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donna_southnjOctober 22, 2007

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend - we had gorgeous weather. I have been MIA but am back now. Very rough week or two, did not feel well at all.

I will try and catch up with last week's posts but I did see lots of us are posting menus. I can't post one yet today cause I don't have one yet today :-)

Come out and play!

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Good Monday all,

Donna, good to see you back. Sorry you weren't feeling well and I am happy you are better and back. Was it a flu? There has been alot of that around where I live - in amazing numbers already!

We are having gorgeous weather here too. I had a splendid ride with Sweet Pea at a park about a hour from my home. It was warm but cool in the woods. I did not have time to stencil her butt but I gold dusted her mane and tail! She was styling.

Back to reality and I am not feeling so hot this morning. Scratchy throat, dry cough.............ugh

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Good Morning,

Donna, Glad you are feeling better.

Suzanne, Hope you are feeling better. I can tell it's allergy season around here. I still need your addy.

I am back on the diet wagon. Maui's in less than 11 weeks, time to get my butt moving.

Have a great day.


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Hey Donna & Suzanne! How's it going? Donna hope you are feeling better and today is the beginning of a great week for you. Suzanne, grab some tea with honey & lemon soon and gargle with warm salt water. Feel better!

The weekend was absolutely beautiful in the weather department. Eating was another story. I was so far off that I almost left the planet, but started today out healthfully.

Raeanne, have you left for Napa yet? If not, have another look at your e:mail. I was responding to Maddie and copied you.

Need to get some work done here. Will check in later.


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Donna - good to hear from you and glad you are feeling better. We post our menu's from the day before.

Dee - Still no email - but I just sent you a different email address to see if it will come through on that one.

Jen - I am guessing that both girls are healthy - good. I am so happy that you are going to Maui.

Suzanne - sounds like you should take a day or two, maybe a week off from work - I bet you are well enough to go for a few more rides on SP LOL.

B - apple
L - antipasta
D - salad, lobster pot pie - I didn't eat the crust and my 1/3 funky liquid - we were out with friends and it would've been rude
20 minute brisk walk
Still not enough water

It was so beautiful yesterday we went out on the boat for about 1 1/2 hours. Today we plan on going out again - it may be the last ride for this year as tomorrow rain is moving in and then the temps are dropping.

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Hi Jen!

Raeanne, got your e:mail and sent you an e:mail. So glad you were polite enough to drink with your friends! lol

Here it is, warts and all:
B: English Muffin w/ egg white and egg scramble
S: NY rye bagel, plain
L: 1/4 Italian sub, too much cole slaw, mac salad, potato salad
S: 1/4 Philly pretzel (we were in 2 places that day; no lie!)
D: small serving roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, mixed veggies, 2 "grands"
S: the worst part....1 large slice coconut cream pie; sliver of french vanilla cake w/ milk choc icing (UGH!)

OK, that was painful to write, so I will wait to post Sunday's binge. The cake was sooooo not worth it, but when my sister and I are together I crave the sweet stuff.

Let's keep this just amongst ourselves, OK? It does feel cleansing to write it out though.


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Good afternoon,

Dee, I won't tell a soul. LOL I got hungry reading your menu! Yum. What do you think it is about being with your sister that makes you crave sweet stuff? It must be a comfort thing for you.

Raeanne, I definitely feel well enough to ride SP today. WOW, what a day it is here. I hope I can enjoy the end of it at least outside. I have been letting my chickens out about an hour before roosting time for the last a few days. It forces me to take that time and sit out there with them and I do so enjoy watching them forage and cluck & coo. It will be long winter for them too so I am happy to spend this time with them. Right now we have two large groups of turkeys who come and peck around with them! It's fun to watch.

