Dark/milk chocolate

karalkJuly 27, 2006

Does it make that much difference, healthwise? It would really help me to justify my huge daily intake of this perfect food! LOL

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I think I've heard that the dark has more beneficial components in it.

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Milk chicolate is not really chocolate, it is milk, sugar and cocoa mixed with a lot of other garbage. For chocolate to be real, it should be dark chocolate with about 70% cocoa content. A good brand is Green and Black's Organic dark chocolate.

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However, it's still not a health food and is just empty calories.

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smiley_1 is right. It is empty calories, however, in small quantities, high quality DARK chocolate, (70% and up) is a considered a health food. Chocolate contains polyphenols, the same kinds of antioxidants found in red wine and green tea; stearic acid, a type of fat that doesn't raise cholesterol levels; and flavonoids, which reduce the stickiness of platelets, inhibiting blood clotting and reducing the danger of coronary artery blockages. Make sure you buy good quality dark chocolate, which is rich and satisfying not loaded with sugar. Imported brands are the best, however domestic brands containing 70% and up are good as well, and limit yourself to an ounce several times a week. I find when I crave something chocolate, by indulging in the good kind, letting it melt in my mouth, I satisfy that craving and can keep you from eating chocolate cookies, cakes, ice cream that only contain trace amounts of cocoa and have other things that are really not good for you.

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