Ladies luncheon games

msprettykyAugust 7, 2006

I am hosting a ladies luncheon next month. It will be outdoors at a park. There will be ladies of all ages there. We had planned on doing a couple of rounds of bingo but I am at a total loss for anything else to do. Please help! Pretty sure it will be second week of september. I thought we could have a cake bake off too. What do you think?

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I find that most adults don't really like to play games at a social occasion unless the occasion is specifically for that a bridge luncheon or a Bunko night. Most of my friends prefer to chat, especially if there are people there who don't regularly get together.
But you could set up areas for all those things and maybe include Texas Hold 'em....and if you have a nice level area how about croquet and maybe bocce?
Linda C

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Before people arrive, write down the names of famous people on individual pieces of paper. When they start arriving, pin one of the famous names onto their back. Then they have to guess the name of the famous person by asking questions of the other guests. This is a good game, as it gets people talking to one another, and yet isn't physically challenging at all. Good luck with your party.

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I'm with Linda--Having organized games at a grown-up gathering is not to my taste. Most people I know would far prefer just having the chance to socialize. I leave early, if I go to something and am expected to play a game.

That being said, however, something like a cake contest (you can't legally use the word 'bake-off'--Pillsbury owns the rights to it) would be fun. You could have those interested each bring a baked cake, then have the group vote on winners in various categories, and tasting them would take care of dessert. You will want to spell out the rules ahead of time. Things like: do cakes have to be from scratch (you could do 2 main categories--scratch and fixed up mixes)? does the recipe have to be provided with it? What size (# of servings) cake? Does it have to be on a disposable plate (good idea to make this a requirement--easier clean-up)? do people have to sign up ahead of time if they plan to participate (a good idea so you know how many cakes you'll have to serve)? Etc. Perhaps you could even put together a recipe booklet of the better recipes to be distributed at a later date.

Have fun.

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