If I am feeling badly in the morning I will be staying home tomorrow.........that always makes me feel better. LOL

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Suzanne, with absolutely no offense to you, I have never in my wildest imaginations ever thought I'd read a message from a friend that contained the words "...been letting my chickens out..." I think I need a dose of rural living. LOL

To answer your question, my sister and I were always closer than the other 2 siblings. She and I shared an apartment for about 7 years before she got married. We used to cook together and snack together, before the weight stayed on us forever. I liked salt, she liked sugar. We would concoct an early version of trial mix....peanuts, raisins, choc chips. Or eat pretzels, then cookies. I indulged only because it was there; the cookies never called me as much as the pretzels. But since we get together only about 6 times a year, we enjoy those 'snack' times after dinner in front of the TV. Brings back the old memories.

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Dee, it's amazing what our triggers are isn't it? I think a dose of rural living would put you over the edge!?? You are too funny my friend. I will try to capture this rural scene (letting my chickens out) and share with you!!

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Hi! Just wanted to stop by & say hi to everyone. I have missed you. I hope that everyone gets their health back. I'm glad that we are posting our menus again. I'll try to do mine. Right now, I've just worked on cutting back portions more than anything. And, we haven't had anything sweet in several weeks. Has the Christmas list already come out? I didn't know if I missed it or not?? Wanted to check & see. Ciao...Patti :)

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Hi Patti, welcome back. Where have you been? No, we have not done the Christmas ornament list yet.

I have a dreaded pot luck to go to and I need an easy, easy one dish wonder recipe to bring. Any ideas?

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Back later w/ menus for last wk-end. Bad girl. I should just skip wk-ends for a while so I can stay on track.


I don't know which dish you are bringing, but here's an appy/main dish:

Tyler's Crab Dip
1/2 cup mayo
big scoop of cream cheese
1 T dijon
1/2 lemon's worth of lemon juice
Mix & drizzle olive oil whilst mixing
pinch of kosher salt
Then scissor-chop some chives into it
Fold in a pound of lump crab meat

-You can warm this or serve it cold. Better warm, IMO.

Saltine Crackers for Dip:
Line up saltines on cookie pan.
Melt 1/2 c. butter
add 2 large garlic cloves diced or pressed
and 1/4 of a bunch of parsley, chopped
Brush the butter on the saltines

Bake at 375 for 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Scatter crackers on a platter with dip in the middle.

I have a Paula's Banana Split Cake (y'all) recipe for dessert if you ever want it. The recipe is a diet deal killer, but the guests don't leave a smidge in the pan when I bring it and I always have to make 2; one for the potluck and one for the family.

Tikanas~ Hope you are safe. I know you're right in the middle of the CA fires. Emergency services just evacuated my in-laws town at 2pm. Nothing is worth more than you and your family's life. STAY SAFE and let us know how you are.

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Hello Ladies,

With BJ and NhSuz knocking on my email door I thought I better check in ;)

Things are going better with the new job. I took on the role of 2nd shift supervisor for the cleaning crew at the local hospital, we do all the housekeeping and floor care, about 30 of us all together. Its good experience, but mainly adult baby sitting. I do get to walk around and be more social than working 3rd shift offsite, and lost about 8 or 9 pounds since. It really is nice to sleep at night :)

I also got a new car, a bright red Mazda3 5 door hatchback, I wanted something with 4 doors and a little zoomzoom, and am in a red/black phase, so it works :)

Im still lo carbing mainly for my diabetes vs weight loss, been 3 years and I dont really miss the pasta, rice and bread. I eat way more veggies and get plenty of carbs and fiber from the few whole grains I do eat. I down way too many nuts and cheese though to actually loose any wieght this way, well unless I exercised!!!

Other than the new job and schedule, things have been OK this last summer. Lot of family issues with my siblings and more to come... its like we are the Brady bunch on crack or something. One brother drinks too much and his wife left him, one of my sisters stealing $$ from him while he was in rehab added to the existing fueds between other bros and sisters. Xmas is going to be a blast this year.. im just glad im not hosting!

