Any good step aerobics DVDs?

awm03July 4, 2006

I just bought a step bench. Can anybody recommend a good step aerobics video? Thanks!

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I bought mine from Walmart along with the stepper and adjustments ..Cathe Freidrich Basic Step. It paid $25 for the stepper and video. I like it for a beginner step video. She has others online. Also, if you have Direct TV, there are some good step shows on Fit TV.

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Thanks, byrdseay. Wish I had Fit TV, but at least we have a Wal-mart! Will check it out.

So far I've been making up steps on my own. I like step exercise very much. More of a workout than I thought it would be.

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Bought the Cathe Friedrich Basic Step video. To be honest, for a total beginner (& an admitted klutz), I like the Gin Miller Everybody Steps video better. The moves are simpler & she gives plenty of cueing time. Also, the pace is faster so my heart rate is higher than with the Cathe Friedrich video. I like the Cathe Friedrich video, but I had to keep the remote in hand to pause & replay a lot until I got the routine down. She frequently cues while going into a step, so by the time it registers in my brain, I've lost out while she's moving on to the next move.

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Have you guys checked out Collage Video? They have hundreds of workouts and they also have short clips of the workouts. Their prices are a little high actually but they have amazing customer service. I would certainly use them as a resource for workouts.

I think Gin Miller is an excellent choice. She also has an older interval step workout called Intense Moves which is fabulous.

Cathe is a wonderful instructor but even her basic step has a learning curve.


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Collage Video looks great! Thanks.

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I really like the Firm, working out with weights reshapes your body. I've also ordered from Collage Video, and I think you can return them if you don't like the workouts.

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I believe Collage is limiting the return of workouts. You have to read the return policy for sure.

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hedygs & msmagoo, do you do step aerobics regularly? I'm primarily a cyclist looking for an indoor exercise for the days I can't bike. I'm impressed with the workout step provides, & I swear it's helped my hill climbing. But I get the impression not many do step aerobics anymore -- that it was an 80s phenomenon. I don't know anybody who does step. What do you think?

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awm03 I think step is still popular. There are a ton of instructors still teaching it. I also love, love, love kickboxing in addition to step.

What type of step do you like? Complex choreography, athletic type?

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Hi hedygs,
I like both kinds of step. Choreography for the brain challenge (it's hard for me), & the athletic type for the workout.

How about you? Do you have a favorite video?

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I'm complex choreography challenged so I'm more fond of athletic step. If I end up standing and watching a workout rather then doing it...out it goes!

A fav? Hmmmm...not sure. I do like Cathe a lot, Mindy Mylrea for really athletic w/o's and Gin Miller Intense Moves. If you like complex choreo a few names come to mind (and I can't do them). Patrick Goudeau, Seasun Zieger and Rob Glick (tons more).

I would have to think about a fav though.

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Gilad's step aerobics is good. It's definitly athletic, not dancy at all.

Christi Taylor is really good for dancy step.

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Still steppin'. Glad I invested in it. I've moved up to Gin Miller's Simply Step (60 min.) & Cathe Friedrich's Low-Max (68 min.). After 3 months, I still can't do the Cathe video without messing up, but that gives me a goal to work on over winter.

Thanks to all who chimed in with other names. I look forward to adding them to my growing library of step DVDs.

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OK, another step question. I bought a larger step bench. It's longer & is 8 inches tall. I found that I had to go back to my beginner step DVDs because I couldn't handle the intensity of the taller, longer step. I've cut back from 50-60 min. of intermediate/advanced stepping on a 6 inch bench to 20 to 30 minutes of beginner stepping with the larger bench. Is this normal? Did anybody else find bumping up 2 inches to be a LOT more work? Thanks in advance!

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Debra Mazda's workout's are good. and she has one for the stepper. she is very new. Look her up on youtube also to view her DVD clips.
Good luck.

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