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TinaAugust 11, 2001

Hi Everyone,

After reading the large post below, I thought there should be a post just for food tips and tricks!

My tips are:

I use Nu-Salt in place of table salt.

DO try the Jambalaya recipe! It is wonderful!

If you can't have red meat, are you allowed pork? Try using ground pork for meatloaf or stuffed peppers/cabbage rolls. Ground turkey is OK, but I prefer the pork! Your butcher (hiding behind the meat counter wall usually) can grind up anything!

Try some no fat, no sodium Miracle Whip in your tuna. (I had to have my store special order it)

Do try the cucumbers and onions in balsamic vinegar (add a few packets of sweet and low!) for a crunchy snack, it helps!

I found pear and raspberry infused balsamic vinegar in my store as well, it's great on lettuce with that dreaded 2 oz. dry turkey cubed on top, and almost tastes like expensive dressings you might normally buy!

Add some sautéed mushrooms/onions/pea pods to your 2oz. portion of chicken/turkey/beef. Remember they are the few free foods!

To add some butter flavor to your mashed potatoes, asparagus or any other veggie, find your local cake-decorating center (look for Wilton products) and get some artificial butter flavor. I have used it for years to make pure white frosting for decorated cakes.... but it adds that flavor to foods as well, and it's made of water!

Add a little fresh lemon juice and you have a nice lemon/butter sauce for your fish!

(DonÂt cook with it though, use it after the food is cooked!)

That's it for now, please add to this thread, then we can all eat "friendly" food!



Who has lost 8 pounds in 5 days, and with no exercise! (it has been too hot and humid here!)

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Oops! I forgot this!!!

I cook my egg whites in the microwave (much less mess than the old frying pan!) 3 minutes on medium power.

Also, I cook on Sunday for the whole week. I store everything in the fridge/freezer in those handy GladWare containers. It's much easier to go to the fridge and see exactly what I need for the day, all pre-measured and ready to re-heat and eat!

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Shrimp is great sauted with mushrooms, onions and garlic (or just garlic with a drop of butter flavor tossed in just before serving).

Place your cooked/thawed cold shrimp portion on a bed of salad lettuce, top with your favorite vinegar!

Or dip cold or hot shrimp in a lemon/butter flavor mixture.

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Tina, Thank you! Those are great ideas. I found some good garlic & herb and Lemon Pepper SALT Free seasonings in our grocery store. I love balsamic vinegar -- it really makes a difference.

I'm going to look for that butter flavor -- what a good idea!

I also do a lot of cooking on Sunday for the week ahead -- I love chicken breasts, and they are so easy to portion correctly.

I also find that frozen fruit makes a good fruit for the morning breakfast for me -- I get a berry medly strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, & black berries. I thaw them in the microwave and then the sweetness of the strawberries and blueberries blends better with the tart raspberries and black berries. I fill up one of the small round Gladware containers with the berries and it works great.

What a good idea! THanks again.


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Don't like that dry turkey? Try putting the whole turkey breast in a pot of cold water. Bring to a boil and simmer for 45 minutes. Let stand until cool. (I buy the turkey breast with the pop up timer already inserted) De-bone and enjoy. It is very moist and much more palletable. Just cut up in serving sizes. I use one have for an evening meal with the family and the other half for 2oz. serving for the week.

Love the Glad Ware idea.

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Hey Tina,
Someone on the other board called the 800# to check on the NuSalt thing and it is a no no. Something about it being in the form of potassium something or other, which still equals salt.Not sure though. Please call the 800# and check on that . I will also! And it is great that you have this page going. I also come up with some creative ways to cook with no salt. I got to try that balssmic vinegar. As is I use aplle cider vinegar and find it still a little strong.

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Wow Tina - this page is a great idea. After being on this plan for 4 days, I can see where it will be really helpful if everyone pools their creative food skills and we come up with some interesting recipes.
Try this - it's great:

Breakfast - Female Type B -
Â2 egg whites, 1/2 cup fruitÂ

Whip 2 egg whites in bowl - set aside. (2 oz. protien)
Fry 1 medium banana (mashed or sliced) in a small Teflon lined pan. (1/2 cup fruit)
Add egg whites, cover and simmer until cooked.
Sprinkle with cinnamon, flip over and add cinnamon to browned under-side.
Cook for a few more minutes to caramelize bananaÂs fluid.

It's almost like desert.

