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KrftyKritterAugust 30, 2002

Hi I am preparing for the return of the love of my life, he has been in a rehab for the last year working hard and I just wanted to show my support of him when he gets home by having a surprise party for him, even if it is just me and the kids. Definetly can not invite his old friends.

Have another question too. He will be in a halfway for anywhere from 45-90 days, do I plan a party for the first time he gets to come to the house or wait until he comes home for good???

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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In this situation I think I'd just have a really good meal and maybe an enjoyable activity (game, picnic, whatever) for the first visit and save the party for the "coming home for good" part. A party first off before he gets more used to being in the real world again might be a bit overwhelming. Just my uneducated opinion though, feel free to ignore :-)

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I'm with Colleen. I'd keep this first visit home small and special. Decorate with a Welcome Home banner and fix all his favorite foods.

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I'm with the other two....hos first trip home should be safe and quiet and just for the two of you *and the kids)...let him adjust to the real world befor he has to face a large social situation....just my opinion, you kbow him best.

Very best of luck and hope all is as you wish it be!

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You are all right will wait for the party idea until he comes home for good which should be about christmas........may schedule Christmas with his family at that time. That would make it really special.

OK in three weeks I get 2 hours alone with him I am planning on getting a motel close to where he is any ideas on making it an extra special time???Banners vs candles ect.

you guys are all great and always have very creative ideas that is why I always come to the forum for the sillest of questions

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candles and music ... maybe some Barry White. ;)

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