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donna_southnjOctober 20, 2008

Happy Monday!

I am off this week and getting ready to enjoy a stay at home vacation. Lots to get done around the house but I have also left some time for FUN.

I should be around and checking in more this week.

Have a wonderful week!!


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Good Monday morning! Donna, how very nice to see you starting this week for us. Enjoy your SAH-vacation, but carve out play time for us, too!

I've got dinner going in the crockpot and a big bandage on my finger where I knicked it on the last slice. This is one of my new Cutco knives, and boy, was it sharp! I've got a water-proof bandage on there, so I'll see how long it stays on this morning.

Going to go work out in a few minutes, but first, I wanted to let you know that our friend is out of the hospital and home again. I hope to get by there sometime today and see both of them. Any ideas on what I can do for them? I'm not sure what either one is up to eating yet, but I wanted to do something to let them know how glad I am to have them home again. (typing is hard with this bandage on the tip of my middle finger!)

Wishing you all a great day!

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Hi, everybody.....

I haven't had time to read everyone's posts, but thought I'd check in. I got home Friday night, after a week at my mother's. We had company all weekend, so am dragging a bit today. Another set of company is coming Thursday, so have to get ready for them soon.

Mom's doctor's appointment went well - he confirmed that she has Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, but it is in it's very early stages and she will not require any treatment, just monitor it and see him every six months. We were all so grateful and relieved for this diagnosis. He was the sweetest doctor, and gave her a big hug when he was done, which Mama loved. What a job they have - he seemed as happy as we were with the good news.

I reworked her flower beds, planted snapdragons, pulled up faded pinestraw and put down the red cypress mulch (I think that's what it was.) She wanted solar lights, so found some beautiful ones (very bright for solar) at Lowe's. It took me almost 3 days to complete, but kept our minds off of the doctor's appointment. Best of all, she was so happy with the results!

We went to see my sister who is so sick on Thursday. Took her a big pot of homemade beef and vegetable soup, cornbread, rolls, and a cute pair of Nick and Nora pajamas (bright turquoise with brown owls on them) - she was not having a good day - her bones were hurting - but was really sweet and appreciative. Her son who is quadraplegic stayed home from work with an upset stomach. I hated that he didn't feel well, but it was good to see him and visit with him. She finds out more this week on her latest MRI, and will most likely start treatment again, unless there's nothing else to be done.

When we were in the oncologist's waiting room for Mom's appointment, it was the same one we went to when Daddy was sick, and it brought back so many memories. Plus, to see so many very sick people fighting for their lives. Very moving experience.

Like so many of you have said, we have to make each moment count. I hope everyone's day is a great one.


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Jan, I'm so happy about your mom!!! Y'all must have been so relieved about her status. And, it's good news that you both needed right now. Praying that she stays at the early stage - period.

Continued prayers for your Dsister. Bless her heart - it doesn't seem fair that she has this terrible illness and also has to endure pain as well.

I am making chicken noodle soup and cornbread to take over to my friends for their dinner. I got to talk to Larry, and he said that the soup and cornbread sounded wonderful to him and very tempting! He hasn't had an appetite for well over 2 weeks, and it brought tears to my eyes when he said he was excited to sip soup!

Got Bible study this evening after stopping by my friends' home, so I'll wish y'all a good evening and sign off now!

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Good Wednesday morning! It's hard to believe that nobody posted yesterday at all. We must be way too busy.

I've been up since 4:30 and staying fairly busy in between taking coffee breaks and reading online. I've been working on my mindset this week to get back into that good place where I want to eat right and continue losing weight. I'm working out, and that's great, but I just can't get the eating right again. I try to remember that I'm a work in progress.

Heard from the dr. yesterday about the elevated calcium levels. He said everything is fine and normal once again, which I'd been halfway expecting since it's happened twice before. But, my liver numbers are up, so we'll retest in a month and see if that's improved. *sigh*

Wishing a wonderful day for everybody here!

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Alright, ladies. This isn't funny anymore!!! I can't believe that I'm posting 3 times in a row - 3 times in a row!!!!! Tell me it ain't so?!?!

Anyway, please check in so that I don't feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone, ok?

