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nhsuzanneOctober 25, 2004

Good Morning All,

Wake up and tell us how your weekend was.

BESH, go Pats, go Sox! Can you believe it?

Raeanne, I can't imagine how you are going to secure that treasure chest to you body? It's a great idea and original.

QOD: I have no plans for Halloween. We don't get any kids out here so it will be business as usual for me.

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Suzanne - how beautiful that pumpkin fest must be. I loved looking at some of the pictures. We don't get any kids either. 2 years I bought candy to take somewhere and there were tricker or treaters in the parking lot, so I gave out candy there for a little while LOL. I am going to attach a strap around the box to sit around my neck. It's pretty light. (I may need one around my waist too, I will see. I will take pictures LOL.

Besh - As much as I would love to visit your town during Halloween - it sounds a little too crowded for my liking LOL.

I have been exercising a lot this past week. I swam 3 times, walked yesterday and did aerobics/dancing everyday. I just need to get back to my yoga. They had to change the schedule and it doesn't work well for me.

I'm at work and need to get busy, have a happy and healthy day.

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Congrats to the Pats fans, but I admit I was pretty sad about my Jets last night. :-(

QOD: I think we'll be home. Last year we only got about 40-50 kids. I'm going to buy stuff neither of us likes (at the very last minute), because I do not want that candy in the house.

On the Weight Watchers' front, I think I've lost another pound of two. We'll see on Thursday. We ate sensibly in Vegas, so I'm not expecting any numbers going up the scale... My last weigh-in was a total of 7.8 pounds away (for good!!!!) Yaaaa Whooooo

Went out for a walk at lunchtime with a colleague and tonight is my Yogilates class. Think I"m going to quit the Pilates class on Tuesday nights; I missed last week because of vacation, and that first week was a total embarrassment. Just can't face that skinny crowd and that awful instructor again. They won't return my $$$, but DH says it's a lesson learned and bad reviews for that Spa from us.

Amy, where are you?

John?, Jen?, Joanne?, Patti? Anyone heard from KY Susie? I miss her too!

Thinking of Raeanne, NH Suzanne, and Besh as I drove to work this morning. We have the most vibraint colors in the trees, and we aren't at peak yet. Absolutely beautiful.

I transferred the wedding pictures onto my home computer. Now I need to pick one or two to send to Marci...I saw a great one of me "getting down and boogeying". It's really funny, and I may have it posted!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good TUESDAY Morning! Rise and Shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a dream last night that we were all in French Lick. We all looked terrific and all the "boys" who worked at the Spa were lining up to take us out....then the alarm rang. (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) Maddie, you had the flaming red hair flipping around your shoulders...the boys went wild!

Gotta get back to work.
Make today count!

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Good Morning All!

DeeMarie, don't you hate it when the alarm rings. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is right!

Where is everyone this week???? You MIA's need to check in to let us know you are all well!!

This is deadline week. Ugh...........................big sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Hi all!

I envy you guys with all the brilliant foliage! It's a little more subdued here in So. Calif. But I love this time of year! Rainy weather here.

I heard from Patti on Sunday. She's fine... just busy! It was so nice to talk to her. I wish we could clone her Dave! LOL! Their's is a match made in Heaven.

QOD: DS has a party to go to. We'll carve pumpkins first. Then I'll stay behind to pass out candy. Saturday we have a Harvest festival at church and we'll both help out there.

That alarm rang WAYYYY too soon this AM!
Back to the grind!


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Good Morning!

I guess it is a busy week for everyone. I am really tired. I hope that the Red Sox finish it up tonight, so we can get some sleep in this house!!!

NH Suzanne, I can't believe it. Sox and the Pats. New England is hot this year! The leaves are finally peaking around here now. It is so beautiful, but messy. We have a guy that comes to rake them all up but it is too early. Right now, I will enjoy them in the trees!

Well Salem is hopping this week. By Friday, we will be immobilized (sp?). I know it sounds like I complain alot about it, and you probably think I am exagerating, but I am not. It really s*cks to live here this time of year. By Monday it will be over! :-)

I am, once again, starting something new on the "diet" front. I am on day 3 and so far so good. I lost 6#, and I am NOT hungry. I don't know why, but I really don't even think about any food. I will post the link below. Check it out. It may look a little extreme, and I know it is not a "life time eating plan", but those don't seem to be doing it for me either. I must lose some weight and maybe it is just time for some extreme measures.

