Open house party ideas wanted

landmarkerAugust 27, 2002

My DW and I decided to have a big open house party for her 40th. We want to invite all of her old friends from over the years (over 100 people) to our house. We are thinking of ways to spread out the attendance as having so many people to the house gets to be too many. We were thinking of making it more of a kids party during the day and then more adult oriented at night. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a) is this appropriate and b) how to write the invitation without offending people?

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On your invitation, try wording like "Activities for the kids from 2 - 4 p.m." as a footnote to the time.


Create different invitations, one set saying 1-3, another 2-4, and so on. Though, I think that could backfire and cause problems.

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I have been to parties like that.....
It works well to stagger the crowd, ask those with kids early and plan food for them, and ask those without kids later......and plan adult food
Linda C

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For the wording on the invitation..perhaps state:
"Families Open House...from 2-4pm"
"Adults Only Open House..from 7-10pm (or whatever)

Gear your food selection accordingly. You might want to go with a variety of lovely appetizers for the adult party.

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Linda and Sharon have a great idea...and Sharon's wording is perfect. That can't possibly offend anyone as the options are open!

Have a great party and Happy B-Day!

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