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marci_paOctober 17, 2005

Make good food choices today and start the week off right!!!

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Good MONDAY morning!

I'm off again this morning for an off-site seminar. Had a good, dry weekend (amazing!). We have no more water, but those around us are not so lucky. It's like driving through a maze to get many roads closed.

Raeanne, we spent all Saturday down at my siser's place outside Philly, so we weren't home! Sunday morning, I walked 4 1/2 miles for ACS Breast Cancer event. Youngest stepdaughter walked with me (my corporation sponsored a huge tent...lots of fun!). We had a nice day together; had lunch after and talked and talked. Good bonding day.

OK, I've got to dry my hair and get out of here. Gonna watch the news to see how I can get myself to this seminar which is about 25 miles from here (I'm giving myself an hour!).

Make this week count!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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[[[[ H U G S ]]]] Marci! I know how it is missing the DSs & DD.

DeeMarie~Most of the New Yorkers have started coming back to FL, I'm thinking b/c of the rain. Think positive thoughts that we don't get Hurricane Wilma. Ugh!

NH Suzanne~Thanks. You made me feel good. Things will work out for the best for you, I just know it!

Have a good evening! Patti :)

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Hello Ladies,

The rain stopped for now and the sun was out and about today so that helps, its also been very windy which will help dry things up a bit but also caused a lot of power lines being down from falling branches. I really wish it was warmer out, I can only imagine how much fun the rivers would be right now, too bad the water is a little chilly :)

Good to see you posting again Patti!

Not much new here right now, same ole same ole.

I am about half way thru the feng shui book and it is interesting. A local woman here does in-house consultations, but its $275 for the first 2 hours then $125 an hour after that. A little out of my league right now. My apartment is an odd shape, 17 feet wide and about 35 feet long, so im having trouble deciding how to divide it up into the 9 different areas they refer too. At the very least Im going to do some more clutter control and get rid of items that I dont use. I also need to move my TV out of the romance area and get a headboard for my bed. I wonder if hanging my kayak on the wall would count?

well come on out and let us know how all you lurkers are doing! have a super week!


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Hi All,

John just quickly. If it is the Move your stuff, change your life book, there are "cures" at the end of the book for situations like yours, whether it be an apartment, odd shaped house, etc. I had to make some adjustments, because I am missing two spaces in my house. Also if you go to her website, you can ask questions. Good luck. It will make a difference.

Got to finish getting ready for work. Have a wonderful day all. Today is WW weigh in day. Ugh.

Love, Besh

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Good TUESDAY morning!

Patti and John, good to see you here on a regular basis again! :-)

Marci, I got the 11th installment of Stephanie Plum from you...thanks! Will probably finish it before I head off on vacation on the 29th.

Weight is not moving, but I am. Consistently getting 5-7 hours per week of excerise, and that's a good thing, right?

Gotta run; have a meeting with the legal group today.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hi Guys!

Popping in to say HEY! ... and to see who's checked in.

Back later tonight to post~

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John - just remember to make it feel right for you and don't stress too much over what the book says. You have to be happy with your space and it has to work for you. I try to incorporate some of the colors that compliment the different sections. My bathroom is in the romance section LOL - I put a pair of pink candles on pretty pedestals in there to help. In my wealth sector I put a picture of a river and a small birch bark canoe hanging off the corner of my mantle (as in my ship is coming in LOL) - you can get very creative. I try to use pieces that are meaningful to me and are symbolic. I think the most important part of feng shui is to declutter and get rid of anything you don't use - this is suppose to make room for new and better things. Who can't use that? Save your money - you can do all of this all on your own.

Dee- I applaud you on the exercise regiment - you are inspiring me. I walked all weekend in NYC and took a long walk yesterday. Today I did a lot of shopping, that has to count for something, right?

Patti - all our snowbirds can't leave town quick enough this year and I don't blame them. I will pray that Wilma spares you.

Suzanne - I took 2 friends to Manchester Center today, it was one of their birthdays. We had a lot of fun and I did a lot of shopping. Of course, I thought of you.

Besh - good to hear from you, come around more often.

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Good Morning all,

I can't believe it's Wed already and I haven't check in yet! It's not like I have been busy or anything. LOL

I spent all day yesterday trying to de clutter a couple of rooms in my house. It felt good but makes me realize how much more I have to do! I have to go to the website that Besh posted and see if I can get some tips on the feng shui stuff. Besh and Raeanne, you two could have a consulting business like the person John talked about and make a killing!!

