needing ideas for a little basket of goodies for company

Megan_in_WVAugust 28, 2002

I met a couple over the internet over a year ago and we became fast friends! They are coming to spend a few days with us in October!!! :) I would like to make a little basket of goodies, I won't have a lot of money to spend on it though--nothing over $15 anyway. What should I put in it? I have a few bars of fancy soap that I bought on sale a few months ago, but what else should I add? And, if I go with a bathroom theme should I put it in their bedroom or bathroom? The bathroom is right beside their bedroom but it is also one that my son uses.

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I would put the basket in the bathroom along with a couple of sets of towels for your guests. Just tell your son the basket is off limits, LOL! When you give them the tour of your house and their room and bathroom, just mention "Here is a little basket of goodies for you to enjoy" so they know it's for them to dive into. As far as what else to add...maybe some bubble bath or bath salts or those little round balls filled with scented bath oil. You don't have to go to Bath and Body Works to get this stuff. Target and Wal-Mart carry decent priced bath stuff. You might even be able to find some bath stuff at the dollar store. Also, I think it's fun to put a chocolate on your guest pillows before they turn in for the evening, LOL! Makes them feel a little more special and they get a nice litte treat. It doesn't need to be Godiva. Just something that is individually wrapped. Dove chocolates are really good:o)

I hope I've been a little bit of help. Have fun with your guests:o)

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yes, i agree about going to walmart or target! i got some peaches and cream bubble bath a while back at walmart that smells yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy. it was only two dollars but it was in a huge bottle. i don't know if you'd want to put that economy-sized bottle in your basket--maybe you could pour some into a small pretty bottle? one smell and i'm sure they'd know what it was. maybe you could add some hand lotion to go with it? they have those mini tubes of scented hand lotion at walmart that are a dollar or so.

i can't think of any more good ideas right now, though. sorry!

but chocolate on the pillow--that's a GREAT idea! of course, it'd be even better if you "hid" a few more prettily wrapped chocolates around the room for them to find. or, um, maybe that's just my mid-afternoon chocolate craving talking! ^_^

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Thanks ladies!!! You gave me some great ideas!!!! I think they will really enjoy it.

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I made a "bathroom" basket for friends of mine that were visiting from out of town. I wanted them to feel at home & not awkward about asking for anything they might have forgetten to pack. I always save the little soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc. from our stays at hotels. I used these items in my basket along with some sample size products from the store, such as shaving cream, tooth paste, body powder, deodorant & a lint brush. Then I included some things like disposable razors, tooth brushes (left those in the rappers they came in so the guests wouldn't think they were someone elses or that they'd been used before) sample headache medicine, etc.

In the guest bedroom they were staying in I made another simple basket that I put a map of our town in case they wanted to go exploring on their own, a couple of sheets of pretty stationary & envelopes, a pen and a few stamps.

Don't know if you drink, allow drinking in your home, or if your guests drink; but if the answers are yes I have another suggestion. I also set up a tray on another table in the guest bedroom which I supplied with two (pre-chilled before their arrival) miniture bottles of champange, two champagne glasses (could be white wine glasses also) and a small box of Godiva chocolates. I found the champagne & chocolates at one of those import stores, so they weren't as expensive as if I had purchased them at the grocery or specialty store.

Oh, something else I just thought of. I put a small box of tissues in the room, and I don't usually keep a small waste basket in the guest room, but deceided to put one in there so my guests wouldn't have to run all the way to the kitchen or bathroom to dispose of their trash.

Hope some of this helps and I hope you have a wonderful visit with your friends!

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Robinski, I really enjoyed your post. What a great idea about all the sample stuff, the map and stationary. Excellent idea's! If you have AAA you can get a map for free:o) You can also get discounted theme park tickets and movie tickets from them.

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