I'm sitting here sipping coffee and eating my oatmeal like a good girl/old lady. I'm trying things to fix the liver issue, but I don't actually know what to do to do that.

We had a very cooling rain last night which really dropped our temps. It's now 57 F. with only a high of 68 expected today. The sun is shining, and if I squint, I can pretend that I'm seeing Fall leaves. LOL

We're having Canasta at my house tomorrow evening, so when I get home from working out, I'll be picking up and putting away and cleaning.

Question for y'all: Since I'm not much of a wine drinker, what kind of wine would you like to sip (after dining on Mexican food) while playing cards? We provide the wine, and everyone else brings candy and their drink of choice if they don't want wine.

Donna must be having a terrific at-home vacation. At least, I hope so!

Well, it's not been fun talking to myself, so I'll end now and wish you all a great day if you peek in!

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MIA reporting in!

Jan - Thank heavens for the good news for your Mom. I am keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Doing the garden will keep a smile on her face - and hopefully something else to think about. What a wonderful gift to her. I continue to think positive thoughts for your sister too. Hugs to all of you. I am so glad to read your post.

Milkdud - I'm on the floor, kneeling right now, waving my arms up and down - forgive me for not posting and leaving you stranded like this - "I'm not worthy....I'm not worthy...."

We got down to -6C or about 20F last night. Today I've shut the water off to the garden, I'm putting away hoses and bringing in any other garden chemicals I've forgotten about outside. This afternoon I'm going to set up my sewing machine to work on putting a quilt project together (twin bed sized). It's been 'put off' until I made some headway on clearing some clutter in the crawlspace and house - a reward to myself. So I've made a good dent into everything. Unfortunately people did not pick up a pull-out couch and 2 dressers which should have been long gone before Sep...so they are taking up space in my downstairs work area.

Good news - I've made a decision to try AA as recommended by my doctor. There is a church that is a 5 minute walk from my house - they host a Tues lunch meeting. I'll be starting that next week. I had a beer yesterday after thinking about joining...why did I do that? Am I afraid to say goodbye to a beer? Good heavens I do need help. I asked myself if I enjoyed it when done - nope. I drank out of spite. WRONG. I took an online quiz at the AA site - out of 12 questions I scored 50% for indicating that alcohol is a problem in my life. So I am going to start with this next week. Can't hurt. I don't drink often but when I do it's never right. Once I get settled into this routine I hope to get back on paying attention to my eating patterns which always suffer with my fall SAD. One thing at a time. Thanks for listening to my journey on this - it's all part of taking better care of myself.

Gotta get my butt moving.

Hugs to all my friends!

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Hi, milkdud. Looks like it's just you and me this week.

I thought I might share this with you re: your liver. My husband has liver problems and has been taking milk thistle (over the counter supplement.) You might want to check with your doctor first and see if he thinks it's okay or worthwhile. My husband's brother, who is a pharmacist, initially recommended it, and our doctor said it would be a good idea, as well. He's been taking it for over 4 years. So far, so good.

We've got company coming tomorrow for the weekend. As soon as they leave, we might be leaving to join some other friends in Destin, FL for a few days. I love the beach in the fall (probably because I don't have to wear a swimsuit!)

In the meantime, my neighbors are leaving for two weeks for the Virgin Islands, and want me to check in on their 26 year old cat during the two weeks they are away. They are worried that she might DIE while they're away, and don't want him to stink up the house! Can you believe it? For the record, although we love both children and animals, we don't have either, and I'm not particularly comfortable being responsible for other's animals or kids. I wish I had the nerve to say "no" but I don't. Pray the cat makes it!

Wish I could help you with wine. I only drink Chardonnay when I drink wine, so I'm not any help. I would think you would want something light, since Mexican food is so filling, but maybe someone else will make a good suggestion.

Need to straighten up and start the laundry. Take care.


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Good afternoon all,

I am just back from a marvelous riding vacation in Woodstock, VT. WHERE IS EVERYONE? Wow, I don't recall this being so quiet.

Donna! Thanks for starting this for us.