Some good news today. The other two moles that the dematologist in Boston took of DH last week are perfectly normal! We were really worried that they would be melanoma too. We are very relieved.

I finished reading the book A Million Little Pieces. It was very good. Raw but good. It gave me a deeper insite into addiction that I hadn't really thought about before.

Raeanne, I would love to meet you in Manchester Center again. When we do, I am going to try to visit East of Equinox Farm which is home to some pretty famous Morgans. It would be fun to visit. Glad you had a good time without me!! LOL

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Hi Guys,

Sorry for being scarce. I have been trying to wrangle my teens into seeing things my way about curfew on Homecoming and Halloween night and it's been zapping my drive. As well, my 14 (soon to be 15, she reminds me) has decided she'll date an 18 yr old. He is a very sweet guy, a senior at the H.S., but hey, he has a car and wants to take her around in it. I asked him to come over and drive with me so I could check out his driving and he did. Thank heaven he's a good driver - :) I'm sure he drove much more carefully than usual, but I was happy with his skills.

Now last night I got a call from my sis (who NEVER calls me). My dad was traveling and caught a virus on a flight. He's lost 25+ pounds in the last 2 weeks and in the past days has become too weak to walk. He was taken to the hospital last afternoon to have a 3-hour IV "top off", as his doc called it. We'll see what happens there. He is one of those old crotchety pilot types who likes to run his own life, so someone will have to tie him down and stand over him to get him to follow doc's orders. Much as I hate to say it, at 80 years old, he might be getting close to getting his ticket punched, so send a little light his way today. Thanks.

Which reminds me, we haven't heard from nurse Tikanas in a blue moon.

Patti! Great to hear from you...ALWAYS!

Well, on the weight front, I have lost another 2.5 in the past 4 weeks and I'd like to lose 9-12 more, so I'm slowly reaching the goal. Progress comes meal by meal for me. I have been eating more whole grains and moving around every day, even putting on some loud music each day and dancing and cleaning for 20 min- 30 min.

NHSuzanne~ WOW! Great news! So, so glad to hear it. YAY!

Besh~ Let us know what's up with your future DIL. Did the biopsy results come back yet?

I just finished "The Year of Magical Thinking". It's an insightful, quick read. Had a lot of filler in it though, in the old style drama writing style. But it was worth the time.

John~ I love Feng Shui! Great book out there is "Feng Shui for Dummies". It really is packed with stuff to make your life more successful by believing in clean, clutter-free living. ...And by cherishing the things you have. At first, I bought about a million Feng Shui books, but have settled on this one for reference. I decluttered the rest of the books out of my place after harvesting what I needed out of them. I still need to do some major work on my garage though. Arg! It never ends.

Okay, I gotta head off to the college for testing this morning.

Cheers and love all around.

Marci~ Thanks for the red reminder on food choices! Every morning it hits me first and gives me a great start!

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Hello again,

BJ, I am glad you asked about FDIL. I am sorry that I forgot to post it. It is not my future DIL, it is her sister. Anyway, everything came back NEGATIVE!!!!!!!! It was just some weird tumor that grows on nerve endings. Amen. Sorry to hear about your Dad. I will send positive thoughts his way. Please keep us posted. Good for you for checking on DD friends' driving. More parents should be like that.

Suzanne, glad to hear about DH. What is going to be done about the malignant one? Isn't the weather grand these days?!!!!

Got to run. (((HUGS))) all around!

Love, Besh

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Hey----me again---dad's in surgery. They're expanding his esophagus because of a hiatal hernia blockage problem. He's really been restricting his food intake, so the docs diagnosed that his food pipe has just gotten too restricted and small to let much go down. He's had this procedure before a couple of times, but this is the worst it's ever gotten. He literally let it get to the point where he was choking and then wouldn't eat anything and his entire body somewhat gave out. He should be out of the hospital tomorrow, barring any complications. Keep the light on for him please. :)

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Besh, glad your dil's sister is okay. Whew.

BJ, I will send prayers and positive thoughts your way for DF. Everything will be okay.

I realized today that we have not heard from Tikanis or Magic Kitty since early September!!!!! Come on now ladies, check in and let us know how you are. Tikanis, did you get my email??? Check in don't make us worry.

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Besh! That is great news about your FDIL's sister! Glad her mind is at ease! Stress level: DOWN!


NHSuzanne: Thanks! I hope it'll be okay. The docs do what they can, don't they.....bless 'em!

