Hot Mommies

noexcusesthistimeAugust 3, 2002

Wish I was one -lol.

Has anyone seen the infomercial for Hot Mommies or tried it? I know, I know, you shouldn't count on supplements but it is an herbal concoction (safe) that has to do with balancing your hormones. The testimonials are my life story - tired, overweight, etc. etc. and then the "hot mommies" are...well, mommies. The hormone connection seems to make sense - esp. how your body is thrown so out of whack after pregnancies. Just curious if anyone else has seen, tried, etc.

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Mo, Just because a product claims to be natural or herbal doesn't necessarily means it's safe. Since they're not prescription drugs they don't have to be scientifically tested to determine whether they're safe or even work for that matter. And I'm sure you've heard the warning about combining herbal products with other drugs without checking with your doctor, or other health professional first.

BTW, "testimonials" are simply marketing strategies. They don't really mean a thing. Do you believe every commercial you see? Of course not. So why believe paid actors in an infomercial?

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Cindy's right. There is a lot to be said for old-fashioned eating right and getting a moderate amount of exercise each day. In addition, the biggest complaint I have about supplements (besides them being unregulated and untested) is that due to the un-regulation, there is no guarantee that the amount it 'claims' to contain, is really what it does contain.

I have read articles where they have taken supplements and tested them to see if they really contain what they claim. In some cases, they had almost none of what they claimed. In other cases, and maybe more dangerous, is others contained way more than they claimed.

I know you wanted to hear from folks who have actually used it. Sorry if my post isn't helpful, but I hope it is.

I am a mommy, and approaching 40, and work full-time, and there are days when I lack the energy to keep up with my 4 year old. But I can usually attribute it to dehydration, eating poorly that day, or not getting to bed on time. I also go to my doctor regularly, and he makes sure my numbers are all in line (those that could be responsible for feeling draggy). And they always are ok. Which means, I have to take care of my own hydration, veggies and fruits, and exercise.

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Do you know how I can get some information on Hot Mommies? When I go on google it just brings up porn sites.....Please let me know

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