Fix for Script Error......

forboystooMarch 18, 2012

You can go to Mozilla and add YesScript..

When I open GW I just click on the YesScript icon and it turns off script.

I also had a hard time finding the icon once I downloaded it.

So here is where you find it ....

"While YesScript goes into the add-on bar by default, you can customize it like any other toolbar button. Just go View, Toolbars, Customize, then you can drag it to wherever you like."

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Okay, dumb question - How do I go to View?

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To find view push F10

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Thanks Firefox AND Forboystoo!!!!!!!!!

The YesScript worked for me!!!

I couldn't the Icon when I was first looking in the window that pops-up when clicking "Customize". Had to close Firefox a couple times, then it finally appeared!
Soooo...dragged it up to near my "Home" Icon.

As stated, you can toggle it "On & Off" when you're in a site. On mine, I get no dropdown window from the Icon, like some screenshots show. If I hover the mouse-arrow on the darkened Icon though, a little balloon appears, stating "".

Is the drop-down window from YesScript an option?!


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Forboystoo, thank you so much! You were right ... I couldn't find the icon.

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Worked for me!!!!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Bless you! It worked for me too.

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