Anyone making progress with Curves?

yborgalJuly 3, 2003

Our group here is going gung ho with pounds and inches lost. We have members who have lost up to 10 lbs and 12 inches in one month. I lost 8 lbs and 11 3/4 inches and 2 pant sizes. How are the rest of you doing?

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I lost 2.5 pounds the first month but I've only been there 1 month. And I'm not trying to lose fast, just lose.

Did you do anything else in addition to Curves -- diet, other exercise, etc? I'm just curious.

I love Curves -- and in spite of what others say, it's for women of all shapes and ages. At least that's what I see at my gym. It's a cheerful pick-me-up in addition to much-needed exercise. My 70+ mom has a new one opening within walking distance from her house, she's got an appointment next week to check it out.

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I changed my eating habits. I basically gave up rice, pasta, cereals,potatoes and bread,cookies and cakes and snacks. I eat fruits, vegetables, lean meats/chicken and try to have seafood twice a week. I do no other form of exercise besides Curves. I can't believe the difference in only 1 month! I wasn't trying to lose quickly, but the eating and workout combo worked. I'm only 5'1" so the difference really shows. I,too, am enjoying the social interaction. One major plus is that for 2 years I was not able to go up and down steps bending my left knee; I had to keep it straight because of pain and as a consequence the Quad muscles had shortened. Now, because of the exercises I'm going up and down stairs like a normal person. I can't believe this.

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That's great Mona. I'm trying to eliminate refined carbs but I'm not being too strict about it. I really need to lose weight a little faster than 1/2 pound a week because my feet and ankles are having problems and extra weight isn't helping them a bit. Maybe I'll be a little more disciplined and see what happens. I resist "dieting" as much as possible, but eating for good health instead appeals to me a lot.

That's wonderful about your knee too -- what a testimonial!


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We had someone set a record yesterday for inches lost in a month. She lost 6 3/4 lbs. and a whopping 28"! That's right.....28"!

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Well Mona, I guess you and I are the only ones enjoying Curves! :-)

After two months, I haven't lost very much weight (which is OK), but I cannot believe how much stronger I am!! It is truly amazing. Prior to joining curves, I had lost muscle and gained weight very suddenly during one month's time, and after that I felt very weak. My knees ached when I went up two stairs (and I'm not even obese -- it just goes to show what inactivity and not enough calories will do to your body). Now they ache no longer and I can trot up a tall flight of stairs. After only 2 months!

I'm sure that the weight will come off a little more as I continue to replace and build new muscle, but for now I feel great and from just 3 days a week at Curves.


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It sounds like you are both doing good at Curves! I wish we had one nearby. I'm sure my closest would be at least an hours drive. If we had one even 30 minutes away I think I would join.

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As of today I've lost 32 pounds since April 29 and 12 of these came off since joining Curves on June 2. I've also lost about 20 inches since joining. I rarely have gone up and down stairs here because of shortness of breath and the strain on my knees. In the past 2 days I've probably gone up and down our stairs close to 50 times taking things down to the storage room (walkup attic remodeling)and not a problem. I could NEVER have done this before. I'm also wearing clothes that only fit me when I was 20 lbs lighter. I truly cannot believe the change in my appearance and my activity level. I love Curves!

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Honestly, I think those who say it is only for older sedentary women need to go and see for themselves. At my gym, there are young, very fit gals who really go at it, and of course there are older ones too. It is for all levels. The criticism that you can't get really fit there is probably based on the erroneous belief that a thin or hard-body appearance is the main goal instead of just common-sense fitness (strength, endurance, and health).

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I agree with you all.....curves is great! I have to jump in here, I hang out on most of the crafty forums and decided to see what everyone here is doing about diets. I joined Curves in March and have lost a total of 22 inches and really haven't changed my eating habits until recently....most important part is the way I feel. I have much more energy and stamina now. Just knowing that I am doing some good for myself by the excercise is so motivating for me. Before joining Curves I did zip in the way of excercise and hated it. Now I love it......the energy and well being I feel now is great! Glad to hear many of you are benefitting from it......I saw a few posts awhile back on here and they weren't positive at all. I can't say enough about it. We have ladies of all ages and sizes at ours too and they are real people with the same goals, no one is intimidated at all once they see what it's about. Good luck to you all....

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Just thought I would join in with a positive note. I am a pretty fit 29 year old and am joining Curves this afternoon :) I tried it with my mother in law while out visiting her and loved it! I hate regular gyms and have found that I don't have enough motivation or energy to work out at home, despite my hundreds of dollars worth of tapes and equipment.

I work at a university and lots of students are members as well. I think it's good for anyone!

One thing you all might want to check into that a helpful woman at Curves mentioned to me - many health insurance companies will reimburse you up to $150/year for health club memberships and Curves qualifies. I checked in with mine and sure enough they do. So I will be getting my membership for the rest of the year completely reimbursed. It doesn't hurt to check!


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jbspook, which insurance plan covers you?

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Gee,I would like to know, also. I would really like to try curves, but hate to put out the money right now.