Have a great day!!!!

Love, Besh

Here is a link that might be useful: Idiot proof diet!

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The only time I set an alarm is when I have an early morning plane to catch LOL.

Besh - There was way too much info for me to read right now, but will try to check it out later. Hang in there, the weekend will be over before you know it.

DeeMarie - sounds like nearly the same dream I had about French Lick LOL.

I went swimming yesterday, I love it. I go to the hot tub and sauna afterwards and it is so relaxing, listening to some zen type music.

I have been busy with the Variety Show rehearsals, last night was dress rehearsal and I was given a ton of "new jobs" to do at the last minute, needless to say I wasn't thrilled.

My eating has been okay, but I haven't been drinking enough water.

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Good Morning All,

Besh!!! New England is on fire and it's great. I hope the Sox finish it up tonight too. That would be great and no one will be safe from fans which isn't that good! Sounds like your new woe is working so far.

Raeanne, I would love to take some time like that and relax but I am so busy and my relax time is with my animals. But a hot spa sounds soooooooooooo soothing right now. I am fighting off a head cold and the cold is winning. Today I feel achy and cold and ucky.

Has anyone been enjoying the approaching full moon? It's so stunning that it's almost unreal. Last night I came home after dark which is 7ish!!! And my driveway is long and lined with really tall norway pines. The moon was not up over the top of them but the pasture was clearly moon light and I could see my horses and donkey in the pasture from a good distance. It was really beautiful and mystical.
So if you haven't seen the moon, check it out tonight it rises early.
We were planning a moonlight ride this Saturdy night but I have to cover and event for the Bay State Trail Riders in Providence, RI. Oh well, at least it's a subject near and dear to my heart, perserving trails and open spaces.

I will check in later.

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Suzanne - you are so right about the moon. 2 nights it was glistening on the lake, I had to go check the calendar to make sure it wasn't full. I just heard on Good Morning America (?) that if you use the sauna a couple times a week, it lowers your risk of colds and flu, so I figured I would give it a shot - good excuse anyways.

Besh - I guess you will have a lot of fun with the full moon so close to Halloween LOL.

Tikanis, thanks for the update on Patti.

BJ - tell me about your sculpture class - how is it coming along? Tell us what your kids are dressing up as - or are the older girls at that age where it isn't so cool.

Meeting my walking buddy in a little while and may try out kayaking tomorrow - I just want to make sure it is calm on the lake, too cold to get dunked.

Have painting class tonight.

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Raeanne, you sound like a very busy woman with a lot of varied interests. I LOVE kayaking! My kids got me a 3 hr. moonlight surf kayak adventure for my birthday. I just found a girlfriend brave enough to go with me LOL! A swim, sauna and jacuzzi sound great to me!

Besh, I'll have to check out that site tonight when I have more time. Good for you getting Re motivated like this!

NHSuzanne, you'll just have to make up that moonlight ride NEXT weekend : )

Bj, what are you sculpting?

It's cold and rainy here and I love it!! I really need to get out into the garden and do some clean up and fall planting.

I've been looking at getting some new clothes. I have a wonderful Coldwater Creek catalog... we'll see... I just HATE buying new stuff when I have weight to lose!

Dee Marie, I am sorry I missed you when you were out in LA. I tried to catch you to give you my #, but you had already left : (

Everyone be strong, be well!


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Tikanis - I also hate to buy new clothes when I have weight to lose, but sometimes you just have to do it. I feel I look so much better when my clothes fit me right. Right now, I feel like I wear the same 3 pair of slacks over and over again. I try to buy more tops to make them look like different outfits LOL. Check out Coldwater Creek online. I got a 50% off coupon, but I think I already delted it.

I had a nice brisk walk with my friend, got some good gabbing in and we are going shopping/lunch tomorrow. She also watches her carb intake, so I enjoy going out with her.