Still nothing in the romance dept worth mentioning... Im starting to get ready to date again, new haircut and wardrobe and I hit the gym for the first time tonight. I think the last break up just made me give up, but I think im over the pouting and will give it another try. Ive been kinda of lonely and bummed out but instead of going to get some RX to fix it, Im going to hit the gym and use it as incentive to get my butt in gear and find a nice lady, not too nice though ;)

Im going to read a few threads and catch up a bit. Now that im settled into the job and arent so short staffed I have more free time at work to check out the postings. So I will try to lurk less post more.

If i can figure out how to post pics I will post one of the new car and redid my living room too.

Xtreme makeover is in our town, but i was always more of a Paige Davis fan than a Tyler one.. so I havent been over to check it out. All I know is traffic is a nightmare on that side of the river and people are walking 2 miles and waiting hours on end just to help out... too bad it takes getting on TV to motivate people, where were all of them when the actual flood hit over a year ago :P

Anyhow, Im glad many of you are still here and doing well, seems like the battle of the buldge is making Irag seem like a weekend scuffle!

Big Hugs and thank you so much for the belate Bday wishes, you all rock and well I dont rock so much, but will now!


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Good Tuesday,

Hey brother, welcome back.. It's good to see you post and update us. Don't stay away so long. It's a good place to purge. I will try to send you a link on how to post photos at this site using photobucket. You have to put the photo at an online photo place and I use photobucket - it's free. It's easy once you get the hang of it.

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((Tikanis - thinking of you and your family))

John - glad to see you again, it's been a while!

I will post yesterday's menu:

B: WW Snack bar and coffee
L: Soup & salad at Olive Garden
D: French Onion soup
S: 4 mini Reeses pb cups

OK, not the best choices but not the worst either! Will try and do better today.

Will check in later...enjoy your day!!!!!!!!!!

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Good Morning Everyone!

John, It's great to see ya back!

Yesterdays menu:

B: Granny smith apple with a little ff caramel
L: Cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce
S: Boca burger
D: Cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce

Not the best day for variety. I will do much better today. Promise! I get on cravings and can't get rid of them.

Erica woke up with a fever this morning. I came into work for the board meeting and then will go home and spend the afternoon with her.

Take care. Have a great day.


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Welcome back, John! Glad to hear that you like this job. As for the social life, one step in front of the other. You will find her, I know it! Once you do, we all want an invite to the wedding. ;-) Please visit often to inform, vent, read, stay in touch, whatever. It's fun having you around.

B: English Muffin w/ ff cheese
S: red seedless graps
L: turkey, lettuce, ff Smart Balance mayo on WW
S: yogurt, banana
D: handful dry roasted, unsalted peanuts while cooking, small serving lf meatloaf, sauteed spinach, small baked potato, salad w/ 2 tbl evvo and red wine vinegar
S: 1/2 cup low fat choc ice cream; 20 oz. rasp flavored seltzer

Not much water yesterday but lots of herbal tea (Tension Tamer).

Work is hectic today....still trying to catch up after helping with admin's work while she was on bereavement leave for 2 weeks.

Maddie, please check in here and e:mail!

Jen, hope Erica is feeling better.

Donna, hope you are feeling better this week.

OK, I'm off in a few minutes for my weekly chair massage. One of my favorite times in the office.


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Good Evening!!!

John - nice to see you post!
Tikanas - prayers an thoughts your way...stay safe!
DeeMarie and NH Suzanne - Letting your chickens out could also mean Letting your hair down and/or letting your freak flag fly, letting it all hang out...etc... LOL!

Jen - Hawaii -- I hope you have a wonderful time. 11 more weeks???? I hope that time flys for you.

DH and i just came back from meeting our new neighbors from across the canal. Very nice couple. The man is from Italy and Boston, it was hard to keep up with him when he talked. FAST and an heavy accent. We enjoyed the meeting. We took over a bottle of Domaine Chandon sparkling wine and he cracked it open while we were there. Yummy!

Hope everyone has a great night!!!!!

Take Care...


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Hi Guys!