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I've read nearly all of the threads available through this site in order to get some feel for the program since I ordered the system about a week ago and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I am a career dieter, have had good luck with some diets, not so good with others. Obviously I have never been successful at keeping the weight off...but I'm a great dieter with wonderful willpower and a creative cook which I think is one of the reasons that I seem to be able to stay on diets longer than alot of people. That's why this particular thread interested me. Tina seems to be extremely creative as well and we can all use a little help. I'm curious, though, it's been over a month since your (Tina's) first weight checkin. How have your subsequent weeks gone? Have you been as successful? Keep on sharing your tips and once I get started I will be happy to do the same. Best of Luck to everybody. CT

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Hey Morgan, that breakfast recipe sounds great!!! I am getting sick of just eating eggwhites and then my bannana. But I wanted to ask you cause I'm having problems with this. How do I fry without the oil? Don't things get stuck? I've been grilling everything and this is my second week and I'm getting sick of it. Please let me know. Thanks


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Yes, things do stick. I have been using an All Clad LTD non-stick pan and it is a bit (but not much) better. Since this is like a banana cinnamon omelet, lately I've been cooking the banana separate and setting it aside. Next, I slightly cook the whipped egg white in the non-stick pan, add the bananas and cinnamon, and then flip it over. That seems to work. (But, even if the whole thing mixes up it still tastes great.) I think the key is to cook the banana enough to remove most of the moisture, allowing it to caramelize and have a bit of crispness to it.

Good Luck

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I just started today and I don't have many carbohydrates that I like so it's just potatoes for me. I cooked them in a non-stick pan and put some garlic powder,pepper, and Mrs. Dash on them. They were pretty dry. Does anyone have a better way to do potatoes so they aren't so dry.

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You can boil the potatoes first. Then pan fry them a little. They also have that spray butter that is diet. Maybe that would work too.

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I checked out the link. I did not know that soy can cause women to have a difficult time losing weight. I am waiting for my kit. I ordered it over the Columbus Day weekend. It is scheduled to arrive on Friday. I hope this works!


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Thanks for all the great recipies and tips! I will be starting the program on Monday! Also I have started a club over at yahoo for people using this program. If anyone is interested email me for the link at hdf_73@yahoo.com

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Try cooking mashed potatoes and add some salt free stock!

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I bought a small container of Wilton Butter Flavor from the local fabric/craft/cake shop. I researched the ingrediants: water, propylene glycol and artificial flavors.

I researched propylene glycol and this is what I found:

What are ethylene glycol and propylene glycol?

Both ethylene glycol and propylene glycol are clear, colorless, slightly syrupy liquids at room temperature. Either compound may exist in air in the vapor form, although propylene glycol must be heated or briskly shaken to produce a vapor. Ethylene glycol is odorless but has a sweet taste. Propylene glycol is practically odorless and tasteless.

Both compounds are used to make antifreeze and de-icing solutions for cars, airplanes, and boats; to make polyester compounds; and as solvents in the paint and plastics industries. Ethylene glycol is also an ingredient in photographic developing solutions, hydraulic brake fluids and in inks used in stamp pads, ballpoint pens, and print shops.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified propylene glycol as an additive that is "generally recognized as safe" for use in food. It is used to absorb extra water and maintain moisture in certain medicines, cosmetics, or food products. It is a solvent for food colors and flavors.

Propylene glycol is also used to create artificial smoke or fog used in fire-fighting training and in theatrical productions.
How can ethylene glycol and propylene glycol affect my health? Eating or drinking very large amounts of ethylene glycol can result in DEATH, while large amounts can result in nausea, convulsions, slurred speech, disorientation, and heart and kidney problems.

Female animals that ate large amounts of ethylene glycol had babies with BIRTH DEFECTS, while male animals had reduced sperm counts. However, these effects were seen at very high levels and would not be expected in people exposed to lower levels at hazardous waste sites.

Ethylene glycol affects the body's chemistry by increasing the amount of acid, RESULTING IN METABOLIC PROBLEMS. Similar to ethylene glycol, propylene glycol increases the amount of acid in the body. However, larger amounts of propylene glycol are needed to cause this effect.

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So how do you feel about using it now that you know what it is?

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I think that I will use a small amount of it. More as a treat, but I would be hesitant to use it on a daily basis.

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I have heard a lot about this diet and I am beginning it tomorrow. I'm excited! I am body type A and have dieted all my life and now it seems as if nothing works...so i thought why not? Give it a try..

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I just received my plan and am trying to purge my pantry and refrigerator before i begin. I did notice that no one has mentioned marinating meats before cooking. Marinades both add flavor and tenderize meats. Has no one tried this yet or is it not allowed on the plan? I want to try using stock, vinegar and herbs and spices to marinate my meats then cook them. Has anyone tried it? Please let me know. Thanks, and good luck to all.