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Tikanis - I still have the email from Coldwater Creek and will forward it to you, if you want. It says the code is WRH4084 and it gives you 50% discount on everything. You just have to type it in at when prompted on the order form. The sale ends tomorrow. Send me your e-mail if you want it or just try the code.

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Tikanis - you definitely need the e-mail to use it. It says to use the code and you can get 50% off everything that the link takes you too. Probably not as good as it sounds LOL.

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Good evening all!

LOL, I HATE buying new clothes because I ALWAYS have weight to lose !

The full moon is rising and I am thinking of taking my girls for a moonlight walk. I just have to stay awake. It's a little cloudy right now but if it clears out I am going..................deadline or not I am going. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Thank you for thinking of me. I will email you right now!


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NH Suzanne - there is a lunar eclipe, they say 9:14 is the best time to see it in our zone. Hopefully you will catch it.

Tikanis - I got your e-mail and e-mailed you back.

My art class was a lot of fun tonight and I got a lot accomplished, the instructor is pleased with what I have done so far. I am painting a photograph of her's. Just a landscape of grasses and trees and mountains - pretty colors.

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GO RED SOX!!!!!!! Even the moon turned red!

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Happy THURSDAY morning!

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox fans!!

Today is my Weight Watchers meeting and weigh-in. I haven't been at a meeting (due to vacation) since October 15, so this will determine if I've strayed too far off the wagon during my trip out West! Fingers crossed!

Tikanas, we flew into LAX; however, the wedding was in Somis at a Botanical Garden (we stayed in Simi Valley). Not sure how far away we were from you. :-( Sorry I missed getting your phone number because I had some down time while DH was hanging with the guys watching sports!

OK, I gotta get back to building several metrics about making a silk purse (never mind!)

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Way to go SOX!! You gotta love the underdog. They EARNED this one!

Overcast and threatening rain here. ( I love it ). I need to get out in that garden over the next 3 days... looking a little shabby out there.

Thanks to Raeanne, I am ordering clothes from Coldwater Creek today. Like I said, I hate to shop for clothes when I'm not my "right" size : ). But I think this will be a good thing... inspiring me to work harder towards my goal. I can always have a tailor take them in.... Before anyone asks, I WILL NOT take them in myself! I made my own wedding dress and put the old sewing machine out to pasture. NOT something I enjoy doing and I lack that talent. I have a friend who makes all of her own clothes and they are gorgeous! I admit a bit of envy there...

DeeMarie, I am sorry that we missed eachother too!

Besh, I am going right now to read the "idiot proof diet".

QOD: How prepared are you? Do you have a disaster kit, evacuation plan etc.? I am disaster certified by the Red Cross and the nurse in me wants to remind everybody that a great time to put a kit/plan together is when we change our clocks backwards and forwards. don't forget to change flashlight and smoke alarm batteries.

I just re read this and it sounds like the Red Cross has Certified ME as a disaster! LOL!

Stay well, Stay Strong!


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Hi all!

YEAH SOX!!!! I'm a die-hard Reds fan (yeah, I know, please feel sorry for me!! LOL!), but I am soo glad to see the Red Sox finally win! :)

Tikanas--no, we don't. Any suggestions on what to put in one? I do check the smoke detectors when the time changes, so I do get a merit badge for that! :)

Dee--heehee!!! I loved your dream! We'll see just what does happen when we all show up in April--do you realize that's it's it's under 6 months now???? Gawd, I hope i win the lottery between then and now--b00b job, here I come!!! LMAO!!

Raeanne--I love CWC--i just hate to buy clothes when the local tent & awning co has an end-of-season clearance sale!!! LOL!!!

What is Marci, Patti, Amy?? Heyyyyyyyyyyy Beege--come out, come out where ever youuuuu are!!!



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Good FRIDAY morning!!!

QOD: I don't have one; only extra batteries and some bottled water in the basement fridge. Funny you should ask, because at the Jets' football games, they play an advisory on the jumbotron. This advisory recommends that all NYC metro people have a sort of "grab-and-go" bag packed and ready at all times. It's creepy to sit in a 75,000-seat, sold out stadium watching something like that, but it is a new world. We need to meet it head-on. Wonder what my parents would think if they were alive today....