HI JOHN!!!! Wow, itÂs about time you checked in! Talk about making the girls B-E-G! Thanks for the new-sy update. Glad to hear you're hitting the gym--that really relieves the stress and makes you look good too! Extreme Makeover was just here---the show airs in January. Here's to hoping love finds you soon!
B: Twist Mandarin "Organic" water (what-everÂ! I thought ALL water was organic! but now I guess they add it to the label!), Coffee w/ ½ & ½ . I was waiting on the guys, so I didnÂt want to cook anything.
L: 1 cup chili
S: 3 hot wings
D: 1 cup chili and a chopped up Tilla-moo (90 cal cheese snack)
S: A Honeycrisp apple spread w/ 2 ½ T peanut butter

DeeMarie~ I blew some of my weekend diet too, I should post it all, but I lost track! And I'm postponing my weigh in until next Tuesday, so I don't beat myself up too badly.

I gotta tell you, I had the shock of my life on Monday night. I was out to dinner with 2 of my GFs and I ran into another GF I hadnÂt seen in a year. SheÂd lost 50 lbs and I barely recognized her! She looked so fantastic! I really havenÂt put my full WILL POWER into this dieting deal--but SHE DID...and man, did it pay off for her! Maybe she gave me the shot in the arm I need. I cannot get over how different and HEALTHY she looked. I want to look like that!

Lynn~ItÂs cool to have nice neighbors! I like my neighbors, but we donÂt do much but stop and chat when we check our mail or wave "hi" to each other when weÂre leaving the Âhood.

The CA Rice canyon fire was about a mile from my in-laws house this morning. They are safe in another CA relativeÂs house.

I had men climbing all over my house today, inside and out: power washer for my deck, window washer (inside and out) and gutter cleaner. It kind of made me clean the house up as the window guy had to go ALL over inside my house to clean windows. Now I have to sort and purge everything I donÂt need! HmmmmÂ.how can I get the garage done? Call a garage floor painter perhaps?Âlol!

Lots to do this week w/ the kiddles & other:
WED: middle school staff lunch catering,

THUR: getting rooms ready for the in-laws visit, meeting w/ a real estate agent to finally sell my horse farm acreage, DD#3Âs football game and athletic recognition,

FRI: dance for DD#3, family pumpkin carving, and picking up everything I need for DD#4Âs b-day party this weekend, andÂ
I really want to work out! I do have my belly dancing class WED morning, so that counts! I'll have to sit something else in the rest of the week...wait a minute...

WhereÂs my DH when I need him?
On his island, of course! I might change my Halloween costume to "Jill of All Trades" instead of sexy aviator! I have no one to be a sexy aviator with anyway! LOL!

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MENU (Tuesday)
B: English Muffin w/ 1 oz ff cheese
S: ff yogurt w/ 1/4 cup all bran
L: 2 oz turkey, 1 oz ff cheese, lettuce on ww, cup raw carrots
S: lg serving red grapes
D: 1 1/2 cups Progresso chicken/wild rice soup, lf grilled cheese
S: pumpkin angel food cake, 1/2 serving ff pringles

I have this thing with fat-free kraft singles lately. Really satisfies me (protein-wise) when added to lunch, breakfast, etc. so I don't miss the fat on the bread, etc.

Dear friend whom I grew up with is now home from hospital with hospice next to him. Lung cancer fight for 3 years. Hope you all wish Kevin a peaceful end to this life, as I hear he's suffering too much to accept visitors.

Well, I've had no walking or exercise this week and I'm feeling it. DH told me he made a 6pm appointment to get his hair cut, so I decided to stay late here and visit the corporate fitness center for at least 30 minutes. If some of my friends are there, or they let me put the Comedy channel on the TV, I will stay longer! (Those exec types love that boring finance channel).

OK, gotta dash. check in people!!


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Oh Dee, (((Kevin and family)), I know what his family is experiencing from that awful, terrible disease. I wish him a peaceful ending. I will keep him and his family in my prayers.

