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nhsuzanneOctober 2, 2006

Good Morning Sunshines,

How was your weekend? My was a deluge of rain and I got soaked to the bone marking trails - even with my rain gear on. The wind blew it just enough for the rain to get under.

I slipped on a muddy spot at one point and went tumbling down a hill. Ugh......I spent the afternoon on the couch under a blankie.

So, how was yours?

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QOD: DH and I had a very nice weekend. Planted beautiful mums around my tree in the front yard; added the appropriate scary Halloween decorations; spruced up the outside for the winter. We have to clear up the back deck of furniture and beechnuts next weekend. Yesterday we went to the Jets game, and although they lost, they put up a great fight against the mammoth Colts.

Ate rather well this weekend, but was no saint. My knee has been bothering me, so I did not walk this morning, but will go to my yogilates class this evening to try to work that out.

Next.....? Hope you all check in soon!
Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

Challenge: Make this week count so that we can all wear sexy holiday clothes.

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QOD - I did very little this weekend. A little cleaning, a little cooking, a little laundry, a little scrapbooking, watched some old movies and went to dinner last night. It was my 2nd weekend of staying in and I enjoyed.

Dee - I'm glad you caught a good game.

Suzanne - are you sore today from your tumble? It was raining here yesterday too.

I am still doing well with Carb Addicts. I seem to have hit a plateau at 14lbs - so I will need to add something this week - like more aerobic exercise. I am still going to the trainer 3 times a week.

Make the most of today.

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This is a great link to a webcam to see wildlife at a pond in Botswana. Elephants, warhogs, wildebeast, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pete's Pond

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Hello, hello,

Just checking in. I only seem to get here about once a week. DH had his surgery last Wednesday and came through it with no problems. The preliminary biopsy came back negative, so there was no need to remove both thyroid lobes, just one. He says he can not believe how much energy he has back. He is not on any meds, but the Dr. is just watching him to see how he reacts to having 1/2 a thyroid. So far so good. I am so glad that this is behind us. It has been incredibly stressful.

I feel like it is time to start concentrating on me again and stop putting all of my attention to others. Between the wedding and DH surgery, I really have been neglecting myself. I have not planned any type of meals for me or gone for a walk. Nothing. I have not even read a book. My mind has just been too focused on other things.

Raeanne, I tried to look at the wildlife pond, but I could not get it to open and the player would not download. It is probably my online security. I don't think you should worry too much about the stall, it happens. Just don't let it allow you to stray. You are doing so terrific!

Dee, I have not put out one fall decoration yet. In fact I have dead plants in the pots at my front door. Bad feng shui, really bad. I must take care of that this week. Time to freshen up the front. I'm glad you enjoyed the Jets game. Boy the Patriots are on fire. I am really enjoying watching them this year. DS plays JV football so I am learning alot more about the game. It is so much more fun to watch when you know what is going on! LOL

Suzanne, I am sorry about your tumble. You must be sore today. Wasn't the weather gross yesterday? It poured so hard here I thought we were going to have another flash flood. I hope that you feel better soon.

I am finally on the mend myself. I had such a cold that started the night before DH had his surgery. I slept in the guest room because I was afraid for him to get it. He and DS came down with it today. Two sick males in my house. Ugh!

Joanne, happy belated birthday. The scrapbook Marci made for you is great. I hope that you fill it with wonderful memories.

I miss everyone else. I know that I have been one of the MIA's but wouldn't be great to get this board jumping again like it used to be?

Enjoy the rest of the day!

Love, Besh

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Happy Monday Evening!

QOD: My weekend was spent cleaning up and out. I did get out some of my fall things like my door wreath, placemats and fall scented candles (I burn certain scents seasonally). Actually did get some stuff accomplished but have a loooong way to go. The only thing I didn't get yet was my mums - next weekend.

Suzanne - how are you feeling today?

Besh - I am so glad that things went well for your DH. I don't envy you 2 sick guys though. You are right, it's time to start taking care of YOU.

Raeanne - My cardiologist put me on a 1500 calorie diet to bring down my cholesterol and weight. My LDL was outrageously high but he thinks the lab misread it - still high but not as bad as they said. I go back in December for another blood work up and see him at the end of January (first appt I could get in 2007!) to see the results and where we go from there. I am still going to Curves and am now trying to take walks on the days I don't go there.

Dee - your yard sounds so nice! I love mums - will get some next weekend. Also, our village is having its Octoberfest next weekend - hope the weather is clear. I don't usually go to the Mayfest but I love the Octoberfest..lots of quality crafts and displays, German music, beer (none for me) and good food (none for me).