OK, today is the day that all our MIAs come out. I KNOW we will hear from Besh, because she is a prisoner in her home this weekend. Do tell, Besh!! LOL

My weighin was not the best news, but not bad after vacation. I stayed the same; no loss; no gain. Today I have a doctor's appointment, so we shall see what HIS scale says....ugh!

I'm working from home today. My doctor is in my old neighborhood about 8 miles away....last week I got a phone message from a grade-school buddy whom I haven't seen in over 40 years! She will be in the area where my doctor is today! How wierd is that? We;ll have about 20 minutes to catch up. LOL! Should be interesting.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good Friday Morning All,

QOD: We are somewhat prepared for a disaster/emergency. My barn has fire extiquishers, a horse sized first aid kit, emergency contacts, and an evacuation plan for various scenarios. In the winter, my trailer is always ready to go in case an animal has to be taken to hospital or elsewhere like in the case of Florida people who evacuated thier horses. I have a place to take mine. We have a generator for our house and barn so we will always be able to get water from our well. We have stored fuels for the tractor and generator and a limited amount of bottled water in case something happens to the well. We change the batteries in our fire alarms twice a year, always when we do the clocks. We keep batteries for flashlights, etc. So, I would say we are prepared as much as anyone can be prepared for an emergency. If we had to evacuate I would put all my animals in our trailer and go...............I am not leaving without them. I hope I never have to actually do any of it.

I finished December on a better note than I expected. Still not my goal but not as bad. In fact, I think my sales are respectable and that I shouldn't feel bad about it! Today, I clean up and start January on Monday!

The weather has been cool but the beauty of the foliage continues to amaze me. The bright oranges,yellows, reds and neons are pretty much past but the beech and oak trees are giving us a spectacular show right now. I call it the precious metals foliage because the beeches and oaks are beautiful golds, coppers and bronzes. The only metals missing are silver and platnium but the frost resembles them!
The rising sun on these trees is breathtaking. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty.

Besh, that parade in Boston tomorrow should be something. 3 to 5 million people!!!!! If Halloween dosen't make you a prisoner that surely will! Good for the Sox though, I am so happy for them and the devout fans!

Raeanne, did you buy any good clothes yesterday? Did you have fun? Did you go to Manchester?

BJ, where for art thou? Check in and say hi sis.

DeeMarie, have a good visit today. It should be interesting to see how much you cram into 20 minutes!

Tikanas, have you been shopping a Cold Water Creek? I love thier stuff but when I get it home and put it on it does nothing for me. It looks so great on the pages of the magazine!

I have to run will check in later. MIA's come out come out where ever you are.

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QOD - I know that no one is safe, but I "feel" relatively safe where we live. No big cities closeby, we aren't prone to any natural disasters, our big concern is being without power in the winter months, so we have a generator. My basement is stocked with water, candles, batteries, radio, flashlight, but it isn't in a bag ready to go. Of course we also keep our wine in the basement too LOL. I try to get my kids to stock up on water, etc. living in the city. Maybe I will make a kit up for them.

NH Suzanne - We went to Saratoga Springs shopping, a Talbots and Ann Taylor just opened there. The town is filled with all kinds of great stores, so we had a very successful shopping day. I got a beautiful black skirt for a wedding, but I didn't find the right top, so the search is still on. I also picked up a pair of jeans, a pair of dress shoes, and 2 tops.

DeeMarie - I have faith that you will make the most of those 20 minutes LOL - glad you are able to get together.

Maddie - I need a b@@b lift and a lot of lipo, do you think we can get a discount if we go together LOL.

Tikanis - you made me LOL when I read about the Red Cross certifying you as a disaster - you are too funny. I can only purchase petite sizes (for my height not my width) - so I don't really shop from Coldwater Creek. I had to laugh because they did a photo shoot from my house a few years ago and the plus size women were maybe a size 8 - depressing...

BJ - Now I'm pulling out the big guns - I will be calling you soon, if we don't hear from you LOL. Hope all is well with you and that you are just busy with the kids and life. But we miss you...

Besh - are you in hiding yet?