Jan, I think your neighbors are inconsiderate asking you to watch a cat that old while they are away for two weeks! 26 years old is seriously old. What are you supposed to do if the poor thing dies? Bury it for them. Sorry to vent. I would never leave an animal that old in someone elses care - except the vet@! Grrrrr I would get some chardonnay and some merlot for your guests and let them pick. Both are very popular and light.

Peggy, AA works. My DH has been working his program for 19 years! Good luck to you.

Okay, I have checked in and will share my VT trip with you later.

MIA's and that's almost EVERYONE! Check in.

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Suzanne, I thought the same thing. I would never think of imposing on someone, especially someone whom I hardly know, for such a responsibility. I must be an easy "mark." I plan to start saying "no," because it will only continue if I don't and there's no telling what I will be asked to do next....Can you believe a cat would live to the age of 26 - that's the longest I've ever heard of?!! I hope, for my sake, he lives a few more years, or at least a few more weeks....ugh.

Peggy, like Suzanne's, my husband is also a recovering alcoholic. He has received much comfort from the meetings, and I know you will, too. Thank you for your continued thoughts of my family - just got off the phone with my mom and she continues to do great. However, my sister and her sons are struggling with her cancer, especially emotionally. The sons take their anger and confusion out on each other, so a lot of dysfunctional stuff going on. They could all use professional help, which has been offered, and refused. So, all we can do is pray for them to find peace and offer comfort whenever we can.

milkdud is the one trying to decide on the wine for her guests, but I agree that chardonnay and merlot are good recommendations.

It's rainy today, perfect day to be cleaning house for company. I just tried putting together a new Swiffer for my hardwood floors, and darn if one of the extensions doesn't fit....would work great if I was 4 feet tall!!

Take care, everybody.

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Well Jan, I hope you will make it abundantly clear to them that you need the vets phone number, including emergency phone number and that you will not hesitate to call if you suspect anything. Two weeks they will be away? Are you going to change the cat box, change water, feed the poor thing? My heart breaks for the poor old cat. You can't just up and leave your pet.

Okay, off my soap box but do get emergency info in case you have to be responsible for the cat's fate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oldest Cats

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YEA!!!!!!!! I'm not alone after all. I was worried that I'd get home and have to try to answer my own question because I wouldn't want to ignore myself, of course! LOL

Jan, thanks for that milk thistle supplement suggestion. I'll definitely check it out. I'm doing the lemon juice in hot water cleansing daily now, and that's supposed to help some. I want to head off this stuff before it gets started!

I'm so sorry that your sister and her kids are having such a rough time emotionally. I'm sure it's all very normal, but it's unfortunate that they won't seek help. This could be a better time for them if they'd get some input on how to deal. Continued prayers for all!

Suzanne, I can't wait to hear about your riding vacation. Details and pictures, please! Was the color just beautiful where you were and are now? With the cool front last night, leaves are dropping off the trees around here, but they haven't changed colors even! *sigh*

Thanks for the wine suggestions. I bought a nice merlot today, then ran into one of the women in the checkout line who informed me that she couldn't stand merlots or cabernet sauvignons. Geez, there's no pleasing people. I'll serve what I bought and try to listen and learn about what they really do like for the next time.

Hubby and I are working the air show at Ellington Air Force base all day Saturday. We'll be working at a concession stand. I'll earn 12+ service hours that day and it's once again for the Pediatric hospice "Project Hope & Joy" in Houston. Should be lovely weather to work it, so I'm happy about that.

Well, Peggy, I have to say that I know nothing about AA, but I'm really happy that you've decided to attend because they're supposed to be "the answer" for so many. I wish you all the best luck. And, you may rise now! LOL

Gotta get busy picking up this messy house, but I just had to write and let y'all know how happy I am to see so many posts since this morning!!!

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Sorry, I thought Jan asked the wine questions. How rude for someone to see your wine choices in your basket and proceed to tell you that she "can't stand" them! You know what, you are the hostess and this is what you have chosen! Geesh.

The colors were at peak on the weekend of the 11th-12th but the color lingers in golds and bronzes mostly. The vivid reds and electric oranges are still there in little bits but overall it still is quite breathtaking here. Alot of tress are bare now and it's fading fast.....temps were in the 20's last night and there is over 3" of snow on Mt. Washington, NH's highest peek. Sigh....November is the drabbest month of the year here. Ugh.