I emailed Tikanas and MagicKitty (Lynn).

My test at the college was postponed, so I'm cleaning and sorting today, can you tell?-----The breaks are coming closer and closer together! lol!

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[[[[[[[[[[[[BJ's Dad]]]]]]]]]]]]]], [[[[[[[[[Suzanne's DH]]]]]]] and prayers too!

Besh/Suzanne, so glad you both got some good news! and BJ, I'm happy that they've discovered what was going on with your dad.

Sorry I have not had much time for chit-chat, but I'm overwhelmned with work, and next Saturday we are going on vacation. I really need to get this stuff under control or else I won't be able to relax. Happens all the time; exhausted by the time you go on vacation; exhausted when you return trying to catch up!

Marci, I'm loving that book...stayed up late last night to read!

Tikanas, I was thinking about you the other night when we went looking at pre-lit Christmas trees (I've convinced DH that the real trees are damaging my lungs each year and we need to try it this way...maybe I'll finally have a healthy January!) Anyway, we were also looking at ornaments, and we saw the most outrageous ones, although none could compare to the Sopranos masterpiece I sent you!

Everyone, please check in!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Dee - Glad you got the book and glad you are enjoying it.

(((BJ))) - Keep us posted on your Dad's condition.

Besh - Glad future DIL's sister got good news. Everyone must be so relieved.

NHSuzanne - DH must be feeling better about his biopsy results too. Will keep him in my thoughts for a successful surgery.

Not much new here. Haven't been sleeping well and I am dragging. Hope I can stay awake today!

Gotta run,

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Good Morning All,

Marci, sorry you aren't sleeping well. Have you tried the Tylenol product called sleepy time? I use it once in a while and it really helps me break the cycle. I have been sleep deprived for so many years that this is a welcome relief. Try it.

Dee, where are you going on vacation? I know what you mean about being exhausted before you begin vacation! It's such a vicious circle.

Not alot going on here this morning, for a change! DH is home and we are going to do some winterizing as soon as the sun gets high enough! It's cold and breezy this morning but the sky is blue so it will warm up. We have lots to try to get done before DH's surgery. If they do a skin graft, and, they think they will, then he will be laid up on crutches for at least six weeks! He will probably be half that time because you can't keep a red squirrel down for long!!

I hope to sneak a ride in today too. It's been almost two weeks since we saw the sun and had no rain!!

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Hi all--

BJ---a huge, monster ((((hug))))) to your dad--if he remembers me, please tell him that he's in my thoughts and prayers---he's such a wonderful person (Your mom and aunt are, too!)

Besh--YAH! I'm so glad it was negative! What a relief! :):)

Please keep a friend in your thought--his name is Bill, and he is having major problems right now with his throat. He is in remission for cancer, and now another lump has shown up. He is a dear, sweet, wonderful man, and I don't think I've ever seen a man love his wife so much--

Things are about the same here--still looking for a job, but still ahving fun--life is what I make it, so I'm trying to make it the best that I can muster up--

Gotta go--going to a job fair here in a bit, so I'll be back later--



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Just wanted to pop in quick before I head out to bowling league.

hugs out to BJ and NHSuz, hang in there!

Also wanted to say that the feng shui may be already kicking in. I made some minor changes and got a call today from the company that interviewd me last month, they have a similar job open up at a facility closer to me and asked me to come in for an interview next week. Im going to beef up my fame and career areas this weekend feng shui style, any bit helps right now! Its also a good excuse to redeco a bit, got rid of the blues in the bathroom and added in some sunny yellows to brighten it up, also picked up some red items to fire up the kitchen and a new santoku chefs knife to play around with.

have a great weekend everyone!


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I am so happy that it is working for you. I can not believe the changes it has made in my life and my husbands. Good luck with the interview!

BJ, how is your Dad?

Maddie, I will send positive thoughts to Bill.

I met with all my DS teachers today. Everything was great, except that he has a wacky English teacher, that I just don't like. I think it will be a very trying year with her.

Have a great night.

Love, Besh

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Good Morning All,

John, good for you man!! I am so excited for you. Good luck. I love blue and yellow together and that is how my kitchen and dining room are done. The red is in my living room with a huge bright red Tabriz Persian rug. I bought it on a whim earlier this year and now I have to decorate around it as it is really red!! I need to go to Besh's Feng Shui site to figure some more out. Go man go!!!!!