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You all have such wonderful things to say about curves, and it is really making me interested! How much is it to join? (ie: to start with, per month, do you have to sign a contract?)

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I think the cost varies throughout the country and often they run a 50%-66% sign up special in my Fl area. If you sign up with a yearly contract here it breaks down to $29 a
month. If you sign on a monthly basis it's $39 a month. It's suggested you go 3 times a week but you are allowed to come 6 days if you wish.

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Last week was my first official week. I really like it so far. Not that I like exercising (I HATE it, I really do). But since each machine is only about 30 seconds I can deal with it LOL. I can do ANYTHING for 30 seconds, right? So you sit and go for the gusto for 30 seconds, then walk in place, the go for it and so on. When I complete my first circuit (my Curves is set up so 2.5 times around is the workout) I have to fight the temptation to scream out ONE DOWN! - tee hee.

The people seem friendly and I have seen everything from lean bodies (actually, she was an exotic dancer) to severaly obese, 20 something to 80 something.

Too soon to see progress yet, but I have been following the Curves diet as well. First time on a low-carb regimen, and I haven't decided if I like it yet LOL.

To those who feel that their measurements are not accurate. It is YOUR money and YOUR membership. If you think the person doing the measuring is not paying attention or measuring in the same spot as before, SAY something. The workers I have seen at my Curves (all four, including the one that signed me up) have ranged from positively exuberant to apathetic. When it comes time to do my one month weigh/measure, I will ensure it is done properly.

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Weighed in yesterday and lost 5 1/2 lbs. this past month. This makes a total of 36 lbs. How are the rest of you doing?

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I lost 2.5 pounds last month for a grand total of 4 pounds. It's coming off slowly, but surely! The body fat measurement was lower too.

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Dances in Garden: Yoo Hoo .. are you still doing Curves ? I'm curious because I am thinking of giving it a try..but am skeptical, as usual. First hand information is good to hear. You can email me direct or here or whatever.

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I just finished my first month of Curves. This is my first time with an exercise regime. The only other thing I have done is some walking. I didn't do anything to change my eating habits during the month and I ended up with a 2.19 body fat loss. I was a little disappointed. I thought because I had not moved much before, I would have lost more. But this month I will start watching what I eat also. I really like Curves once I am there. Being basically lazy I guess is what got me to the size I am and I find myself thinking of reasons not to go to Curves - but I do go about four times a week. Anyone else making progress?

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I'll have been working out at Curves a year in April. I did lose 15 inches the first month, but was measured by a diferent person who did the initial measuring, so I doubt that was totally accurate. Today I am down almost 30 inches and 27 lbs. (most of that fat) lost. I didn't see any weight loss until I started the Fat Flush Plan in October. I definately think a good eating plan is essential is you want to see weight loss.

Curves is my only exercise. I go faithfully 3 times a week. It's nice to start to notice the muscle definition that I've never seen before, not even when I've been much thinner.

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Well I only lost 1.25 inches when I was measured. I had the same person measure me both times. My sister lost 9 inches the first month and she had two different people measure her and she also feels it might not be accurate. I was there last night and am going again tonight. Do you measure your heart rate when they call for it during the cycle? I have a really hard time doing that. I can't seem to focus and lose count all the time. But I really do enjoy going and have no plans to quit. With watching my diet this month and going to Curves at least four times a week I really hope to see a difference at my next measure (April 7). Thanks for the encouragement.

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Mirren ~ I don't always keep count during the heart rate check either. Mine is usually in the 50% and 70% range.

I went for my weigh and measure last week and lost 5 inches! The same trainer measured me, so I know it is accurate. I was really pleased! I got to have my name moved up to the 30+ inches lost level! (On one wall everyone's name, weight lost and inches lost are posted) The next level is 45 (or 50) inches lost. Wish me luck!

If you're watching your diet and working out that often I'm sure you'll be seeing terrific results next month also!

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There is a Curves opening not far from me. I would really like to try it. I was wondering if all of you are still happy with your results and would like to offer any input. Any feed back would be appreciated.


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Pam ~ since my last post in March I have lost another 10 inches, bringing me up to 40 inches lost. I've been going there faithfully for over a year now. Like I said before, I never stuck with any exercise in my life until Curves. There are days I don't feel like going, but I make myself and always feel better after my half hour. I say go for it!

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Lydia ~ are you still going to Curves? I just received my call today for my consultation. It officially opens on Monday Aug 16th. I'm excited but kinda nervous. I've never done anything like this before and really don't know what to expect.

Anyway, I hope you are still hang'in in there. I'll let you know how I feel after I give it a try.

Till then ~~~ Pam.

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Well now y'all have got me interested. I'm guessing you are only allowed to go to one location since they are franchised?

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~GOOD GRIEF!! WHERE HAS EVERYONE GONE?? From the looks of this board...everyone must be really busy exercising! Has everyone hit their goals? I have...if anyone is interested.


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How much does it cost to join?


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I'm still around! It was a crazy summer. Still going to Curves, although I did gain about 7 lbs. the last couple months. I'm back on track now with the diet and have already lost 4 of that.

8 more workouts at Curves and I'll get my Elite members tee shirt for 200 workouts.

