Abtronic.... and the verdict on this is?

TinaNYAugust 13, 2001

I just saw this on TV. Any feedback on this? Saw the thread on this that was started a couple of months ago. So now am wondering if any of you got the chance to buy it and try it.

Thanks.. Tina

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It's an awesome device. It feels like you are getting a punched in the stomach or something to that degree. It continues with sets of these in between a vibration and after you take it off it feels like you've been working out for hours.

It's so easy to use and very portable. I wear it at work and at home.

It's amazing

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Just received my abtronic device used it for the first time today - just did my abs, it was easy to use, and I really felt the workout - I go to a gym three mornings a week, but I have a back problem, which makes it difficult to do crunchies. Hope this works. After reading some of the comments I was afraid it wouldn't work, but it is a bit like a tens machine, the way it feels. I'll keep you updated!!

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How long did it take for you to get yours? I ordered mine on July 25th and have not heard anything.

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Where did u all order yours from and are u having any visible results?

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Hi Gail, I ordered mine by telephone and it arrived a week later Give them a call and ask why it is taking so long. So far I have used it twice, and it sure does give a workout. I have used it only once a day, on my abs and waist doing the workout level, at four taps intensity. I plan to increase to twice a day tomorrow, and see how it goes. The first time I used it I just stood still for the time it took (40 minutes) but yesterday I made supper at the same time, and it didn't interfere at all. I was even able to increase the intensity through my clothes. I hope to be ripped in a month's time!!! Oh and I am really watching my eating as I put on 5-lbs during my vacation. Cheers - Jeanne

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I got through to their 800 number and straightened out my order. It was shipped on Saturday. I also ordered the
IGIA system, it is on closeout for 39.99, haven't heard
from them as to when it will be shipped (the email said
they had to check their supplies).

I will post my evaluation of the Abtronic as soon as I
get to use it.


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I would love to hear your results, guys. I am in medical sales and our products are Tens, muscle stimulators, and electrical stimulators. You have to contract with the unit. We use it in sports medicine for athletes so they do not lose their muscle while in Physical Therapy. Good Luck to you all!

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I haven't been using it long enough to have any results.
I will say that it is easy to use. I am not up to a
10 on it yet, am on a 6 and can SEE my stomach muscles
contracting (for those mothers out there, it feels like
a baby kicking during the last month of pregnancy). I'm
not sore afterwards though.


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please list the number or website through which this can be ordered. thanks

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Hi I haven't got back to this forum,as a few days after my last entry my abtronic belt suddenly went haywire and went to the highest intensity and the iron man workout,I had it set on the regular workout. I couldn't turn it off, and had to whip off my clothes to pull the belt off as it was going so hard it nearly knocked me over, it ran the rest of the ten minutes, then turned off. It then wouldn't turn on. I called Thane in Canada, and they are sending me another one. It hasn't come yet, so I called them again this morning and they have my replacement order on record, but are waiting for a new shipment of belts to come in from their warehouse. I was quite disappointed that my belt broke down, as I was beginning to feel my abs tightening up. It seems like a really nice machine, and very easy to use. I will get back to you all when I receive my new belt, and let you know how I am progressing.

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Check out the reviews on this product. http://www.fitnessinfomercialreview.com/abtronic.htm I'm kinda sceptical about buying it now.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.fitnessinfomercialreview.com/abtronic.htm

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I've been using AbTronic for about 3-4 weeks. My wife bought it for herself but is not allowed to use it for a while because of medical reasons, which I will not get into. Anyways, I decided to try it out.
I decided to right away use it above level 5, usually around 7, maybe 8 depending on the type of exercise. It's somewhat painfull at those levels, but I quickly got used to it. It does give you a sense that you've worked out, because I felt the soreness I usually feel when I work out with weights the following day (I tried it on all major muscle groups). I lost 2 inches the off my waist first week.

Then I kinda stopped using it daily for no reason whatsoever. I use it every now and then when I feel guilty about not really doing anything productive or anything that's physically active (like right now, or while watching tv).

The gel that it comes with is a fat-burning gel. It contains caffeine which is an active ingredient for breaking down fat (note: I've seen health tips where they recommend actually applying coffee to your skin for treating celluite and such). Anyways, you really only need the gel for reducing the fat. If you want to tone your chest, arms, legs, etc, all you really have to do is wet the pad with plain water. That's it; you can save the gel for your stomach or lovehandles. Otherwise, I don't see why you would spend money on something like k-y jelly if you're just using it as a conductor. So you can throw away the theory about maintenance being expensive. The batteries can be bought at any drugstore. The pads can be replaced for about $30. If you still want the fat-burning gel you can get discounts from abtronic.net, or just buy any fat-burning product that contains caffeine and is water-soluble. I'm sure you can find cheaper products if you research it online.

My point is that I can see this device really working if you use it everyday. This machine works just like any other exercise device: you need to raise the intensity level in order to see results. The same principle applies to weight-lifting and such. I would also recommend using it as a supplement to other exercise, not as an alternative.

I have no idea how someone might find it hard to find or purchase this machine in the US, since the informercials seem to be on everytime you turn the tv on.

My only real gripe with the machine is that you can't work both arms or legs at the same time. So it would take 20 minutes just to do both arms. It's simply much easier to do some curls or other traditional methods.

One last thing: be very careful when using it on your chest. Since it does emit electrical current, which you want to avoid near your heart, use it at lower settings.

