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yankandtexOctober 13, 2008

It's just another Monday! Hope you are getting a good start to your week. I haven't caught up with the weekend posts so I need to go back & read. Have a good one. Patti :-)

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Thanks for getting us started, Patti. Hope Dave has a good day.

Marci, it was wonderful to see you post. Missed you and glad you and your DDs are being the healing process. Hang in their girlfriend.

QOD: What will you do for yourself...just yourself?

I'm fasting as we speak to get some long-overdue bloodwork done. Been avoiding my medical needs while we worked this summer so hard on the house. Also took a different route during our walk this morning. It was so incredibly dark out; scarey but refreshing.

Check in!
Make today count!

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Patti - thanks for starting us off this week.

Milkdud - Good news for your friend - I will continue to keep him in my thoughts.

Marci - it was great to hear from you. I am still sending you love and prayers.

Dee - I am glad you are planning on taking care of yourself by getting your bloodwork done, etc. I know the house consumed you this summer. You should make yourself your number 1 priority now!

QOD - I am planning on painting for an hour or 2 this afternoon and that is totally for me!

Have a wonderful day!

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Do you remember me?? :-)

Lots of stuff going on and I just haven't had a chance to get on the computer or do much of anything else this past week and more.

The good news is I'm off next week and looking forward to it, I really need it. No plans to go away but some stuff around the house and a day trip or two, hopefully.

I have lots to catch up on, will read all of the posts on the last thread.

((Hugs)) to all that need them and even those who don't.

Patti, I know I owe you a loooong email and will send within the next week or so, maybe when I'm off and can get my act together. Love and prayers to you and Dave.

Dee, take care of yourself. I'm a great one for saying that since I cancel doc appointments and postpone bloodwork myself. The house is important but you are so much more important.

Raeanne, how great that you can paint and lose yourself in that. I have to find some kind of creative (ha!) outlet for myself. I was actually thinking of stained glass but thought that might be too much of an undertaking??

I see that Marci checked in, I have thought of her and prayed for her and her family.

I have also thought of Maddie, Wodka and BJ with baby V.

I will read, catch up and really try my best to check in regularly this week - I miss you guys!!

Take care - love and enjoy life - be good (not much fun I know).....Donna

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Marci! I was so happy to see you post. It takes so long to come to terms with a tragedy like losing someone so very young. You never get over it, but the days do get easier. I just plowed through a book called 'An Exact Replica of a Figment of my Imagination' by Elizabeth McCracken. It is a memoir of a woman who lost a child to stillbirth. Many of the sentiments throughout the book ring true for the loss of a child. As many of you know, I lost 2 children to late term stillbirths and this book was a comfort to read, even though it's been many years gone by since I dealt with that; I STILL have residual feelings and that surprised me. Anyway, I'm done with it, so if anyone wants to read it, I'm happy to send it along. Just email me. But, hugs to you, Marci---my gosh, I think about you and your family with teary eyes every day.

Dee: I am happy to hear you're taking care of yourself.

QOD: I am headed to the doc myself at the end of the month. I am going to talk to him seriously about NON-weight loss.

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Good Tuesday morning! It's very cloudy and 77 F. here. Rain is forecast for later today, maybe during my naptime???

I've been for more bloodwork - this time a panel to test for Hepatitis A,B, and C. I would be shocked if I had any of those, but the dr. is trying to figure out why the calcium count is elevated, so the tests continue.

I worked out, then ran to Walmart to buy an apple pie to take to a Czech luncheon at the community center in an hour. I was under the weather yesterday, missed working the golf tournament, and certainly didn't feel up to making anything so store-bought it is this once. It's a caramel apple pie, so maybe it will be so good that that will make up for it not being "from scratch".

Dee, hope you studied hard for those lab tests and all your results are good!

Donna, nice to see you posting. I'm excited for you having a long weekend coming up.

Raeanne, did you enjoy your painting time yesterday?

This evening is my 2nd meeting of ESA, the service sorority I'm joining. It's in another town, so I'm riding with several women from my neighborhood. For the "Education" part of the meeting, I had to choose a time in history in which I'd have liked to live, and I chose the Roaring 20's. So much happened beginning in the 20's that I would have loved being a part of it. (FYI, that's when the bra came into being. Believe it or not, that was considered a vast improvement over the previous "undies"!)

Patti, hope Dave's feeling all better by now and ready to continue to do battle with the government for his benefits.

Today was the first day that actually looked like Fall to me. In the car coming home just now, with the a/c cranked up high, and the bugs on the outside of the car, I could pretend at least.

Got to be up and out early tomorrow morning to drive to my new eye clinic for another visual field test like the one I had last week here in Crosby. This is to give the new dr. a baseline for where all I can and can't see.

Wishing you all a great day!

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Hey Guys!

