enough protein?

sailor86July 29, 2008

I've got an 11-year-old son who has very finicky eating habits. He has a particular displeasure with vegetables(what kid doesn't?). Since he's not a heavy eater, I decided to a trick to get him to get more protein. I blend 1 can of Boost or Ensure with some ice cream and make a shake. Am I doing wrong by giving him that sugar boost time after time? He stays away from sweets(totally on his own)and he will eat some veggies(corn,tomatoes,lettuce). I'm not giving him the shake every night so as to not addict him to it.

And has anyone noticed that the kids aren't outside playing as they normally do in the summer? Is the climate creating shut-ins?

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Although I have long past my stage of being a finicky eater, my mom sure had her hands full with me. I hated veggies and also had to drink Boost. Don't worry I turned out healthy. My mom use to use all kinds of tricks to sneak extra nutrients into my diet. She did some research on cooking techniques and got really good at it. I didn't even taste any of the veggies. I could pass along some of her secrets. I'm sure she wouldn't mind. About the Boost....I had one everyday and nothing bad happend to me. It is suppose to be a meal replacement so think of it that way. Of course it has some sugar in it and had I eaten an actually meal instead of Boost it would have had sugar in it too!

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I think that kids or adults who don't eat their vegetables have a problem with the way the vegetables are prepared, or the particular veggies they are exposed to. There may be some individuals who have a aversion to ALL veggies. But most who avoid them are just not exposed to the ones they like. I do not think BOOST is the answer. I think some changes in meal preparation might fix the problem -- easy changes, nothing to upset the whole household routine.

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My son was the same with veges, he is now 16 and is a vegetarian. We often have a laugh when I tell him how difficult he was when he was little and not eating veges. Now he eats all veges, but hates cooked carrot !

When he was little I used to get around the vege thing, by grating veges in things like hamburgers. He used to gobble that up. You can puree veges and put some in some icecream, its only limited by your imagination.

Personally, I always present fresh food, and always have, to my family. I avoid processed food.

Perhaps your son loves fruit..my son, when little, would eat lots of fruit. My doctor told me that if he is eating fruit he is getting enough nutrition.

I totally agree with haus proud, when she says its all in the preparation of the veges. Who wants to eat a lump of broccoli, well I do...but others may not be so keen.

What sort of protein does your son eat ?

I heard today that some research has concluded that if a person is not getting enough protein, then they will usually eat more other foods, usually carbohydrates until they have enough protein. This can often lead to obesity.

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