Tonight the Eagles play Green Bay (I think) -- being a typical Philly fan I have hope but am not banking on anything :-) At least I don't throw things (usually).

Enjoy your evening!!


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Donna, is Octoberfest this coming weekend (7th and 8th)? I would love to take a ride down to see it if we have time.

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Good Morning All,

Besh, glad DH is doing well. Whew! One less thing to worry about. You are right, we need to get this board jumping again. I miss everyone who is not checking in. Glad you are feeling better too.

Donna, sounds like you are into the spirit of fall and Halloween! I lament this time of year for what is about to come. The foliage season is near peak and it's really gorgeous around here. We are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful area.

I have to run to a meeting but I wanted to post a link so you could read the article I wrote for our club newsletter.

Our Hancock drive is coming up this weekend and it's supposed to dip into the 30's YIKES!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Newsletter Article

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Great article, Suzanne--You are such a wonderful writer. Makes even ME want to attend! haha

Besh, forgot to tell you how glad I was about DH. It's time to spend some time on Y-O-U!!!

OK, where is everyone? Come on Maddie, Jen, Patti, John, Marci, Amy, Joanne...let's hear from you!

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Dee - yes, Octoberfest in Smithville is this weekend. Temps are supposed to be in the 60's which I think is perfect for this..jeans and sweatshirt weather. Let me know if you are able to come down - I would love to meet with you!!

Suzanne - I enjoyed your article..I love the way you write, I felt like I was there. How are you feeling from your fall this past weekend? I am definitely getting in the spirit of fall and Halloween. Our trees are just starting to turn, I noticed the difference just from yesterday. Like you I dread the season that follows but I still have my patio furniture outside - I'm not letting go of summer yet!

Raeanne - believe it or not I resigned from Curves today. I decided that since I live in a PUD with a clubhouse that has exercise equipment I am paying for the same thing twice?! I will have to visit one of our clubhouses to check it out, in the meantime I will walk. Honestly, I was watching and was pretty faithful to Curves and really saw no difference, it just didn't seem worth it to me.

I am very happy to report that our Eagles won last night!! I know, us Philly fans can't get too carried away!

Talk to ya tomorrow..have a great evening!!!


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Suzanne- thanks for the link - great article, you really need to write more often. And the picture is a bonus!!!

Donna - I don't blame you for quitting Curves, if you have access to a gym. The important thing is to know how to use the equipment correctly, and I am sure you do from Curves. I hope you and Dee get to meet - you will love her!

Besh - I'm sorry you couldn't log on to the link. I was watching for about 40 minutes and couldn't believe all that I saw, that is why I posted it. There were ostrich, elephants, jackals, impalas, a croc, and a lioness.

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Good morning all,

Donna, I did Curves and never really saw any improvement. I was upset when the owner decided that I could not step up an down on the recovery boards which suddenly made the whole thing really boring.

I am fine after my fall. Just sore. I am constantly full of bruises from my lifestyle. I was miserable that day because it was a cold raw rain and I was drenched on top of taking that tumble! UGH

I just re-read my artilce and noticed a couple of typos. I can hardly believe it since three people proofed it after me! It's amazing. Thanks for reading it. I keep thinking about all your encouragement to write and perhaps I will submit something to a magazine eventually.

Dee, I wish I could take you for a carriage ride......I can't believe you wouldn't love it!!

Raeanne, I wasn't able to open the link either. I am going to try again.

QOD: Where is everyone???? Are all of our sisters and brother too busy to check in and say hello? You know the longer you stay away the harder it is to get back here. Ironic as that's true. CHECK IN. SOS, SOS, SOS!!

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I wish you could get on that link - right now there is a warthog and 5 monkeys. So cute. But now, I have to get to work LOL.

Enjoy your day!

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Good WEDNESDAY Morning!

Donna, I sent you an e:mail. We are going to the festival on Sunday late morning. If you send me your cell phone number, I'll give you a buzz when we get there. Just remember to bring a camera in case my DH forgets or our friends here will never forgive us!

QOD: Have you ever had something to do that was not difficult or time-consuming but you just put it off? I have a short report to get out to the state for the non-profit I volunteer's almost overdue and on my calendar for a month! I just stare at the folder and won't pick it up! LOL! What the...........???

Make today count!
Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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QOD: Yes, I have a similar situation. I have been staring at a folder at home for over 3 weeks. I do the thank you's and receipts for our local Wildcare Rehab organization. I don't know why I keep putting it off, but I do. They will need an updated mailing list soon, so I will have to do it - the good news is that I work better under pressure LOL.

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Dee, I responded to your email and sent you my cell...I hope you can come down on Sunday. The camera will be ready!