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I'm so glad I found this site! I think it's going to be a big help! For anyone who is new to this diet or wondering if it really works I'm here to tell you...IT'S AMAZING!!! The weight literally melts off day by day and it's continuous!!! I was on it 2 years ago and am back on it now but you don't hit plateaus like on other diets! It's just a very hard diet to stay on for me but I'm hoping I can get some ideas to help me on this site! Any other diet is a waste of my time and I've been on them all!

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Hello. I've been thinking about ordering the 6 week.... and I was hoping some of you would give some examples of their weight loss progress since they've been on it.


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What is the difference between A,B&C body?
I have C and need to loose about 10lbs.

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Hi, I just now found this thread. How about that! Two of my favorite hobbies gardening and fitness together on one website! I absolutely love Michael Thurmond's plan, it is the best by far! Anyone with questions should go to www.provida.com for all the info.

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Hi, everyone. I just purchased the program on ebay and it came yesterday. I am acclimating to how to live, because I am really determined to make this work. I already see that I am going to have difficulty with the very stringent rules on fat. I am used to the low-sodium because I was on the Rice Diet for several months years ago, but I really am worried about not being able to use low-cal salad dressing and a bit of fat to make things cook and be a bit tasty. I am trying to balance the good the diet will do against the fear of failure due to boring food. I just don't want to fail yet again! Cooking is a hobby, so I will have to adjust my thinking firmly on that. I am wondering if any of you on the program have gone "off the page" a bit, and if so, how it affected your progress. P.S. I found wonderful salt-free spice blends at www.penzeys.com. Check it out. I am also purchasing two cookbooks--one from the Heart Association and another for diabetics. Both indicated stringent low-fat, low-sugar, low-sodium, so I hope I can adapt the recipes. It looks like the key to this is PREPAREDNESS, and figuring out how to make it palatable. I am so interested in all your stories. Best wishes to all, Alyson

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Hi Everyone,

This site is Great I needed a few of these tips cuz I tend to get bored easy eating the same things. I really like the banana egg breakfast and using chicken stock for potato. I'm going to try these.

I was on this a few months ago before my wedding and lost 30lb in the 6 wks. Im back on and my new husband is also doing it with me. I only been on for 3 days and already dropped 6lb i know we shouldnt weight everyday but seeing the lbs drop off motivates me to stay focused.

Here are few of my tips-
I need some new chicken recipes though. I have a few things I do to keep interesting but still gets boring.
I grill chicken breast on a forman grill with galic powder and other spices. Taste great I tend to do that on sunday and use all week. This is a time save since I work all day and I prepare my meals for the next day the night before.

I also season with out salt and saute in non-stick pan when it starts to brown I use water and keep turning and letting water cook off and browning chicken till nice and golden. Doing this makes the natural salt in the chicken come out and you would swear you added salt to it. When chicken is almost done you can add your favorite veggies. serv over your rice or potato.
Im going to try using no salt no fat chicken stock to do this I'm sure it will taste even better. Try using some curry powder too and/or cayanne pepper to add heat.

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I have tried two new recipes the first one was the mashed banana with egg whites and cinnamon..very tasty...ty

the next one was a sweet treat..whip two egg whites with 1/4 tsp cr of tartar till soft peaks form..add 1/4 tsp cinnamon and 1-2 tbsp splenda..whip till firm peaks form..drop by the tbsp onto a non stick pan and bake at 350 till brown..careful they dont take long to brown..

very good..now looking for more new ideas to add to my boring eating way of life..lol

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I have been on the diet for about a week have lost 7lbs.. WOOHOO.. BUT I have been getting dizzy .. EXTREMELY DIZZY...Well I have been eating and drinking what is in my book..I have been buying the lowsodium meat behind the store counter.. I read on it today while I was buying.. 450 MG PER 2 OUNCES !!!! This means I have been eating WAY TOO MUCH sodium, could be the reason for my vertigo. I looked for just turkey breast at the store.. and for 9 ounce little piece of TURKEY it was 9.00 ???

Where are you guys finding Turkey breast to SLICE ???

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I have been on the M.T diet for 4 days now. It seems really hard this time. I was on it some years back and lost 9 lbs the first week. I always seem hungry and sometimes fall off the diet by eating a piece of toast or a little bit MORE oatmeal. I love the rice but have a hard time NOT using SOY SAUCE. How bad is that? Thanks for all the tips, I was getting bored and I misplaced my M.T. BOOK.