Marci - is DS cutting into your computer time? I bet things are bit wild at school this week with the kids being hyped from Halloween activites and SUGAR.

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Looking forward to a busy and productive weekend. I really need to clean up that garden! I have 5 raised beds, 4'x12' and they need fixing up.

Maddie, I will post what's in my Disaster kits later today. Everyone should have one IMHO. You never know...

NHSuzanne, yesterday was the first time ordering from Coldwater Creek. I agree, the clothes look GORGEOUS in the magazine. Hope they look OK on me.... : )

Raeanne, I AM certifiable! LOL! If size 8 is a plus size, I am doomed. That is just plain SCARY!

Back later, gotta start working!


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Hi all!

thanks, Tikanas! I agree-I think they're a very good idea--I just never knew what to really put in one. Can I put one together in a computer paper box?

Raeanne--I remember that! And I also remember reading an article in Elle or Vogue about new, upcoming models several years ago, and one was a 6"1" drop-dead, stunning, unreal, looking woman. My goodness--she looked incredible! Like Halle Berry, only more perfect. And she was a """"plus""""" sized model at a size 10. O.M.G.--I guess at 5'1", and a size 12, I don't even exist--(And according to most of the clothes out there, I *don't*. But a 10 is a plus size??? GMAFB!)

Well, we're going to Memphis this weekend--we're going to a lady's accessory show--I wolud think that it will be for spring, so I'll let ya all know what I find--



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I'm here, just reading, skimming, and busy baking Halloween treats for school and getting costumes together. Raeanne, I think you should put an purple octopus on your head with his arms around your treasure chest---did I just type that????!!!!! Still on South Beach-slow progress. I'll stop in over the weekend in between loads of laundry and clay lab!

((((((((SMOOCHIES to everyone!))))))

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I hope that everyone has a nice weekend. My thoughts go out to Besh who will be housebound. I used to live close to the Rose Parade route and for several days before and a day or so after New Year's we were inundated with tourists! I learned to stay close to home and do all grocery shopping ahead of time!

Maddie, here's the scoop on my disaster kits:

I have a 38 gallon rubbermaid plastic trashcan with tight fitting lid. It is double lined with heavy duty plastic which can double as a tarp if necessary.
bags of dry beans, rice, barley, pasta.
jerky,dehydrated soups, veggies and fruit, dry cat food.
cans of tomato sauce, tuna, corned beef, peanut butter
Silverware, can opener, Swiss Army knife,3 cups
Toilet paper,one burner backpack stove, waterproof matches, lighter, propane, hatchet, extra propane cannisters.
3 gallons H2o, cocoa, coffee
3 rain ponches, 1 change clothes, old shoes, socks.
H2o purifying kit, cash, phone numbers of relatives.
2 space blankets, 1 horsehair blanket, 2 flashlights with extra batteries, transister radio w/ extra batteries.
Lg. ziplock bags, Personal info for all family members(in a zip lock).Deck of cards

First aid kit:
ace bandage, rolled gauze, gauze squares,plastic surgical tape, peroxide, betadine, band aids, scissors, liquid soap
Lidocaine spray, aspirin, benadryl, epi pen, 1st aid manualand our evacuation plan.

Car kit:
4 gallon Rubbermaid container containing...
Small 1st aid kit/ instruction booklet
emergency flares, hatchet, Swiss Army knife, small bucket.
10 plastic bags, h2o purifying kit. Radio,disposable camera, flashlights, extra batteries, cash, change.
1 gallon water, 3 rain ponchos, 2 space blankets.
jerky, dehydrated fruit, deck of cards.Our evacuation plan, tool kit, matches.

The big kit stays in the garage next to the camping supplies nd cat carrier. The other is always in my trunk. I change batteries, water and food stuffs and smoke detector batteries everytime we change the clocks.

I know this might seem excessive but this is how I was taught and I feel like I am protecting my family.

you can all come to my house in case of disaster ! : )


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Tikanas! Wow! That's a great list! Thanks for the advise! :) I think the only thing I'd add (if there was room) would be pics of my family/loved ones in case we were seperated--that, and just to make sure that I had them! :):) Oh, and a local city/county map--

Have a good weekend everyone!