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Well, the ONLY problem I had with the Abtronic was the pad made from neoprene...looks more like aluminum, it wore out so quickly. I was seeing results when bam, I had to replace it.

A friend of mine showed me an online paypal shop where they sell rubber Abtronic pads. I've been using it for a month and a half and no signs of wearing out.

I tried a search, but could only find it here:


For $20 though, I think it's worth it...the other cheap pads cost me $15 when I changed it the first time. I'll include the link, and also use KY jelly, it's cheaper than their own gel.

Here is a link that might be useful: rubber abtronic pads, not neoprene

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I love my Ab Tronic! I use it everyday while I do my homework. As for results, I've noticed increased muscle tone, and I have lost some fat. This device is especially great if you use it at the gym while you're doing cardio exercises, i.e. I use it while on the elliptical trainer. I definitely reccommend it, it's well worth the money.

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Received my new belt (not the pad the actual control unit) but have only just started using it again due to being away on holiday. I does seem to tighten up my abs, I also have started to watch what I eat again, as I put on several pounds while on vacation. I read on one of the threads that somewone had used it on their calves to increase the size. I have always had thin legs, and would like to increase the muscle size, I have done a lot of weights with my calves, and my legs are reasonably strong, but they never seem to grow. Does anyone out there know if the abtronic belt would help.

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If yiu want a massage, great! If you want abs of steel, you better get yer butt back on the floor and start busting crunches! At least that's what my doctor says. He says that you cant burn fat locally, (in one spot) and that means that no exercise can reduce your belly withouit a caloric deficit.Besides that, the machines don't even burn calories, cuz you score your energy for the contractions from an external source. Get this-it might even make your belly swell larger cuz the muscles increase in size, and the fat stays, so you look fatter!!Nevertheless, if you all keep saying it works, Im gonna try it. Comes with a guarentee, right?

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I have a feeling that this is a type of product that most doctors would be quick to shoot down. It basically promotes laziness, doesn't stress exercise or a good diet. Still, I don't think that people actually expect it to be a primary source of weight control. Yes, these machines won't burn fat in and of themselves but strengthened muscles do burn fat more rapidly, don't they? Even if it won't shrink my stomach, I'm still interested in them because I have back problems that prevent me from doing regular exercise to get strong abs. And weak abs hurt my back even more, sooooo I'm hoping this at least might be able to help with that.

I ordered an Ab Energizer weeks ago from the As Seen On TV site and I still haven't gotten it. Anyone else have problems with that site?

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I have been all over the web, and I see the same questions regarding the numerous EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) units that are currently being advertised on TV infomercials. You are going to be disappointed in the units , primarily because the start working, and you see results, then they fail. I'm convinced this is due in part to a scheme to enhance additional purchases of "conductive gel, centerpieces, batteries, etc.

I made the following post on healthcom.com regarding these units, and the usefulness of EMS. Hopefully reprinting it will be of some assistance.

The answer is EMS, electronic muscle stimulation does work, however a lot of those "high profile units" do not. I sincerely believe that there is a failure rate scheduled into the product, requiring you to make additional purchases if you wish to continue using the product. Prime examples would be abtronics, abenergizer, fastabs, etc. Abtronics was the biggest disappointment, and had the highest purchase price. For anyone interested in a little more information on EMS possibly the following will help to answer some questions.

EMS has been around for some time, but was really brought to light after the 1972 Olympics when the USSR swept up a basketful of gold and silver medals. EMS was reportedly used on Soviet athletes with benefits reflected in the medal harvest. Since then, numerous research studies have been performed using EMS. Increases in strength, muscle size and athletic performance have all been attributed to this technology. Even claims of improved cardio-respiratory efficiency and reduced body fat levels have been made.

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) uses electrical current to stimulate your muscles (passive exercise). This electrical current is similar to the electrical impulses produced by the brain to stimulate muscle tissue (active exercise). By placing the pair of pads on a particular muscle group, your muscles respond to the impulses that are generated by contracting and relaxing rhythmically as instructed by you through the unit. When a muscle contracts as a result of a unique EMS/TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) signal, the chemical changes taking place within the muscles are similar to those associated with voluntary contraction in "normal exercising". These chemical reactions which result from muscle contractions utilizes glycogen, fat and other nutrients stored in the muscle. These resulting series of muscle contractions will enable an individual to tone, strengthen, and combat flabbiness while improving contour.

If you should experience an immobilizing injury, as we all have at one time or another, EMS use can effectively reduce muscle atrophy and prevent large-scale losses in the enzymes responsible for energy production in both slow and fast-switch muscle fibers. In addition, regular EMS use during immobilization improves nerve-muscle interactions necessary for a speedy recovery.

As you can see, EMS use is a variable tool in bodybuilding training and has a positive influence on muscle strength and muscle growth.

EMS can be used to enhance recovery from bodybuilding training or injury. Increased blood flow to the muscles helps to deliver nutrients necessary for recovery and subsequent growth while the pumping action (stimualtion/relaxation action of EMS training) helps to remove waste products, mainly lactic acid, from these muscles.

If you are really serious about purchasing an EMS/TENS unit, save your money for a while a purchase a really good one that will last, and that has a prolonged guarantee to stand behind it.

There are any number of excellent units out there so take your time and search around here on the web before spending your money. Check out a couple of the following:


Just don't get taken by the infomercials, which happened to me. Remember, you get what you pay for.

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I bought the abtronic use it every day while walking go thru the 8 cycles ..used it for 5month's and it is the biggest load of crap I have ever bought !!! Feels great but does not work !!!

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