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Did someone mention wine??? LOL

Milkdud - I would agree with Suzanne on serving a Merlot. For something different for a white I would offer up a nice Sauvignon Blanc - it is very refreshing wine. If the food is very spicey or hot I would suggest a pinot grigio. Of course this is all personal preference. I am sure your guests will enjoy whatever you have. I am sorry I just read that you did get the wine. You are right to serve what you have and then take notes for the future. Did you ever decide on what to do for your friends?

Suzanne - Welcome back. I bet it was a beautiful time.

Jan - I agree with Suzanne with the cat. I have to tell you I didn't want to leave my dog because her eye was watering excessively when we went to Nantucket. My dog walker convinced me that she would take her to the vet, etc. Of course I am paying this girl a lot of money (she is worth every penny), but I would never have put that responsibility on a neighbor. Sorry about all the family stuff that you are dealing with.

Donna - I can't believe it is Thursday already. I hope you have had a good week.

McPeg - Glad to see you continue to take the right steps to getting healthy.

I started cleaning out my basement (for the 100th time). I am making very slow progress as I am sorting things in piles. Throw out, yard sale, ebay, and keep. I am happy to say that the keep pile is the smallest right now, but I have a lot to go through. Where does all this stuff come from.

I am trying to think of a tactful way of telling a few people not to send me anything for the Holidays this year. Last year we ended up with so many baskets of things that I ended up throwing out or giving away. Not that I don't appreciate being thought of, but it is a waste of money for them and I rarely eat the stuff out of the baskets. Most of them were from people that don't normally send me gifts, so maybe they won't send anything this year anyways - especially with the economy being what it is.

I will sleep on it....

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Suzanne - our peak was the same weekend as your's but I am still in awe of what color is left. I believe this has to be the prettiest fall I can remember. My brother and his family are coming up in a couple of weeks and I told them to expect it to be gray because it will be LOL.

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Wow, a very slow week except for me, vacation week always races by! I have done all kinds of stuff..tomorrow is tough though. I promised my Mom we will go through all of my Dad's clothes and stuff and take them to Good Will. Of course we will keep some items for sentimental reasons but it's time for us to do this. After this is done I promised my Mom I would treat her to lunch at a local country club that has fabulous views.

Wodka - ((hugs)) for you and your family. I'm glad your Mom's news was good. I am sorry to say I am very familiar with the oncologist's office...a very special kind of person works in those offices. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. On another note, I agree with others that asking you to care for a very old cat is very unfair. I have an almost 15 yo Bichon and if my family couldn't care for her while I was away I would definitely board her at my vet's office...that would freak her out but at least they know her and know all of her medical history.

Suzanne, glad you enjoyed your trip and am looking forward to pictures and your wonderful descriptions! You have a way with words that makes you feel like you are actually there.

Raeanne - how was Nantucket?? It had to be fabulous. A good friend from work is going to Cape Cod next week. She and her husband visit every year. I missed Maine this year, maybe next year. Maine in October is one of my very favorite things in the world. You are cleaning out your basement, I have to do the same with my garage. I cringe going in there.

Peg, AA is a wonderful organization and I'm glad you are getting the help you and your doctor think you need. My sister is an alcoholic who was sober for 11 years but has been drinking for past 7 years. One day at a time is the way to go...it's the only way to go. My DS has been through rehab twice but refuses any help right now, it's very hard, especially as she lives with me. She has also had many, many years of private counseling which I wish she would go to again in addition to AA. My prayers and good wishes follow you. If you would like to talk please email me.

Got to run...why?? I'm off tomorrow but stuff still has to be done!

I'm not a baseball fan at all but I have to say it for the home team - GO PHILS!!!


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Donna, I hope tomorrow is not too difficult for you. I know your mom will appreciate your help. I did the same with my mother when our father died two years ago. It was exhausting, and emotional, but we made it through with humor and love.

We had a big concrete basketball court that Daddy had built for us when we were kids in the backyard. Anything we weren't certain of, we laid out on the court and called my siblings to come over and pick out what they wanted on that day. Everything else was going to be donated. Nothing to be held, no wait and see, just come and get it, now.

