind downloading your playlists there since you have lots of good ideas! Thanks.

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the Best of Janet Jackson works for me....her ab's are an inspiration

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Believe it or not. I love to listen to enya while working out on the treadmill and bike. because i can close my eyes (if i hold on) and zone out. And sorta like meditate and walk at the sametime. And when i open my eyes i see 10 minutes has gone by. While circut training i listen to up up-beat music, like Rihanna, Fergy, or stuff like that

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I like techno and metal... if I'm listening to music, I'm usually trying to force myself to keep a steady tempo.

My mp3 player isn't my first choice for recreational use, but for the gym, it's pretty good. It's about 1"x2", maybe 1/3" thick, and came with a comfortable armband that I'll actually use. It's a Creative Zen player, 1G (about $85) - which is plenty for me, I keep all my files on my h/d and mix them up when I feel the need.

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Benny Goodman. I like to walk to it and the music puts a smile on my face.

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oh I'm more hardcore as far as my music.
I have rage against the machine, white zombie, white stripes (7 nation army really gets me moving), some jane's addiction, supernova, a little bit of pantara etc...

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try scorpions, queen, or themes from rocky, the movie, they're hilarious and make you feel you're in some wacky movie

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I've rediscovered Canned Heat. They were a sixties "boogie band." Even on those evenings when I'm too tired to exercise, I can listen to Canned Heat and do 45 minutes on the elliptical just because their music's so much fun to work out to.

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