What are the trends for mid day Bridal showers

sperezAugust 11, 2007

We will be hosting a bridal shower for my SIL in September. It is at 1:00 on a Sunday in September. I want to provide appetizer type food along with a few different desserts.

I am trying to think of some neat presentation ideas for the food. We are doing a chocolate fountain because my SIL loves them. I was thinking of serving a cold pasta salad in martini glasses but not sure if that is popular anymore.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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Not sure cold pasta salad in martini glasses ever was popular!
Chocolate fountains have been relegated to kids parties...but if your SIL wants one and you can't talk her out of it....
As for presentation, if you are serving buffet rather sit down....and if you are thinking chocolate fountain, I guess youa re thinking buffet, I would think tiers and raised sections of the table.
A fruit salad in martini glasses would be nice, garnished with fresh mint and a "bouquet" of fruit skewers as very lovely.
You say appetiser? Do you mean small sandwiches and salads? or do you mean things like stuff on a tooth pick and tiny slices of roll ups?
Linda C

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I hosted a bridal shower in March, from 2 until 5 in the afternoon. The bride's family is Italian and her wedding colors were red and white, so I went with a little Italian theme. I served Italian soda, Lemonade in decanter, Mini Muffulettas, Pesto stuffed cherry tomatoes, Boursin Herb and Garlic Cheese with Raspberry Chipotle and table water crackers, proscuitto and swiss wrapped asparagus, strawberries and grapes, almond cookies, petit fours and coffee with Tia Maria.

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I personally feel that if you throw a shower then you should feed your guests. This should definnatly apply if some of the guess are driving an hour or more to the party. I would hate to think that some guest may have to stop at some drive thru to or from the party. Pasta is a great $ stetcher.
I also try to stick to the theme of the wedding. The last shower i threw was in the theme of an outdoor wedding near a light house. The theme for the shower was "Summer by the Lake." I served linguine with the choice of grilled chicken or lemon shrimp. The cake was served in champagne glasses. One other thing, dont forget music. Many people tend to forget that. I choose Seaside Tranquility to stay in the theme. Have fun!

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The last shower I hosted in May featured mini sandwiches. It went over very well. All the offerings were appetizer size.

Little puffs filled with crab salad, stuffed baguettes filled with ham salad and sliced thin , mini bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese, mini croissants filled with egg salad or salmon salad.

I also served Caprese skewers , cherry tomatoes, mini boccacini balls (mozzarella works fine) and basil on little cocktail skewers also prosciutto wrapped melon bites..

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