Beege--you sweetie! (((hugs and smootchies!!)

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Hi DeeMarie - thanks for asking
Hi everyone.

I don't think I feel able to hold up my end of anything right now, or give much of anything either.

I'm working on creating a demo CD, something I've never done before. I've also agreed to do the artwork for a fan-created Uru comic book. It's an exciting project and we can't do it for profit, it it has potential in terms of getting recognized. I'm working on pictures for galleries here and have myself overextended. Since the comic is kind of like sci fi, I don't think it's something that most here would be interested in, but I'll put it up when it's finished.

I need to move my website, as Verizon is doing a very bad job of hosting it, to the point where it is almost unusable.

I got totally into that relationship I was talking about last February or so. It's been good in some ways and exhausting in others. Deeply rewarding in some ways, and sad in others. Can't let myself go down now though.

My cat is still healthy and my next door neighbor still hates us both. My son and granddaughters are doing well. My son and his wife are in the process of drawing up divorce settlement papers. My health and weight are about the same.

I guess that's about all my news. Sorry I'm so distant. I still love you all. Happy Halloween to all, which reminds me, I didn't get candy. No decorations either. Oh, well.


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Good Saturday Morning All,

Tikanas, your emergency kit is just what I have in my horse trailer for camping! I don't have the cat carriers there but I can put my hands on them in a hurry! What did you buy at CWC?

Amy, it's good to hear from you. Sounds like you are very busy and happy for the most part. I am sorry your neighbor hates you.

Something is bothering me and I have to share it because I feel very upset and think on one hand I am being silly and on the other I feel my feelings are justified. I also know that I will probably feel better just writing it out and getting your feedback. Here goes.

My friend Linda is the woman who has been riding my mare Casey for more than a year. I offered to let her ride her because Linda had to place her horse in a retirment situation after an injury and didn't have any money to buy another. It has been a good situation for both Casey and Linda. From time to time she has looked at horses that were available for free lease, etc. This week Linda and my other friend Karen went to look at a horse and never said anything about it to me. I know they have every right to do whatever they want but I felt incredibliy hurt and left out when I learned this last night. I feel like I was excluded and that they kept it from me. Part of me says I am being silly and part of me feels really hurt to the point of tears. I have spoken to both of them during this time and neither one ever mentioned it! I work with Karen and see her for 8 hours or more every day!! I can't explain why I feel so hurt about this. Partly because thier actions dosen't make me feel like I am valued as a friend. Does that sound silly? I am probably way off base but why do I feel this way? Tears are streaming as I write this! It's probably hormones but my feelings are quite hurt. I feel like I should be included in those things or at least told because they are my friends. I wonder if they think I would be upset because if Linda gets a new horse she won't ride Casey! It would be sad for Casey but I will find her another rider or even consider selling her. Oh I don't know what's wrong with me but I thought writing it out and sharing might help me move on with this. So, tell me what you think. Am I totally off base feeling this way? Am I a hormonal mess?

I need to resolve my feelings because, good friend that I am, agreed to drive my friend Karen to Providence, RI for a work assignment she has. She doesn't like to drive at night so I offered. Now I am feeling resentful and that is not productive. I feel stupid for feeling that way but I do feel that way.

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NH Suzanne - ((((HUGS)))) No one likes to feel left out. I know exactly how you feel, betrayed, but childish and then guilty for feeling that way, YIKES, it goes on and on. First off, you shouldn't take it personally! It may have been a spur of the moment situation that caused them to go together and never intentionally meant to exclude you - however, they now feel guilty about not including you, therefore won't mention it to you (good friends will try to spare the feelings of each other). I will have to reread this, not sure I am making sense LOL. I am close friends with 2 other women and a lot of times just 2 of us do something together - but I do find myself not mentioning it to the 3rd so they won't feel badly. Do you ever do something with one of the women and not ask the 3rd to join you? I don't think it means that their relationship is more important than your's, it just happened. Don't read too much into their actions and continue being a good friend to them. If it really bothers you, maybe you should just let them know that you found out that they went and it hurt your feelings that they didn't include you or at least tell you about it.