It's sunny and cold here on the rock, as opposed to being SOAKING wet yesterday!

Today is Baby V's play date at the community center, then a coffee with a gal I've been getting to know, then running sandwiches out to the construction crew, then picking up 40 pounds Honeycrisp (YUM!!!)apples from a local farm (juicing is in my future), and the post office to mail a package to DD. Conference week this week, so I have one today at 1pm and one Thursday at noon. And I have to catch up on paperwork and college payments/reimbursements for the girls. Already filled the truck with gas ($99-AKKK!) this morning and gave baby a nice warm bath and shampoo.

The sun shine gives me energy to catch up for all I did not do on the rainy days!

Q-O-Week #1: What are you reading?

Q-O-Week #2: Do you eat fall squash? How do you prepare it?


QOW #1:
-I'm starting the "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" by Alexander McCall Smith. It's been sitting on my windowsill for about 2 or 3 years and I finally got tried of dusting it, so I'm going to finally READ it!

QOW #2:
-I cooked big orange Golden Acorn Squash in the oven yesterday. This squash looks like a small pumpkin and is fine grained. I punched some holes in it and baked it for 1-1/2 hrs. I'm scooping it out today and making homemade chili to serve on the mashed squash tonight.
-I also picked up a big spaghetti squash I'll microwave/shred/ & top with parm cheese for tomorrow's din-din. I love fall squash.
.....Now, all I have to do is get rid of that "butter on the squash" problem of mine!

All for now....CHECK IN!

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Hi BJ - I thought I had a busy day, but not compared to your's.

QOW #1 - I am in the middle of reading absolutely nothing! However I just came back from the book store - don't ask me why since I have a stack of books to be read. I bought Tim Russert's book Wisdom of Our Fathers.

QOW #2 - I love acorn squash. I cut it in half, remove the seeds, put it cut side down in a baking pan with about 1 inch of water and just bake until soft. I then serve it with all kinds of bad things like butter, brown sugar, cinnamon. YUMMMMMMMMM

Milkdud - I lied, I never got to painting. I had so much to do when I got home and then I had a strong yearning for chicken parmesan so I had to whip up a pot of sauce and cook some chicken cutlets. It was the most rushed pot of sauce I have made and it was delicious LOL. Still sending positive thoughts for good news on the calcium levels. Do you have to do the Charleston or anything for this meeting of yours LOL.

donna - we expect to hear from you in more detail next week LOL. I am glad you have some time off, sounds like the timing is perfect.

Suzanne - are you back from your happy trails? We need an SP story.

I am trying to catch up with laundry and cleaning.

Enjoy your day.

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QOW #1 -- I was trying to read Big Boned by Meg Cabot for the last several months. Very light reading from my niece, but it will wait for bubble bath nights. I'm bringing a Nora Roberts book with me to Florida, but I don't know the name of it...MIL loaned it to me.

QOW #2 -- With the exception of okra, I love every veggie out there. Squash is no exception; I've done acorn with beef stuffing, sauteed, mashed, baked with cheese, baked with salt and pepper....all which ways. All delish!

EXERCISE: Walked yesterday, yoga class last night, toning this afternoon...tomorrow I walk, then evening circuit. Thursday morning walk, and a noon walk in the office; Friday morning walk........that should be a good start to my vacation week in Florida, eh? Is that good enough to earn me a black cherry rum and diet coke? (how about 2, or 3 if the World Series is on?) LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta run to a meeting.

Ohhhh, good to see you, Donna. You owe me a lunch date. We are going to my BIL's for Thanksgiving this year, so Smithville with my sister is out. :-(

Holding good thoughts for everyone [[[[[[[[[Big Squeezy Hugs]]]]]]


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Good morning everyone.
I am on the last phase of fighting a fall cold and it's really knocking me for a loop. I'm actually heading back to bed shortly for an afternoon nap (I JUST GOT UP for heaven's sake)...you know I'm sick when I am not multitasking something around here. Geesh.
Been doing pretty good overall but now it's caught up with me. I'm a big girl. I know when I'm licked. So it's hot drinks, rest and a little fresh air walk later.
Sorry I'm too tired to catch up with everyone.

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[[[[Gentle hugs for Peggy]]]] Hope you feel better soon.

I'm still battling some confusing projects here at work, so I don't have much time. Hope everyone is doing well.

Make today count!

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Hi Guys!

McPeg! Go to bed and feel better! ((((HUGS))))

I did the grocery run this morning, came home, didn't get everything put away and am now running out to pick up my early-release kids from school and then take my little DD to a kids' book club we've been invited to attend. I hope Baby V sticks it out---he hasn't has his nap!!!

Coming home and babysitting another 18 month old of a gal I met and had lunch with yesterday. She has a conference so I'm watching her baby for her. Her little DD is a cutie pie! Exact opposite of Baby V though-alabaster skin, blue, eyes, and a small fluffy tuft of hair! So cute!