This is so funny!! Yesterday I spent some time at the Feng Shui site that Besh gave us the link to. I identified some of the blocks in my home where I need to hang crystals. There are three. I need to now find out what kind of crystals I need to buy and where to buy them? Anyone?!

DH is home this morning and we need to get some of the wood we felled this year cut and split for fire wood. A cord of wood is over $200. here right now! Unbelievable!

BJ, how is your DF doing? Let us know. Did you email Tikanas and Lynn? I emailed Tikanis last week and she hasn't answered me.

Raeanne, check in please let us know what you are up to this weekend.

All other MIA's BE HERE NOW!!

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BJ - (((((HUGS)))) to you and dad - I hope he makes a full and speedy recovery. The light is shining bright!

Maddie - sending light to your friend Bill.

NH Suzanne - I have bought crystals from eBay with much success. I don't have any hanging, but I have them strategically placed throughout my house. I put a beautiful piece of Rose Quartz in the Relationship area and a Amethyst Cluster candle holder in the Prosperity area. I have some large Quartz crystals sitting on the ledge of my windows over my front door. I couldn't come up with a way to have the crystals hang from my ceilings and look good with my decor. Water fountains are great too, but I hate the upkeep of them and figure I am better off with no fountain, than to have slimey water in them.

John - I find that when I Feng Shui I also "clear" my mind and that is a big part of making things happen. I'm glad that things are looking up.

Dee - I'm assuming this is another cruise - where to this time? Are you going for a Guiness World Record? I think you may be the title holder already.

I have been busy with rehearsals for our annual Variety Show - as usual this is the time that I wish I hadn't volunteered (come to think of it, I didn't). But next week it all comes together and I have fun.

I better get some work done. I have had a lot of pleasant distractions this morning and now I don't want to work LOL.

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Hello gang!!!! I thought my subcription ran out....I do need to renew. Sorry for not checking in. I need to catch up. Good thoughts your Dad's way, BJ. Hope he is getting better. Good Luck John with the interview. I have my fingers crossed for you.

Right now We are in the final stage of preparing for
Hurricane Wilma. We have a evacuation plan ready to go and will make a decision Sunday when they tell us more on what path she will take. Hopefully she will just fizzle out and we get a tropical storm. Take care.....

Lynn "on Wilma watch"

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Happy SATURDAY everyone!

Sorry I did not check in yesterday, but I took the day off to run lots and lots of errands. This morning I put aside many items that we will need for our trip, and tonight we are meeting high school friends for dinner.

Raeanne, et al...yes, it is another cruise. A 12-night one at that! We got a good price on it because it's out of the NYC area in the middle of hurricane season going to the eastern carribean. I told DH and we may need to pack winter clothes just in case they re-route us to Canada! lol! Cruising is by far my #1 relaxation none! I'm bringing no less than 3 books with me, and our cabin is not far from the on-board library.

Sending out hugs to BJ, Suzanne, Maddie, John, Lynn. Will be praying that you all get what you want and that those you love are safe and on the road to recover. Heck, I'll send those wishes to EVERYONE!

When I get the time, I think I'll look into that feng stuff! Maybe I'll win that lottery and take you all on a holiday with me!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Ahhh, DeeMarie, a boat with a library. Two of my favorite things!

Lynn, I'm glad you checked in. I've been thinking of you with all this wild weather. Stay safe!

We are headed out to dinner and then some friends are coming over. Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.

Love, Besh

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Haven't read the latest posts yet.

Will check in tomorrow night.

Busy weekend and my dad went back in the hospital again--- he asked my mom to take him. He was feeling weak and faint. They're running tests.

Homecoming was great. My kids are home safe today. They looked fabulous in their dresses.

Today, I spent the day at a gal pal's house. She's having her 5th child any time now, so I took a handyman there with me to work all day fixing things with her DH. It's my baby gift to them. They worked, putting up towel racks, new light fixtures that had been sitting around for a year, new trim boards all over the house that they had taken off when they had the floors done, and then every little ticky tacky thing - 8 hours worth! I cleaned the kitchen, did about 8 loads of laundry (loved her washer/dryer!), put clothes away and helped her declutter generally. Then I washed her dining and kitchen floor. It was so much fun, getting their house together for them! We all laughed and had a great day together!

Tomorrow I have an all day Catholic mass funeral, so I'm wearing some comfy shoes to work and will check in after that!

All for now.

Sun and love to Bill, Maddie, and Lynn. John, sounds like teh feng shui is on its way! YAY!

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