Picking out walking shoes...

Vickey__MNAugust 21, 2003

Okay I know this has been asked, and I know different shoes are better for different feet (I can't wear Nike's..they don't feel comfortable on my arch), so my question really is..when I find a pair that's comfortable at the store (and I walk around in them as much as I can in the store), my arch tends to hurt when I do any kind of "normal" walking of any distance in the real world. Any suggestions?


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Vickey -

Do you have problems with your arches; i.e., fallen arches or very high arches?

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As far as I know I have no problems with my arches...just big feet (size 12 womens, that makes it difficult in itself), and Mens the arches usually don't feel right.


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Do you have a good running store in your area? If you do, I would go there - be prepared to spend more money - but they can help you get a shoe with a great fit. Some even have tracks around the store so you can try out the shoes before buying. ~ Suzie

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I love my New Balance walking shoes, model 755. They are sturdy construction, have a large toe box, and have a rocker bar (I think that's what it is called) across the instep. I have high arches and wear orthotics and I love these shoes from the first time I walked in them in the store. I'm on my second pair now. They cost a bit (about $85) but are worth it.

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I have a high instep, which makes most shoes feel too tight around and make my arches hurt after a few minutes. My feet get sore and tired quickly. Also, they get fire hot! Since my back surgery I find I am even less tolerant of tightness, rubbing, or warm temps regarding my feet.

Then I found these:

I call them my "air conditioned" shoes because of the cut-outs all around and the sandal back. The back strap is soft, stretchy enough that it doesn't feel binding but firm enough to keep your foot from sliding around. The interior is moulded and gives good arch support without squeezing at the instep. The soles are formed nicely too, to get a nice walking roll. These were from Walmart, Bum Equipment, design called Bogdan. These are Tan, they also come in White (with light blue accents) and I think darker blue but I am not sure. I have two pairs, I keep the Tan for outside walking and the white/blue for inside workouts (like when I go to Curves or do my stretching tape).

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The dr always told me to go with running shoes more support.

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