question about taking antioxidents and vitamins

yiannabJuly 10, 2007

I am reading a book "The Antioxidant Miracle" and there are suggestions of things to take along with the recommended doses. I know these aren't hard core drugs but I'm really chicken about taking lots of stuff.

Can any of you look over this and tell me if they think it is too much?

Lipolic Acid (100 mil- 50 day, 50 night)

Vit E: (500 mil daily)

vitamin C (ester C): 500 mil- 250 day, 250 night)

coenzyme q10: (30 mil daily)

Ginko Biloba: (30 mil daily)

Pycnogenol: (20 mil daily)

Selenium (200 micrograms daily)

Plus he says if you already take a multi vitamin it is ok to keep taking it. I don't but should I with all of the above?

The only thing I take right now is some Omega 3 one that has fish oil, flax, and I continue this as well?

Thanks for your opinions!

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Do you have a health store in your area with a trained nutritionist? They would be able to help you figure out what is safe for you, they can probably recommend a supplement that has most, if not all of these in it. One of the GNC's in our town is staffed only by trained nutritionists, no college kids like the others. They are incredibly helpful. Ask at the store if there is someone available who is trained in nutrition or vitamin therapy. It does not look like there is anything there that will hurt you, but it is always best to check with someone who knows before putting something you are unsure of in your body!

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I forgot, make sure you make a list of everything you currently take, supplements, prescription meds, over the counter meds... some supplements and meds can cause problems when combined with each other. They should ask you about what you currently take.

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Ok, thanks! I'll check my local GNC out.

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Omega 3 is the best thing you can take, in addition to a high quality multivitamin.

Or, just do everything Shaklee. They are the best out there.

Here is a link that might be useful: I Feel Good Products

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I take a lot of what you do. The only thing that would be redundant are vitamins C & E. You aren't likely to find those other things in most multi-vitamins

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Go to He has been all over tv as a nutritionist who also recommends herbs along with vitamins. He has a questionair you can fill and then he will make recommendations for you. I bet you have seen him....

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There's been some bad reports lately on selenium - apparently a problem for diabetics like me. If you don't have any tendencies toward the metabolic syndrome you might be okay. You can get all you need from eating just one brazil nut a day and it might be safer.

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