It's another sunny day on the rock. My mood improves with the sun, but I sure miss my 12 minute fake-n-bakes on the mainland!

Dee: None of my projects are confusing....sometimes I wish...! lol. Changing nappies, making meals and running errands are the extent of working my brain. I ordered a book to learn Esparanto-the international language of the future. Now, to get the TIME to study it!

Welcome back, SNJDonna! Don't be a stranger!
Spread the love around today, girls! People love getting smiled at by beautiful women---and sexy men, too, John!


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Peg - fall colds bite, take care of yourself and feel better!

Dee, I owe you a lunch and sooooo much more!! Let's seriously try and connect before the end of the year, OK? Be on the look out between now and the end of the year! I envy your exercise, I'm trying to walk. My new trainer, who is FABULOUS, tells me to keep walking outside while I can. Glad you are seeing your BIL but boo you won't be coming to Smithville :-(

QOD #1: I am reading a book called Alice in Exile about a promiscuous young woman (and I say that tongue-in-cheek) pre-WWI who ends up in Russia. It's good but slow going only because of my time constraints.

QOD: I love almost every kind of squash and like Dee I despise okra. My sister who lived in the south many years tells me it's cause we don't know how to cook it....maybe but I still hate it. I love spaghetti squash. I split and bake in the oven and either eat it traditional spaghetti sytle with sauce of, my personal fave, butter and brown sugar.

BJ - thanks for the welcome back, it's really good to be back.

Raeanne, Suzanne and Besh - hi!! Check in (lots of nerve don't I!)

Patti - ((hugs)) to you and Dave.

Milkdud, glad you are settling in so well and making it "home" with lots of friends!

Marci, I have been thinking of you hon - ((many hugs)).

Will check in tomorrow - have a good one even though it's late for us on the East Coast :-)


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Good morning!
Strange night for sleep but my head is better today. I'm off downtown - windy fall day - to cut back more plants. Got my sewing machine set up to work on my quilt - FINALLY. I'll get there eventually.
Both DH and I agreed we need to eat better, especially after Thanksgiving weekend (in Canada). Our digestion has told us both off.
Don't quite have my usual zip back so I'm just going to take things at a comfortable pace today.
How is your 'fall' body doing?

QODs - not reading right now / I love fall squash - I boil, bake, chop up into stews, soups.


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Greetings all,

I can hardly believe its Thursday already. I have been swamped this week.

Milkdud, tell me more about ESA? Sounds interesting.

Peggy, glad you are up and about.

Donna, good to see you posting.

Marci hugs and prayers while you and yours continue to heal.

Jan, hugs to you and yours also.

QOD: Squash - Delicata and Sweet Dumpling delicious heirloom varieties.

Raeanne, happy trails? You bet and you asked for it LOL

My weekend was simply divine. The weather was nothing short of spectacular between the brilliance of the crystal clear blue sky and the symphony of fall colors. The air was cool and dry but the endless sun kept us warm - but not too warm - just right. There was an excellent turn out of campers, 15 in all not including those who came for the day only on Saturday and/or Sunday. The nights were fairly warm so we did not worry too much about the cold. We enjoyed sitting around the campfires at night listening to the wildlife and drinking wine. The only problem I had was keeping my red wine from getting too cold! LOL

The scenery in Hancock is truly breathtaking but this particular location is really special. The field we camp in is surrounded by ponds on three sides and they are all lined with the splendor of brilliantly colored trees. The ponds are teaming with wildlife of all kinds and this year we were serenaded by coyotes plus we heard a screech from some critter that was so loud and unusual no one could identify it. I even had a Bluebird couple visit my site for a while each day hunting bugs in the grass.

All along the driving roads are beautifully restored antique homes that beckon to an era gone by an era of simpler times when equines were the only mode of transportation. Some of the roads that are included in the drive are historic roads. Most notably, The Kings Highway which was built by settlers around 1768 to get grain from Stoddard, NH to the nearest grist mill in Peterborough, NH. Riding through the woods was just like nothing else. The leaves swishing under the horses feet and there were spots that were cathedral like with ancient maples creating a canopy of brilliant color  as I looked up I was entranced by the colors and the blue sky in the background. It was truly moving. This yearÂs foliage has been divine and even at past peak it takes my breath away.

I like to star gaze and the October sky does not disappoint hosting a nearly full moon. Once the moon got closer to setting we could see some stars. Antares, a brilliant jewel set within the Milky Way, and one of the great constellations of the sky, the Zodiac's Scorpius (or Scorpio, my sign!) is to the right of the Moon in the early evening sky right now. Jupiter sallied boldly forth, shining in the south at nightfall. Taurus, the bull, has started to charge into the evening skies. In the north we could view the Big Dipper and the "W" of Cassiopeia to the lower left and upper right of Polaris, the North Star. The beauty is humbling and overwhelming!!