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I found my M.T book! It's been 10 days now since I started and i've lost 14 pounds! I do seem hungry and getting a little tired of the same ol same ol. I'm hoping to get some more receipes here on the M.T thread but these posts seem so out dated. None were posted in the year 2010 only before then and seems like I'm th only one who has posted anything this year 2011. ? Anyone with some experience please e-mail me. I am so excited at the lbs that I dropped so fast and need to stay on this diet it is the best and I have tried them ALL. I need to lose 50 lbs.

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I am just starting this regimen and have also looked at another plan that is all organic. I am searching for some sort of salad dressing but not the cucumber based that is in the book.

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I just start MT Program yesterday and I am very excited about it. I am so happy that there is a site like this to share ideas. I will be posting ideas as I continue this journey. Thanks everyone for the ideas that have been posted so far.
Can someone tell me are you supposed to weigh your food before you cook it or after and when you are measuring a cup of veggies can it be measured as 8oz instead of a cup since 8oz's equals 1 cup?
Good Luck everyone

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Good morning! I started the program this morning and really feel great about it. I did this about 2 years ago and lost 40 pounds in 4 months. I think I fell down on the maintenance side of things and the weight did creep back on. I was happy to find this thread so that I can check in and keep motivated. Wishing everyone a great deal of success....

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Hi Everyone! Happy Easter! Or Resurrection Day! I decided to start MT on Easter day 2011....glad I found this thread. Ill post as I go along with my journy. I think making ur meals in one day for the week and prepackaging and feezing is key! Especially wen I work all week... I also measure my food cooked cuz that's the way I eat it. Someone asked about it so just thot id mention it... good luck everyone! Hope we can all help eachother!

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I'm waiting for mine in the mail. Everyone is saying how restricting it is, just hope not as bad as hcg diet. That one was horrible. 500 calories a day.

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Hello Everyone!
I'm really glad i found this thread!
I have some tips as well. :O)
I am a female type A
1.I saute in chicken broth my onions,cilantro,tomatoes and squash with my chicken,fish,shrimp or turkey.
2I make homemade hot sauce boil together then put in food processor.season to taste
Also, you can hand cut tomatoes,peppers and onions to make a pico de gallo. season to taste
3.. turkey meatball- Make golf ball size balls. 1 15 oz tomato sauce,3 small tomatoes,1 small onion,1 green and 1 red bell pepper,1 tsp parsley,1 tsp garlic,1 tsp oregano,1tsp basil,2 packets splenda,2 egg whites and black pepper.

mix all ingredients together and cook.
When meat ball are ready mix sauce in with the meatballs. let simmer 5 minutes. Serve.
5. these are some ideas i have thought of or got from someone else. I use my own type A food and my own ideas. :O)
0.Hash browns
0.oatmeal muffins
0.pancakes 1/2 cup of plain oat meal,4 eggs,1 splenda,1/4 tsp vanilla. Grind oatmeal then mix all ingredients.
1.fiesta eggs
2.turkey veggie soup
3.sweet and sour meatballs
4.turkey burgers
5.pizza- 1/2 c oatmeal uncooked and ground up, 2 tsp of Italian season,3 tsp garlic,1 1/2 nsa baking powder,2-3 tsp water.Mix and patty out.sauce-1 small can of tomato sauce,1-2 tsp garlic,2 tsp balsamic vinegar.splenda to taste. toppings- turkey,tomato,onions,peppers,etc.
7.turkey tacos
8.chicken fajitas
9.chicken fried rice
10.hot chicken fingers
11.pepper chicken
12.stir fry
13.beef stew
16.pepper steak
17.pot roast and veggies
18.meat loaf
19.seafood gumbo
20.red snapper stew
22.spicy shrimp
23.crab cakes-2 oz crab,1 egg,1/4 c. onion,1/4c. bell pepper.Mrs dash to taste,1/4 c. oatmeal. mix all ingredients and fry like pan cakes. add hot sauce. Yum!

  1. veggie stew
    25.Garlic vinaigrette dressing-1/2 c. balsamic vinegar,1/2 c.nsa garlic vinegar,1 tsp garlic chopped,2 tsp thyme,1/2 tsp ground ginger,splenda to taste.
    26.sweet potatoes- 2 lg sweet potatoes,vanilla flavoring,orange flavoring. Mix and bake on 350 for 20 min.
    27.candies yams- 4 yams,splenda,cinnamon to taste. bake on 350 till caramelized
    Have lots more. But i will have to add more later. :O)
    Hope this helps someone. Sorry it's so "short ans sweet"
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I am new to the 6wmake over. I just received my kit, but I am short the Infinite Menu Planner. I am unable to find on line by itself. I am a type B (one answer short of a type A). Anyone know where I might get a PDF version of the IMPlanner? Thanks

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