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Tikanis - that kit is truly amazing. I am so thankful for you posting it. I am going to start working on it. I have so many of the items already, just not in 1 place.

Amy - I figured you were up to something when you stopped posting - but I didn't think it would be that much. WOW, you are so busy. I hope you are being good to yourself too.

BJ - thank you for the great idea. I happen to have a pink octopus hanging around and I'm going to attach him right on top of the chest LOL - he's small so his arms can't reach too far LOL.

We had the variety show last night and I am still exhausted. I worked from 5PM until 10:30PM without sitting down once. I treated myself to a nice swim this AM, topped off with the hot tub and sauna and went to work an hour late. It is only me and DH at work today, so he covered for me. The show went well, as always it just seems to come together in the end.

I need to put some finishing touches on my costume and I think I am all set for tonight, if I can stay awake.

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Suzanne - I sent you an e-mail directly through this site, not sure which address it goes to. Let me know if you don't receive it.

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Hi you guys!

It is sunny and cool (65 degrees here). Did some housework, updated disaster/ car kits and changed smoke alarm batteries.

DS and I went to a local garden center for some seeds/plants and were very disappointed in the selection. I will drive a ways further next week to get what we REALLY want.LOL!

Going over to the garden in about an hour to do some Fall cleanup. Darn blackberries have spread ALL OVER and invading our space GRRR!

NHSuzanne, I feel for you! I saw an episode of "I love Lucy" last night where Lucy, Ethel etc. had all moved to the country. Lucy was trying to get her 2 best friends to like eachother to no avail. Finally the 2 discovered that they were both from the same hometown and became thick as thieves to the exclusion of Lucy. Lucy felt bad, the other women got wind and threw her a surprise house warming party. All ruffled feathers were smoothed.
Sometimes, our friends don't know HOW BAD we feel. I agree that good friends will try to spare your feelings. At the same time I DON"T discount YOUR feelings! Play it by ear... If they are true friends, it will work out.

I bought 2 skirts and a blazer and a jacket from Coldwater Creek! Then at the last minute, I threw in a pair of slacks. Let's see what they look like on me when they arrive!

Raeanne, it was my pleasure and MY JOB to post disaster info. Glad you liked it! will you take and post pics of your costume? Inquiring minds want to know.... LOL!

Maddie, I should add family photos to my kit too! Thanks for the suggestion!

Amy, nice to meet you... You sound busy! I will choose my cat over a few neighbors...

BJ, can I send my laundry to you? My washer is having tantrums. What's a few extra loads, anyway...? Please, no starch in the collars : )

Besh, hope you are having fun bundled down at home!

Happy Halloween, all!


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NHSuzanne~ (((((((((HUGS and DOUBLE HUGS)))))) Ouch! That kind of situation hurts! Even tho' they may not have meant any harm!

The first thing that came to my mind was the same thing Raeanne wrote. We have a group of 4 gal pals here and when we do something in groups of 2 or 3, we rarely share- it spares hurt feelings. Sometimes I'm the one left out, but we still love each other. It just works out that way.

The second thing I thought was: Have you offered to sell Casey to Linda with a payment schedule? If you're going to consider selling Casey or get another rider if Linda stops riding her, why not work out a deal? Obviously, Linda cares a great deal for Casey and has had a year-long relationship that's good for you, her, and the mare. Linda seems to be acting as though she wants her "own" horse; a reasonable deal that you may be able to facilitate if it can be worked out in a memorialized agreement.

The other, third thing I hate to mention, but will stick my neck out here anyway. Maybe the 'other' gal pal has a less strong connection with animals than yours and Linda can look at the horse and get a feel for it better by herself. You are very good with animals and sometimes, I'm certain, they are rather drawn to you. Linda may feel like she needs to be alone with the horse to see if she gets the right fit going. Who knows? But it's another idea.

Why not buzz Linda and talk to her about it over a tea? It'd be worth it to clear the air before the road trip. She may feel trapped if you decide to wait until the car ride to bring it up.

Again, ((((HUGS)))) and I hope the answer comes to you.

Tikanas, I am going to STARCH your UNDERWEAR if you send me any laundry! :)

Raeanne~ Your costume sounds like --- wild, man! Have fun!

