dye stain from napkin

tdboringAugust 24, 2010

I'm sure this has happen to most everyone who has more than one table colth and napkins. Since the pretty white cloth are used only a few times a year, I often store them in a buffet. This last time I placed RED cloth napkins on top of the table cloth. I was not thinking! But now getting ready for some up coming events I pull out the tablecloth and the Red napkin has left a red dye transfer on to the white table cloth. Happens a lot in areas like South Carolina where humidity is high.

So I do not know how to get this dye spot out. The table cloth is a poly-blend and I have not tried anything yet for fear I would set the stain. Help, please

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You might try posting this over at the Laundry forum, the folks there might have some good ideas.

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I had good luck with this when red socks got into DH's underwear laundry ;^)

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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