Lynn - glad to see you back again!

I will start posting my menus after tomorrow. I am off this week and have NOT been a good girl. I shouldn't be allowed to take off, not only am I eating what I want but I also bought a new vehicle yesterday - 2007 Hyundai Tucson. I remember when Hyundais were a joke but their ratings are fantastic and you can't beat the warranty.I did my homework before heading out and everyone I know who has one loves them. It was time to say goodbye to my 03 Jeep Liberty - 3rd recall for the same problem, needed new tires, 5 month old brakes were starting to sound&feel funny again and there was a strange noise the last couple of weeks that I just knew sounded very expensive. My car payment is only $26 more per month so I am a a very happy camper.

Rainy start today here in SJ but the sun popped out momentarily. Got to take care of some domestic chores at the house and then heading out with my mom, who knows where.

Enjoy the day!!!

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Hi all!

Dee & Raeanne--i haven't been ignoring you all--our router-thingy kicked the bucket here at home, and I haven't been on the 'puter for almost 2 weeks (I can't get on here from work--they monitor us like hawks, so I don't go anywhere on the 'net that I want to---just the sites I hafta).

Well, my big news (and the subject of the emails with Dee & Raeanne) is that Rog is treating me to an all expense paid weekend in mid-town Manhattan in early December, and I am *****finally***** going to meet Dee & Raeanne face-to-face, after almost 10 years of talking to each other. OMG--I am sooo excited--not only to get to play in NYC, but to meet my buds--at long last--how cool is this???!!! I've been having such a fun time looking at all sorts of cool places that I want to see. The absolute one, uncompromising place that I must see is the WTC site. I feel like I need to pay my respects to the people that died there. Then, if I make it throught that without crying my eyes out, I want to go to Harry Winstons, Barneys, Rockefellow Center, Gordon Ramsay's restaurant--man--the list does go on!!!! :):) (Rog is not going on this trip--I am going with a friend and her 18yo DD--who is absolutely stunning inside and out--they're both hysterical, so it should be a good trip!!)

All of that being said, that's what's been going on around here lately. I'm still working like mad, and quite frankly, it's wearing thin. Now--my boss wants me to bill for one of the pharmacy's that supplies our clints with their prescriptions. Ummmm.. not! I don't work for them, and I certainly don't get paid to do this. I may make my stand and lose my job, but this old camel can only take so much straw.

John--how good to see you post--I'd love to meet you when I'm in NYC--:):) Any chance???

Gotta go--hope this finds everyone well--



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B: Coffee, cream, 1 egg, 1 slice bacon, 1 piece WW toast
S: 1 Honeycrisp apple w/ 1 ½ T peanut butter, coffee
L: Chop Salad: 2 Roma tomatoes, several leaves of fresh basil, 2 ounces buffalo mozzarella, spring onions, garlic powder, pepper, & kosher salt, drizzled with olive oil
D: Smoked salmon, 4 ounces & a coffee
S: 1 Honeycrisp apple w/ 1 ½ T peanut butter

I was pretty lazy about preparing food, but didnÂt do too badlyÂfor me! Of course, Washington apples are dominating my diet right now. There are about a million kinds in the store right now! But you know what they say:
"An apple a day keeps the doctor awayÂif your aim is good enough!"

The in-laws canceled their visit due to the CA fires. I have to scramble for a babysitter for the events they were covering me for. But I would stay in CA if I were them too. I couldnÂt leave the state, not knowing if my house would survive or not. Their place looks like it will be spared.

ÂWent to belly dancing today. I havenÂt gone since before my surgery, so I am out of belly dancing shape! Warm up was: 50 sit-ups, 10 push-ups, the "plank" position for too long, and shimmies. But IÂm not sore, so I am happy and motivated to go again next week! I wish the studio was closer and the classes were more often. I really have fun there and the teacher is so cool.

(((((((((((((((((Peaceful thoughts to Kevin.))))))))))))))))))))

