WANTED: Raglan sleeve pattern, size 20 (or about)

loomcrazyApril 21, 2007

I'm following a sewing "course" in an old book series but it's missing the patterns. The lesson is on raglan sleeves but I can't find any current ones in the pattern books.

Do you have an old one I can have? I don't much care what it is -- blouse, robe, dress, etc. It can be pretty -- or ugly, modern or dated. About size 20.

I'm not sure what I have to trade -- perhaps a skein of hand spun yarn, or some handwoven fabric, or a differnt sewing pattern (I don't have too many of those to choose from)?

Barbara(Keizer, OR)

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What is the "old series of books" I have a set of stitch by stitch books and It has a lot of sewing patterns they didn't come with the books but I wrote the company and they sent me some of them. I If they are the same series I could see if the raglan pattern in in there.

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