Bridal Shower ideas

mrs_tlcAugust 18, 2008

My DD is getting married and has chosen my house for the bridal shower. She had not talked to me for 4 yrs. because of my divorcing her dad (long story and NOT for this board!) but we have been working on healing the relationship since last Oct. so I'm pretty excited that she has decided to have it here and that I'll be able to go to the wedding.

Her MOH is doing most of the planning, which is fine, but she has asked for suggestions for games. I'd love any input that might help us make it really special.

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Even though I like games, I'm not one for the types of games often associated with showers; they seem kind of silly to me.

But I once went to a shower where they did something almost like a game, and I really loved it (as far as I could tell, everyone did). We each had to pull a slip of paper out of a bowl that had a topic on it associated with marriage -- not weddings, marriage. Then when it was our turn, we had to give a piece of advice or an anecdote or something to the bride. It was fascinating, because there were guests of both the bride's and her mom's generation. I learned a lot. It may not work as well if all the guests are the bride's contemporaries.

I was just thinking about it today, and that was about 20 years ago! So you can see it really made an impression.

When I got married, I had 2 recipe showers. At one, there was a chef who did a cooking demonstration (and that was our lunch). Something like that might work for your group; if not cooking, then scrapbook, flower arranging, some craft relating to an upcoming holiday, or something else your daughter likes.

I'm sorry things have been difficult with your daughter. I'm glad there seems to be some progress. Good luck!

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I'm not a game player.. but will oblige the host/ess for a shower.. after all it's one day.

The game I thought was the craziest was the toilet paper wedding dress contest..... until we started... By the end it was a real battle, with some very nice dresses... well as nice as a toilet paper dress could be. I will only admit to it here as we are fairly anonymous.. but it turned out to actually be fun.

OH - here's a great game a a recent baby shower that can be adapted I am sure.

Everyone signs the guest book and gets a clothes pin and a verbal list (that was printed on a shower sign) of words that cannot be said (at this shower it was Mom, baby, daddy etc). If you overheard someone saying one of the forbidden words, you take their pin along with any they may have collected.

It was a co-ed shower. SO the men, being naturally competitive, had the most clips! LOL At the end of the shower the one with the most clips got a gift. I'm not ashame to say - that game I did enjoy. Even after I lost my clips.. It was fun to see everyone try their darnedest to get others to say the words. LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Not my picture - but to give an idea...

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