Maddie! How exciting! You, DeeMarie, and Raeanne! Wow! Bring lots of camera chips and share!

MarciÂwhere are you?! I am missing your sensible selections!

Patti: Did you ever meet with that lawyer?---if so, what was the result?

Tikanas: Check in, sis. We wanna know wut's happenin' witchu.

Raeanne~ Are the fires going to affect your wine tour in CA in November? You can always detour to WA...we have wine too, ya know.

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Good THURSDAY morning!

Actually, this is like Friday to me because I have tomorrow and Monday off. I get lots of vacation days here (this year the total was 54!!) Need to get some in before I lose them as you can only carryover 10 into next year.

Well, I guess the secret is out that we will be meeting Maddie in December. I have not alerted Mayor Bloomberg or the media yet, but the 3 of us in Manhattan will most likely cause attention--keep your eyes on the national news folks. LOL!

Raeanne, I assume the tree will be lit by then, but we may spend 1/2 a day getting to it through the gridlock! Let it be written now that I don't do ice skates in Rockefeller Center. I will hold the purses and shopping bags and watch tho!

Maddie, are you going with your friends to Gordon Ramsay's place? Since it's a weekend, you should make reservations now! NYC is a zoo during the holiday rush.

John, Suzanne, and others........would love to see you there too!

B: english muffin w/ ff cheese
S: large pear
L: turkey, ff cheese, lettuce on ww pita
S: banana, yogurt
D: salad, leftovers (chicken & meatloaf), sauteed spinach, 2 small dinner rolls
S: 3 mini Charleston Chews, 2 tootsie rolls, 5 Jr. Mints (DH and I both paid for the sugar binge last night and this morning)

Yesterday I managed about 40 minutes total on bike, life cycle, and treadmill...all on 'fat burning' setting. I felt great when I finished. So great that I think I'll go back this afternoon. There were 3 ladies in there with me, and we were watching an old show called "70's" I think. It had the guy who married Demi Moore; not great but it passed the time there.

OK, gotta go figure out my project resource allocation which is long overdue!


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Maddie, Dee and Raeanne you will have a great time in NYC! NYC at Christmas is definitely something to see...enjoy.
I didn't know Gordon Ramsay had a place in NY. If you plan to go I would definitely make a reservation now.

Got to run, will check in later.

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Raeanne, look at your e:mail.

Besh & Marci, are you there? Don't tell me that the ghosts and goblins got you already?

BJ, sorry about your family. Hope they are spared the worst of the devastation. If I lived near you, I'd babysit for kids (sorry, no animals!)

I lost 2 1/2 lbs in a week. Even with that coconut cream pie fiasco! I have discovered that I feel better and eat less when I have something every 3 hours. I avoid that hungry, hungry, hippo feeling. haha

Check in everyone!

Patti, Magickitty, Jen, Amy, Gretchen, all your lurkers, let's GO!

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Good Evening everyone!!!!


Dee, Raeanee, Maddie How wonderful!!!!!! I hope you all have a great time!!!! I am sure you will and yes Dee I will watch the news that week to see what you all are up too!! LOL! One of these days DH and I will make it to NY city. It is on our list of places to visit.
I still want to try to meet Patti. We are in the same state, about 3 or more hours away....we should!!!!

BJ your still busy as ever.

Here is something that happened to me today at work. A co-worker whom I have had ups and downs with.....hid under her desk with her chair pulled up so I could not see her. She knew I was coming and intentionally scared the **** out me, she shot out from under her desk yelling boooo. Well needless to say, the paperwork in my hands went flying...I screamed and I had to catch my breath and visit the little girls room right away. I was mad at first, cause she is a mean person, but then I thought....don't get I am trying to blow it off. I am just embarassed because I did let out a scream and of course the Comptroller/owner heard it. Oh well..... I told her I would get back at her in a joking way,,,,but????? QOD: What would you do?