Besh~ Thinking of you!

My kids are going to be:

16 y.o. - Goth fairy (don't ask!)

14 y.o. - The scantiest dressed witch I've ever seen.

8 y.o. - Red web witch. Very cute!

6 y.o. - a piece of candy corn!

Me - A line from Top Gun.

DH: Probably nothing - he hasn't got the spirit yet this year. Too much work, not enough play, I'm

All for now. My clay mask went to the kiln today, so I'll see it next week. I am starting on a terra cotta sculpture of a very muscle-bound man in a kneeling position at a prayer bench-naked and crying. I don't know why I'm doing this particular sculpture, but that's what happened when I started fashioning the clay. Everyone in the class thinks I'm wiggy or something. Ah, well, what else is new?

Maddie~ Hope you are causing trouble where ever you go!

Amy~ SO glad you checked in and that life is comsuming you! Feast or famine, eh?

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Ooh! NHSuzanne, I agree with Bj's advice re: Casey! What a great idea!

OK, BJ none of my laundry is being shipped to you... I am buying a new washer next week as this one is a pain in the neck!! And starched underwear does NOT sound so good....

After the trick or treaters leave tomorrow, I am having a friend over to watch a couple of movies. Braeden will be at a party and all is well. Not our usual Halloween, but ok. It looks like a friend from New York is coming in next weekend for a conference and will stay with us Sun. night through Tuesday. THAT should be fun!!

Putting in a load of laundry now. We'll see what happens!! : (

Happy Halloween, y'all!


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Just a quick note, as I am off to water yoga and then food shopping - couple coming over for dinner tonight.

I will have to see how the Halloween photos came out and post one. There were 4 of us, there was supposed to be 6, but 2 decided to be something else. Well the 4 of us won for best group costume - we got $250 gift certificate to dinner at the restaurant the party was at - we will have fun with that one.

Suzanne - I also love BJ's idea about Casey. It looks like it may be a win win situation for you and your friend and most importantly Casey. Let us know how you are feeling today.

BJ - I was hoping you would post a response to Suzanne - as I always anxiously await your words of wisdom. Our friends son and his date came as the couple from Top Gun last night, very cute.

Tikanis - I will be joining you in some laundry today. I can't believe how much dirty clothes 2 people can create. BJ normally does laundry with me on Sunday.

Have a great day.

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"I'm doin' da vaahsh!", as my Swedish ancestors would say. It's a BIG load!

Have a great Halloween!

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TRICK OR TREAT from Salem!!!!!! What a gorgeous day here. In the 70's. I did venture out yesterday and today. The traffic was not as bad down my end of town as it has been in years past, so that is a good thing. As you get closer to downtown, forget it. The city was closing all of those streets at 4PM today and yesterday. Tomorrow is "Poof day" in Salem. Poof, and all the tourists are gone! :-)

NH Suzanne, although I have no better advice than you have already received here, I just want you to know that I don't think you are acting silly or childish in the way that you feel. I think we have all been at the receiving end of a situation like that. I have a tendency to let things like that just eat at me, so I confront them head on. I go right to the person/people involved and talk to them about it, because if I don't I almost become immobilized. It consumes me. Whether or not I like the response or the outcome, I can relax because I have put my feelings out there and there is nothing else that I can do. I think the worse thing is not to do anything. ((((HUGS)))). It will all work out.

Raeanne, congratulations on the win. I'm sure it was the treasure chest!!! I bet that other couple is sorry that they didn't join in.

So far we have only had one group of trick or treaters. DS#2 is dressing up as his friend Samantha (should I be worried?)and she is dressing up as him. They and some other friends will be going around the neighborhood soon.

Well have a great evening. Anyone watching Desperate Housewives? I am hooked.

Love, Besh

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Besh - Glad you checked in, I was beginning to worry LOL. I don't think you have to worry about DS, sounds like a cute idea - but then again I don't have any boys LOL. I absolutely love Desperate Housewives.

BJ - I am joining you in some laundry. Hope the kids had a great Halloween.

My company just left from dinner - I made a pot roast - yummers. I wonder how Happyto is these days.

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