So did you join Pam?? How is it working for you??

Weed ~ you can go to other franchises as long as you get a traveling pass from the one you are a member of.

DeeMarie ~ Call your local Curves and see what promotions are going on. They just had free sign-up with proof of a mammogram. Otherwise it is about $80. (varies at different Curves) I think to get started.

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While I'm not a curves member, a lot of women I know have joined and it seems to fill a need for a lot of women. Simple, quick and as fun as it can get if you're not an exercise lover.

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ok im sold im gonna go and sign up and give it a try I hated Lucille Roberts more so because the people that work there are completely stuck up!

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I have a friend who goes, and is losing weight fast, because she DOES it. She is also following a good diet and uses exercise videos at home.
She used to go to Weight Watchers and lost almost 200 pounds, that's right, she's over 200 still, but sure looks great after months and months of exercise videos, weight watchers, gym memberships, and now curves. No one would guess she's over 200 lbs.
She's been my inspiration, I have only lost about 35 pounds, gained 10 back, but only have 15 or 20 more to go. We do a lot of the same workouts, fill in the same computer made workout progress charts, report to each other of our progress and failures, and pump each other up to keep going!
I also know 2 women in their 50s who go and like it, because it's fast and they can fit into their busy schedules.

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A year and a half later..... I can't believe how much stronger I feel due to Curves. Strength training is really essential getting and staying strong, and that's important as we get older. Being thin is vain if it isn't accompanied by strength and endurance. I remember an episode of "The Amazing Race" last year, one of the teams were models and the girl just could not run any distance without being completely winded. She was thin, but she was very weak and had no endurance.

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I have an appointment tonight, and it sounds like something I can do on a regular basis. I just hope I can stay with it should I join. My big problem is that once the novelty wears off I loose interest. I already walk and horseback ride when I can, but I'd really like to get some weight training and flexibility.

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I started Jan 6 with a 10 day free pass. I joined Jan 18 I joined for the whole year as an incentive for me to keep it up. I go 5 days a week (still), & I LOVE it. It's so different than a gym. It's fast, I don't have to think about what machine to do next, the women are friendly and there is no pressure, I work up a good sweat,I have so much more energy, & I sleep better. I really believe I will be successfull with Curves

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I'm only 30, almost 31!, and I'm close to 250 lbs now. I've always been big but in the last few years its gotten out of hand. I've tried traditional gyms but I just never go- no motivation. I've read all the posts and so many of you are so positive. I'm going to give Curves a try and see if it works for me. Thanks for all the info and support from your previous posts!

Wish me luck!

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I've gone 3x a week since July. It's ok. Friendly people, good exercise.

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I joined Curves last March as a birthday present to myself. I turned 38 that April & was getting worried about my health & weight. I was 5 feet, 2 inches & about 175 pounds. My father died of a heart attack at age 48, his father was 42 when he died. My mother is a diabetic & has lots of health problems due (I think) mostly to her weight & the fact she doesn't MOVE. I did not want to end up like them. We got down to one vehicle so I stopped going at all for about 5 or 6 months. I just started going back, only once last month & once this month but I'm motivating myself to start going back more. My goal is to go at least 3 times a week but I would like to go everyday that I'm in town.

I lost more inches than pounds but I felt healthier. For the first time, I felt sexier (no diet books or videos ever talk about the fact that when a woman gets a stomach, she starts feeling unsexy). My problem area is my stomach & thighs. Maybe it's just my imagination but while I was going regular, I didn't feel as tired or run down as I do now that I've stopped going. I have more aches & pains now too. Now that we've got another vehicle, I can go back. I found it easier to go early in the morning when they first opened than if I waited to the afternoon.

When I joined Curves the sign-up fee was about $125 plus the monthly fee (for me it is $31.47 a month). They were doing a canned food drive so the fee was waived. Once I joined, my teenage daughter could join for the summer for $10 a month so that was nice. She doesn't need to lose, just strengh-train. I had joined the gym years ago but stopped going because there were too many young, skinny people going there to 'hook up'. It was the kind of place where lots of body-building guys & lots of mirrors. I felt very out of place. I like the idea that Curves has no men & no mirrors. There are young women & elderly women, we have a woman who had a stroke. Everyone works at her own pace. Most Curves have a trial membership where you can go for a week for free. I would suggest anyone thinking about joining to ask about the free trial first. It won't hurt & you can decide if it's for you or not. Once you join you can also register at & keep track of your measurements. There's stories there, recipes, etc. I remember sitting out in the parking lot thinking if I really wanted to go in or not, & finally I did. I regret stopping because it's hard getting back into the routine.

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Hello Ladies :) I've been consitering joining the local curves [I'm only 15 and despertly need motivation to start losing weight a muscle toning], would it be suitable to join? Have any of you had your daughters come? Was it a nice expieriance?


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Thought this could do with bumping up :)

I joined Curves on August 1st 2013 and will be going for my 1st one to one progress interview on Tuesday 27th August so I can come back here and tell you how it went.

It's all going well so I have been walking outside without my walking stick and am now pain free when climbing stairs :)

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