I do however wish she video taped it so we could sent my reaction to funniest home videos.

Well..... take care....


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Lynn~ Not cool on the part of your co-worker. I guess I'd go down to the local pet store and buy 100 crickets (they're cheap) and dump them into her desk drawers and see how much she enjoys gettin' jiggy with the bugs...

Seriously, though, she probably thought it'd be a funny thing to do, scaring you like that. Some people have a weird sense of humor. One night when she's working late all by herself, why don't you dress up like the grim reaper or "Freddie Kruger" and pay her a "funny" visit?

Really, now that I think about it, just keep saying, with a very sly smile, "When you least expect it..." to her. She'll be watching her back forever.

Thursday MENU:
B: Coffee w/ ½ & ½
L: (out w/ real estate agent)Deli salad: turkey w/ about 3 t mayo, slice of Swiss, tomato, lettuce, Italian dressing. Coffee w/ ½ & ½ .
S: 2 Roma tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, 2 oz. buffalo mozzarella, olive oil, & kosher salt. Tea.

-Went to an parent/student event this evening; avoided eating the cookies and appetizers by downing 3 cups of Starbucks rocket fuel coffee...duh...this is gonna be a late night...

D: Salad: 2 sliced tomatoes, fresh basil, 2 oz. moz cheese, 1/3 of an avocado, salt, olive oil.
S: ½ of a Honeycrisp apple w/ 2 T peanut butter

My diet is getting really repetitive, but I haven't minded. It's easier sometimes to just fix the same

Well, I am waiting to hear back from the agent. He is doing comps on the property. I want to get it sold to pay for a remodel on our future home! However, I don't want to take a bath on it either.

Froze my hind end off at a H.S. football game tonight. Last game of the season and we lost again...never won a game all season...oh, well, basketball season is coming soon!

Tomorrow (Friday), I have so much running around to do. I'm going to make all my food and snacks in the morning so I won't be tempted to go haywire on the cheats.

DeeMarie~ I have no animals. So you can come any time to babysit. I might even stay home and babysit with you! :)

Well, I better get moving. I have some late night cleaning and furniture moving to do. The in-laws are again talking about coming to visit. I think I'll stay up until midnight and see how much I get done! Note to self: no coffee after 6pm.

Check in before the weekend, guys!


What are your plans to stay on track this weekend?
Or, how do you manage to stay on track over the weekends?

I need some help here!

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Hi Lynn, good to see you post this week! As for your coworker, I kinda agree w/ BJ. Every time she brings up the incident of scaring you, I would just grin, wink and say "when you least expect it"; then walk away. You don't ever have to actually do anything, and anyone observing you would know you are not threatening her in any way. All in good fun, right? Good luck!

QOD: BJ, I do my grocery shopping on Fridays and what I've changed drastically in the last 2 years is that I always bring a list and the list has changed. Whole grain breads, pasta, rice instead of white stuff. I spend most of my time in fresh fruit, veggie aisle. Lunch meat is usually store-baked "real" turkey (not the processed kind) or low-fat ham. I also keep boxes of the zip-lock snack packs and sandwich size zip-lock. That means I can easily take carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, grapes, etc. with me wherever I go. I'm off to the hairdressers for an 8:30am appointment. Since I'll be there for a few hours, and I had a ww pita w/ lowfat cheese for breakfast at 6:00am, I want to make sure I bring along a bottle of Fruit 20 and a sandwich baggie of red seedless grapes with me. That's because the hair salon always has high fat add-ins for coffee and pastries. In order to at least maintain this weight (which is 70 lbs more than I need but at least it's not 100 more than I need) is planning, planning, planning. If I have the baggies already filled and ready to go, there's no excuse other than willfulness. Eventually, it will come down; even 1 lb a month for the next 6 years!

Gotta run and get ready for the hairdresser.

NO WORK TODAY-------------YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Check in and make today count!