SighÂ..itÂs just a memory now.

This weekend I am off to Woodstock, VT for one last horsey weekend and foliage riding!! Supposed to be cold but who cares? More happy trails!!

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Suzanne, thanks for the trip! Over the last month, I've seen lots of tour buses driving on Rt. 287North towards the New York Thruway. Assume they were all heading for the fall foliage. Guess no one was disappointed. We are in the midst of the red/rust/orange/yellow shows now. Love my ride to and from work during this time.

[[[[Marci]]]] you are still in my prayers. Sorry that I forgot during the last 2 weeks to return your book. I promise to get to the post office soon.

Donna, we will make plans..promise!

Patti, please check in and let us know how Dave is doing.

Raeanne, glad you had a good time out on the island. I love it up there too.

Peggy, don't overdo it!

Milkdud continued good health; I'm also awaiting a no-surprise bloodwork result.

Besh, where are you?

BJ, your energy continues to astound me. I'm ready for a nap when I get through reading your adventures.

Check in people!
Maddie, if you are reading this, we are still thinking good thoughts for you.


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Good Friday all,

Where is everyone this week? I am all alone in my office today so I am hoping to come here and here from everyone on weekend plans!

Check in.

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Good morning everyone!
Still on the tail end of this cold but I slept pretty good last night - yaaaayyyy!

Taking my time getting downtown today since the workload is minimizing. The contract is finished at the end of October. The next lot of work is xmas decorations for the businesses. Love doing that one. Get paid to decorate trees and be an elf! How cool is that?

Last night I called a friend from the KT who has had a similiar journey as mine. You know this world is not a bad place and not that big either. It was so wonderful to put a voice to the name and share our stories, laugh and just talk. I love these forums and our friends that are here. I don't know what I'd do if I could not check in and say hi!

Nhsuzanne I too enjoyed sharing your trip. Cheers for sharing with us.

I will be 'offline' from Sat - Mon. We're going to visit my in-laws and family. They are just back from visiting family in Scotland and our friends! I miss Scotland so much it became home to me. Wonderful life experience.

Mentally I want to quilt so bad but ... but .... I'm just not at the stage of setting up my machine. I'm already looking at making 2 other quilt tops (if you are a quilter or hobbyist I know you understand!). Can't wait to get over this cold and get my zing back. I wanna play with my crayons!

It's another windy day so I'll be wearing a light winter jacket today downtown. Lots to do once I get going.

Enjoy your day, I'll check in later.


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Good Friday morning, everyone! It's cloudy and cool (68 F) here again today. Actually, yesterday it poured most of the day again and was very cool!

Suzanne, your writing about your weekend was like being there with you. You always put into words what my spirit would love to see. To answer your question about ESA, I hope I can add the link at the end of my posting today. I really enjoy being a part of this organization and this group of women. One woman celebrated her 55th anniversary as a member Tuesday night. She joined while still in college in the 50's!

I've been for more eye testing - this time of the optic nerves which are doing just great, TYVM! I'll return in 3 weeks for the visual field screen, then I think they'll have everything they need for a base line for their records.

No word from the local dr.'s office in regard to my most recent lab work - just a big purple bruise. Our phones were out of order yesterday and no word today so far.

Peggy, you have a good attitude about things, and I always feel better after reading your posts. Thank you!

Dee, how was your lab work? And, soak up some of that fall foliage color for me, will you? We just don't get it down here - too damp and warm.

Donna, your trainer is so right about getting OUT and walking. This time of year just makes it so easy, doesn't it? It's great that you're enjoying working with a trainer!
QOD: In between books right now, but I'm going to the library when it opens at 1 this afternoon, so I can tell you then.

QOD #2: I like most squashes. I'm really not all that picky about my food - fortunately and unfortunately!

Our friend is hoping to be discharged sometime this weekend from the hospital. His kidneys are working great now, and he will get a port installed for his chemo before coming home. Those ports are supposed to make life so much easier for chemo patients. They're still hoping to make the trip to San Antonio with us in early November.

We're playing canasta with our other friends this evening after dinner at Peso's. It's been almost 2 months since we last got together. It will just be 6 of us this time, but we hope Larry and Susanne will be with us for the next round once he's out of the hospital.

I've got a busy day ahead of me. I volunteered to cut out "pumpkin pal" fabric pieces and stitch them up for ESA to sell for a fund-raiser. This money goes to a pediatric hospice here in Texas. I'll earn about 10 service hours doing this and will be well on my way toward becoming a good pledge!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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I left the office at Noon to work from home for the quiet to get my projects completed. It has worked.

Will be off-line until Monday, October 27 while I'm in Marco Island. Behave yourselves, but be good to yourselves as well.

You are all great people and I'll miss ya!


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