The only thing I regret was at the time my husband and I were living in a small rental apartment, after losing our home and everything the year before in Katrina. So, there were things that probably I would have liked to have had, but could not see that far into the future, when or if we would have another house of our own. But like me, you will have the "best" gift - that of helping your mom out during a very difficult time. Nothing can top that. It's been two years and my mother still thanks me for being there for her. I wouldn't have been anywhere else.

As for the poor old cat, I left a fill in the blanks note in the neighbors' mailbox yesterday (they both work)for them to fill out all contact information, but have yet to hear from them. They leave this afternoon. I really don't mind checking in on the cat, it's just that I have not had a pet since I was a child, and never taken care of an elderly one. It would be so upsetting if something went wrong.

Donna, I also sympathize with you concerning your sister. My husband was sober for 10 years, and relapsed several times. It took him almost dying to finally stop. He went directly from the hospital to rehab the last time, and has remained sober ever since. I was so afraid when Katrina hit, and I left to stay with relatives while he stayed here and worked. If ever there would have been a chance of relapsing, this was it. Thank God, he remained strong and sober during a very difficult time. In fact, his strength helped me get through it.

Company comes today so won't be checking in as much. Have a great weekend!

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Thank you so much for your messages today - they really helped me. I'm getting ready to head over to my Mom's now. We took a look through Dad's stuff a few weeks ago and know what we want to keep..everything else is being packed and donated. I'm sorry you didn't get to keep more of your Dad's stuff but I don't know if I would have seen that far ahead either at that time.

I am so glad your husband stayed sober during such a terrible time. My sister's husband was sober for many years also but ultimately ended up dying from lymphatic cancer and complications from a liver transplant. Sometimes I worry she's trying to join him...she's said as much at times. I do think she wants to be sober, she talks about how great her life was when she was sober. She's a great person who is kind and caring...I hope she pulls it together, for her sake. I can't do it for her which I find very hard.

Enjoy your company and weekend! Good luck with the elderly cat...good idea about a fill in the blanks note.

I hope everyone checks in - it's a beautiful but cold day today. I joke about cold, actually a day like this in the winter is one where we will take off our coats and say it's a warm day :-) I just hate to see summer go but I better get over that since it's gone.

Check in later - getting ready to head over to my Mom's.


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Good news - the neighbors emailed me with all the emergency info, except for one thing - the name of the cat!!! I've got a call in for them to let me know. Can you imagine, he sees some fat old woman coming in that he's never seen before breaking into his house! That would make me "lock up" myself! Other good news - he has a self-cleaning litter box! yes!

Donna, I hope your sister finds peace and sobriety before it's too late. I'm one that wants to fix everything, too, and it's beyond frustrating when we can't. I got so involved in my sick sister's "stuff" the other day, I had to finally stop and back off. Her whole situation is something no one can fix....sad.

Take care.


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Good day all,

It's Friday! YES

Jan, that poor old cat won't care about your weight! LOL Knowing his name will be really nice. Some cats are very sensitive with strangers. If I were near I would help you.

Donna, I am afraid summer is long gone...........sigh

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Hop Sing is the cat's name......

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Brrrr! It's 51 degrees out and way too early in the morning, but we're getting ready to go work the food concession stand at the air show. Just wanted to stop in and wish you all a great day!

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Happy Friday everyone!
Thank you for your words of encouragement. I have lots of support and a friend who wants to join me at the AA meeting. I am looking forward to going and hope with all my heart I will take this seriously and not just go through the motions. Part of me thinks I can handle a beer but a larger part knows it is not in my best interest. It sure as heck can't hurt to attend. Especially now that I am working on a spiritual journey which fits right in.

Jan don't worry about the cat. Just do the best you can. If you sit with the cat each visit for a few minutes the cat will get used to you. Each cat has it's own personality. If the cat seems distressed in any way don't be shy to call your neighbours or the vet. They sleep alot normally.

Donna, I feel for you knowing how hard it must be. My dad was a binge drinker. It was hell on us when those episodes hit. I agree it's one day at a time. I am responsible for myself, no one else is. The same goes for anyone with an addiction or abuse problem. It does help knowing people care. I am okay right now - probably more now than I have been in years.

