Calories needed to maintain weight

cheerful1_gwAugust 14, 2007

I'm 5'3", 126 pounds. My metabolism has slowed down, so I can't eat what I used to without gaining weight. I want to start counting calories, but don't know how many I can take in per day to stay the same weight.

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You have just told us that your metabolism has changed, therefore neither you nor we have any idea what your maintenance level is. You will have to experiment - which means keeping records for a while. Start with something like 1500 calories, do that for a week and see what happens and then adjust accordingly. The other alternative is to step up your exercise.

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Thanks, I will start experimenting and see what happens.

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Get in tune with your body and eat until you are full, but not more than that. Your body tells you when it's full. The only question is if you are listening.

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