Walk it off or let it rest???

riverbudAugust 1, 2008

Really need some advise here guys. No faith in Drs but trust those who have been there and done that.

I'm 65 and overweight(180) I walk 2 mi each morn. in rough terraign(sp)lots of uphill, downhill. Fell yesterday and everything seemed fine, no big deal- but- by the time I retired I could feel a tenderness in top of knee. Not from bruise, I did not fall there. Fell on my padding thank goodness. This morning, the knee does not want to straighten out. Not alot of pain, just sore. Firm believer in use it or lose it but I know some injurys need to rest. Since it is not alot of pain, should I keep doing the 2 mi????? A tiny bit of swelling, not much. Hope someones out there, I need to know. Thanks

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riverbud, I am by no means and expert, but I can tell you if there is tenderness and soreness, something is going on. You should have applied ice to the area off and on 15 minutes each for at least 2 hours, after the fall. Now you should be applying some heat. If you have something like icee hot, ben-gay, or Aspercreme use that too.
If you have a wrap, after you have applied heat, from a heating pad wrap, your leg. NOT with the heating gels though, but you can use a wrap with Aspercreme. Take it easy for a few days, do something else that will not futher hinder the knee, in the form of exercise. Whatever it is needs time to heal.

I have had knee problems for over 25 years, so in that aspect I am a pro. I fell on my knee when I was 14, refused to have surgery and uncle arthur set in buy the time I was 18...so, take my advice, stay off of it as much as possilbe, if it is still not feeling better in 4-5 days you my have fluid built up or something you doctor needs to take care of...do not put that off if it is not any better.

Hope I helped...
:) Fran

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Fran, thank you so much for the inst. I ckd the posts the next day but it must have been before your post. By then I had found a knot (quarter) on the inside of knee & it was even more tender so I skipped the walking for 2 days. Yesterday, the knee was much better so I hit the trail but carefully, tried to stay off the rougher areas. But when (not IF, I am 65) it happens again I am printing your advise. Again, thanks for sharing.

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Ur welcome...I would still be gentle with it for a few more days.
Don't do anything that causes pressure/force to the knee, until the swelling is gone. I am concerned about the knot you found, maybe nothing, could be a tendon or whatever tear.
If it is you should see a doctor for advice.

:) Fran

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If it's a swelling it may be a tendon or ligament injury. Rest, apply ice, don't exercise it. See your doctor if there's even a little pain or swelling a qweek from now. Both my husband (while ice skating) and my best friend (while Irish Step Dancing) injured their ACL ligaments in the knee and both needed months of physical therapy to heal up.

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First aid in situations like this is: R I C E

Rest; Ice; Compression; Elevation.

At this point, it's a little late to apply first aid. If you still hurt, see a doc. And follow doc's orders. If she says stop walking for a while, do as she says.

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My 18 YO daughter started running her own reunning program. After a few weeks, she said both knees hurtt ao she stopped running, went to an orthopedist (at my insistence, plus I paid his bill). The doctor ordered her to stop running but do physical therapy three times a week. That was several months ago. She is no longer running but she still goes to therapy. My advice to you, stop running and see a doctor.

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In my personal opinion. I am 40 years old and was running after it had rained and slipped in a mud puddle and twisted my knee , walking around it crackled and was swollen a little so I tried to stay off it as much as I could. After 3 weeks the pain went away and I started mildly walking again. 3 more weeks and I am jogging 2 times a week and walking 3 days.

I believe the human body is an incredible machine , just give it some rest and it will heal itself , but that's just my own personal experience and opinion.

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