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Good Friday all,

Lynn, good to see you post. I think the actions of your co-worker are juvenile and I think you should tell her when you are calm and unemotional that you really appreciate her being in the "spirit" but we are at work and it's inappropriate to hide under a desk......geesh, I am trying to visualize this whole scene in an adult setting. Don't bring in crickets.....sorry, BJ, but why should the poor little crickets suffer. Let us know how you choose to deal with it. You should not be embarrassed!! What adult is going to think someone in the office is going to jump out from under a desk???? Hello?? BTW, I love letting my freak flag fly................I love the song that expression originated from too! IN my case however, I really do let my chickens out and it helps me let my hair down!! LOL

Maddie, good for you coming to NY! I hope you guys have a blast. I am trying to figure out how I can join you but the time frame is so small for the miles I have to go. Still, it could happen!

Besh, GO SOX!! I know your part of the universe is coming to life......or is it death? LOL

BJ, thanks for the menu idea. That sounds delish and totally fattening! I will let you know how it comes out. The weekends are the hardest for me too. One of my strategies for staying on track it to have my meals planned ahead and stick with it. I am sure it's hard to avoid having fattening stuff in the house with kids around. I can only suggest that you make a designated area ( a cabinet) for the snacks and goodies for the kids and don't go in it. I have heard that works - out of sight - out of mind - usually! The temptations are everywhere and you have to just make up your mind to avoid them. Since you want to post your menus how about posting tomorrows menu today and stick to it??? That's what I do even though I don't post it here - it helps.

Raeanne, when do you leave for your wine trip? I hope the fires are under control soon.

I too am thinking of Tikanis and hope she is okay. Maybe she will check in with us soon.

DH is heading to some part of CA in his truck...on the road again.........I don't know the name of the town, I forgot to ask last night!

Tomorrow I am heading out to Woodstock, VT for the weekend and will be home Monday afternoon. I cannot wait. This is one of my favorite places to ride. There are hundreds of miles of horse trails. It's a very horse friendly place to visit, not to mention stunningly beautiful. The link below has some nice photos.

I hope we hear from everyone today.

Here is a link that might be useful: Woodstock, VT

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Dee - got your email, now check your's LOL.

BJ - I am glad that your in-laws seem to be spared. All my family out there is safe too. Rich's cousin and his family were evacuated. I am going to make a point of getting out to Seattle one of these days, maybe I can talk Dee, Suzanne and Donna into meeting there instead of Saratoga Springs LOL.

Besh - I can only imagine how things are by you with the full moon and Halloween fast approaching. Check-in if you can.

Dee - sorry if we go ice skating - we all ice skate LOL. I am bringing a big fluffy fanny pack just in case we do go LOL. The tree should be lit by then and it will definitely be packed.

Maddie - you should make time late at night or very early in the morning to check out the window decorations - the lines get very long during the day, but so worth it.

Lynn - I think BJ is right, keep her in suspense. Every now and then just bring it up and let her believe something is coming her way. How childish she sounds.

John - good to hear from you, don't stay a stranger.

I am extra busy this week at work and at play. Yesterday we drove nearly 2 hours to go a museum called The Wild Center - we had so much fun we were there until it closed.

Brunch - leftover beef fajita's without the tortilla
D - salad, mussels in marinara, pork tenderloin parmesan, 1/3 funky - as my reward meal
worked out with the trainer
did a 2 mile brisk hike at the museum

QOD - I find it hardest when I go out with friends. I try to eat a big healthy lunch so that I am not too hungry when we go out to dinner. I also try to drink a lot of water when we go out. Since I do Carb Addicts, I try to postpone any cravings until I have my dinner (reward meal -when I can have some funky stuff).

Stay well and enjoy the day.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Wild Center

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Suzanne - I missed your post, we leave 11/2 and will be back 11/12. Woodstock VT is one of my favorite towns to visit. DD lives in one of the few areas of San Diego that were spared by the fire, her riding stable was evacuated, but the instructor and horses are all back safe and sound.
Enjoy Woodstock.

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