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grdnchikAugust 15, 2002

Hello, I'm planning a our second block party. Last year was our first and it was a bit disorganized. For example people that were to bring certain things forgot what they were asked to bring and brought other things. In the end it turned out well, but I would like this year to be more organized. My self and another neighboor are "trying" to organize the party. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Also if you know of a site in which I could print some cute invations that would also be helpfull. Also would it be rude if I ask directly on the invitation can you please bring.... That way the person doesn't forget what he/she was asked to bring to the party.


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We have a block party each year for the surrounding blocks. Each of the blocks is asked to bring a specific course. For instance, my block this year is to bring hors d'oeurves, the block behind me is to bring dessert, etc.

In addition to this, they charge each family $35.00, which covers music entertainment (we hire a DJ), and children's entertainment (usually a magician), as well as beer, soda, and paper goods.

Anyone wanting to donate grills or tables for the evening is asked to do so. Everyone brings their own tables, chairs, candles, wine, etc.

Ours is scheduled for 9/14/01 this year. A notice was left in my mailbox earlier this week, so there's more than enough time to prepare.

Since yours may be only one block, perhaps you can assign specific things to the addresses that start with 1xx, then something else for the 2xx addresses.

I'd strongly suggest making it a written notice so everyone has it in front of them.

Hope this helps,

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Block parties on my block have asked everyone to bring their own meat and drinks and ask specifically what people would like to bring to share. We have only 12 houses, so most people need to bring 2 or 3 dishes. The planners...or "host families" arrange for grills and tables.
Linda C

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