Suzanne, how weird is that the Curves owner would have a problem with you doing steps on the recovery boards. At the Curves I was going to people marched on them and ran slowly in place and no one said a thing. I'm glad I'm not the only one dissatisfied with their experience there. I'm glad you are feeling better. Incidentally, I think I would enjoy a carriage ride!

Raeanne, I have been able to connect to the link but haven't seen anything yet, guess I am viewing at slow times. I will keep checking it out. I think it's really cool.

QOD: Picking up the phone and making a couple of appointments. Certainly not difficut or time consuming but somehow another day goes by and I still haven't done it. Maybe tomorrow.

Off to get tomorrow's breakfast and lunch together. I do better if I take care of stuff like this the night before. My morning time is very, very carefully measured room for extras or errors!

Have a wonderful Wednesday night!


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Raeanne I was able to get in and view "Pete's Pond" after I downloaded Real Player. So far I have only seen it at night, but I can hear the crickets and see a little bit of action. It is very cool. I am going to let the teachers at school know about it.

Have a great day all!

Love, Besh

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Ahem, ahem, cough, cough, ahem, ahem (it's early!)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.......................
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU........................

Hope you are Roger enjoy this time. Check in and tell us what's going on.

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Happy Birthday & Anniversary Maddie!! Have a great day!

Not much to report here. The weather seems like a roller coaster, 90's yesterday 60's today. I love fall though.

Hope everyone is doing well. My computer has been messed up so I our tech took everything off and put it back on again. Needless to say, I have lost all my favorite websites and so on....

Have a great day.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDIE!!!!!!! I hope it is the best ever! And Happy Anniversary to you and Rog. I hope you guys have a great night!

Love, Besh

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Happy Birthday and Anniversary Dear Maddie!!! Hope it's the best one yet with many more to come.

WE MISS YOU - Hope you will treat yourself to a dose of your girlfriends and boyfriend here at SS Suppport!

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Happy Birthday and Anniversary Maddie!!

Have a wonderful double celebration!!


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Maddie ~ Wishing you a Happy Birthday and Anniversary. You have touched me with your kindness and your generosity and I am forever grateful to be your friend!!!!!!!!!!!

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Still waiting to hear from Maddie........!!! Hope you are still celebrating honey.

QOD: Wazzz up for the weekend? I'm working around the house tomorrow, then it's off to have Sunday brekky with my sister and family and on to the festival to meet up with our own South Jersey chick, Donna!

A word to all of you......if you buy Halloween candy early (which I did), leave it out of sight and unopened. (That goes for you, too, Marci and all those M&Ms)! lol

Make it a great evening!

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DeeMarie - You would be SO proud of me! I went to Costco last weekend and had picked up a GIANT bag of candy (M&Ms included) and then I put them back. Instead, I bought bags of chips and Cracker Jacks, which don't tempt me at all. I can be good when I want to! LOL

QOD - I am losing my voice and I plan on not talking all weekend! We took the older kids to the Pumpkin Farm today and we were blessed with beautiful fall weather. But I am tired and not feeling all that great, so I am happy for the 3 day weekend.

I am going to the new Kohl's tomorrow to shop for DD's birthday and getting a hair cut Monday. Other than that, I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend and sleeping in.


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TGIF!! Another week from hell but now it's over :0)

QOD: Saturday running some errands, laundry and some other stuff around the house. Sunday meeting up with DeeMarie at the Oktoberfest!!!

Dee, good message about the Halloween candy. I was in the store last night and thought I better get started. Last year I gave out bags of pretzels. I usually buy candy I am not crazy about. If I buy something I like I have to hide it, otherwise it would never make it until Halloween and even then no guarantee it will get given away.

Marci, take care of yourself and enjoy that three day weekend. The pumpkin patch sounds like fun. You will like Kohl's - I can usually find what I am looking for there.

Zig - glad to see ya! Where the heck is everyone..Tikanas, Milkdud, BJ, John, Patti, all know who you are!!

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Happy Happy Birthday to Maddie - one of the original sisters around here! Wishing you only the best, always. We really need you to check in. Hopeyou and Roger had a great anniversary.

Dee - very good advice. I was at Target yesterday and nearly picked some candy up - just because it was there and that is what I would normally do. Guess what? We don't get any trick or treaters at our house LOL.

Marci - I bet DH will be happy that you aren't talking this weekend LOL - but I guess you can still write that "to do" list LOL.

Donna - I am so happy that you and Dee will be meeting! Sounds like a fun time - I wish I lived a little closer.

Tikanis and BJ - are the two of you going to make me come and find you???

It is a beautiful weekend here!

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