HAVE: Annie's Attic Bed Doll Patterns

jjbnandersonApril 18, 2008

Hi! I have these patterns in the Annie's Attic Collection. My question is, were there any other collections or are these it? Does anyone know what year/s these are from? Also, the ones I have marked with an * are ones that I think I might be missing a pattern or two if anyone can help out with that. Also, if anyone would like any of the following patterns, e-mail me at jjbnanderson@msn.com and I'll e-mail them to you! Thanks so much!!!

Antebellum Collection -- 13 patterns

Cotillion Collection -- 13 patterns

Victorian Centennial Collection -- 13 patterns

*Gibson Girl Collection -- 12 patterns

Bridal Trousseau Collection -- 13 patterns

Edwardian Collection -- 13 patterns

Bridal Belle Collection -- 13 patterns

Gems of the South Collection -- 13 patterns

*Royal Ballgown Collection -- 12 patterns

*Angel Collection -- 10 patterns

*Wedding Ballgown Collection -- 12 patterns

*Bridal Dreams Collection -- 12 patterns

Royal Court Collection -- 13 patterns

*Millenium Collection -- 12 patterns

Golden Age of Film Collection -- 13 patterns

*Ribbons and Lace Collection -- 11 patterns

Belle of the Ball Collection -- 13 patterns

Fairytale Collection -- 13 patterns

*First Ladies Collection -- 12 patterns

*Flower Garden Collection -- 12 patterns

Gilded Age Collection -- 13 patterns

*Jane Austen Collection -- 6 patterns

*Old South Collection -- 12 patterns

Southern Belle Collection -- 13 patterns

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In most sets you should have 12 patternsplus the Bridal gown. There are only 6 patterns to the Jane Austen that I've been able to find-and I've been searching for a year-don't bother to ask Annie patter presents-they don't answer. I don't think the Angel patterns are part of the calendar bed doll series. Please let me know if you get any more from the sets you have *- I would love to have them
Have a wonderful week-end

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Hello I'looking for 2001 the golden age of film:
- the miracle worker
-Little Women
-My The King And I
-Fair Lady
The Piano
Dangerous Liason

My e-mail: fantasia.katy@gmail.com

Thank you

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