Raeanne, it's not the gift that counts - it's the way it is accepted. Given the economy right now may I suggest you could ask these folk to make a donation to support a local food shelter, charity basket in your name? Let them know you appreciated the gifts of the past year but this year you would like to start something new given how hard times are affecting many people. If you do get some baskets anyway and don't want them - take them to a shelter, seniors home. They won't go to waste. I dunno, just a suggestion. My MIL asked what I wanted this year - I know she won't accept 'just a place at the dinner table and family'...I suggested a gift card to a home centre so I could spend it in the spring on my garden. She liked that idea. I won't waste it. Better than pj's that don't fit or one too many potholder/dishtowel sets.

Happy Saturday! (I started this last night....)
It's raining this weekend. Luckily I got my yard work done, minor things left now before the snow flies. Today I am going to take stuff to my charity shop, do a little retail therapy there and when I come home - who knows. I'll see what mischief awaits. DH is putting new trim around our livingroom window and sanding a couple of spots we touched up on the walls to prepare for painting.

I'm sending all of my pals Happy Happy Thoughts today! LOL

Will check in again later.

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Jan - I don't think I ever heard of a 26 year old cat WOW. I am glad you got his name but I have a feeling at that age the cat won't care what you call it, if it can still hear LOL. I will send positive thoughts that the cat stays healthy while it is in your care. My boss used to have 5 cats and I would tend to them while she was out of town. It was funny to get to know each personality, as they were all so unique. I had a hisser, a hider, a ravenous eater, a very cuddly one, and a watcher. The trick was to get everyone their food while trying to steer the ravenous eater away from the other dishes LOL.

McPeg - Thanks for the Happy Thoughts! I was going to tell people to make donations instead of gifts, but felt that maybe they weren't intending on doing anything this year and that would make them feel like they should. I guess I will just let the chips fall where they may and be thankful. Although I did throw out some of the basket stuff, we were able to find homes for some of them with local folks. I had intentions of using the stuff when I had company but it just never worked out that way - that is why I ended up throwing stuff out.

Suzanne - very interesting link for the cats. I think the oldest cat I knew of was around 19 or 20. My dog is 15, aside from losing some hearing and sight, she looks great.

Milkdud - it is 41 degrees here.

We took our last boat ride of the year yesterday. It was beautiful, a bit chilly, but with the sun shining down on us it was perfect. We found a sunny little cove and floated about while we munched on cheese, crackers, apples and a little wine. Definitely not on the diet plan, but it sure did hit the spot. A little otter joined us and only 2 or 3 other boaters passed by.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Good morning everyone!

I feel blessed today. Lately I am gaining new friends who have sunny, positive outlooks from the forums, a gal who came to my door to talk about God (we have a lot in common - I don't normally yak to these folk but I felt like it and we're meeting for a coffee to chat about family!). How funny is this. I've called a new friend in Florida (free north american calling plan), just made another new friend from the KT who has started to email. Years ago I did not have the 'energy' to maintain communication with a lot of people. These days I feel like surrounding myself with positive influences, listening more and sharing a genuine understanding for life's challenges. I don't care what CNN describes the world as, my world has lots of sunny light now and really feels like a smaller place thanks to the internet and telephone. I am ready to reach out more. The payback is tremendous. I can't get over how good it feels just to hear another voice, share a story or just say 'hi, how are you doing today?'. I want to hug the world this week! All of you included!

I did it last night. I set up a sewing corning in my kitchen and I'm finally sewing the quilt I started last year for my Mom. I put it off until the fall so I would not get distracted decluttering around here. Loads of stuff has left this house. Now I can relax a bit and give myself some craft time. November I will be 'off' work until the holiday decoration season - so it will be back to house painting - I'm in 'the mood' now. Feeling energized again.

I'm just glad to be here with all of you. This week I start AA. Get my head into that. I'm feeling like I also might be ready to start my WW again because my frame of mind is shifting to positive energy. (If that makes any sense.)

Have a super day today my friends. Let go of the things that bother you, don't take things personally. Breathe and do the best you can.


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Hi, I have tried many diets and exercises, many pills,...
WANTED -Weight loss buddy
Hello i am looking for a weight loss buddy. Just someone...
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