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anita9August 13, 2002

I'm going houseboating with a friend from college. It is her dad's houseboat and he will be there. Can anyone help me brainstorm gifts and/or food that I can bring? I always bring lots of beer (this is the fourth time I've been houseboating with them) but the younger people drink the beer, my friend's dad doesn't drink. They always have tons of great food, and we are driving down for 20 hours in a very hot car, so I don't know if any food items would really work - but I would like to think of something.

I always send him some kind of gift and a thank-you note after the trips, but I don't really think my gifts are a big hit. He is a bachelor, and very well-off, and I don't know him all that well, so it is hard to think of things.

So I would love to hear anyone's ideas for things I could bring along for the trip, or things I could send him afterward. Thanks!

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How about some gourmet cheeses? Either to be sent after the trip or before, to arrive before you do.
Maytag Dairy's Blue cheese is among the best.
1-800-247-2458 and ask about delivery times.
Linda C

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Infused olive oils or vinegars. An assortment of deluxe hot chocolates. (I don't drink coffee). Does he have a great hobby he enjoys. What type of things are on his boat. Does he have pictures. Maybe you could make a photo album of the trip and send it to him afterward. Does he enjoy reading. Maybe you could send him a great book, a coffee table book with some great pictures or of something he loves. My husband is very patriotic. So we will often get gifts of patriotic ties, pictures, someone gave us a beautifully framed copy of the Declaration of Independence. You may look in a local used bookstore for first editions of a favorite book.
Listen. Does he tell stories of youth or childhood where he is nostalgic for something. Maybe he misses sour balls and you could find some and have them shipped out. Get him talking and really listen and something will come to mind. Be creative. It does not have to cost a lot of money for it to be appreciated. Usually the fact that you caught onto something that he was talking about with you is enough.
We have a friend once that mentioned a candy they really like. They definitely have the money to buy all of this candy they want. We, as a thank you gift, bought them some, wrapped it in a nice presentation, & sent it with a thank you and they loved it. I heard back from a mutual friend, through the grapevine, that it was one of the nicest gifts she had received because it showed someone actually paid attention to what she was saying. They have often said that people will send them gifts that are expensive thinking they have to meet this couples financial norm. But they have told us it is the gifts they have received that are the least expensive, that some thought went into, that they have treasured the most.

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Thanks guys. These are good ideas. I think I am going to bring down a whole salmon to grill on the boat, and I am going to listen and think about what I could send him afterward while we are there. I love gourmet cheeses but I am not sure that he does so I will have to see. It would be a horrible shame to sent some delicious blue cheese to someone who thought it was stinky!

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I love to give and receive chocolates. Debrand Fine Chocolates are my favorites. They are a delicious gourmet chocolate but are not super expensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Debrand Fine Chocolates

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how about a good book on boating? or does he have any hobbies that you know of that you could add a small piece to? if he fishes, maybe something for his tackle box. good luck

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Got the perfect thing for you to give:

I bought a book at one of the large bookstores - "Boats of America". It was like a 'coffee table book', large with glossy pictures. It was on a sale table, and I think it cost me about $10. Went over BIG!

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