What exercise equipment do you like the best?

bnicebkindJuly 15, 2007

How much of a difference does it make in body/health results in the quality and cost of exercise equipment? In looking at the various treadmills and cycle machines, the prices can vary a lot. Which machines do you consider the best, and what do you feel will give you the same results, but quality equipment at a more reasonable price? Thinking of turning an unused bedroom into exercise space. The room is like 12X12. What pieces would you consider your most important equipment choices to fit in that space, and why? meaning which pieces accomplish what exactly? For example, a cycle gets your heart rate up, but what results and what area of your body gets in shape using a cycle machine? Ditto on treadmills, and other equipment you believe strongly in.

Please feel free to list your favorite brand/model and why you chose that one.

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Have you tried various machines in a gym? That might help you decide what you like. Everyone has their preferences.
For example, I hate the rowing machine thing and am not fond of the bikes either. But I really like the eliptical trainer because I can get my heart rate up and it's easy on the knees. I also like the treadmill because the workout can be varied by adjusting the angle of the walking surface.

My gym uses a brand called Life Fitness. The prices do vary a lot. You probably don't want the most expensive, but the cheap stuff is not going to be the best for you either.

Good luck with your project. Sounds like a fun thing to do with a spare room. Hope you have a TV there too or at least some music.

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I have an inexpensive elliptical trainer and like it very much. It gets my heart rate up & it works out my hamstrings. I can either watch TV or listen to an mp3 player while working out on it. I'm primarily a cyclist and have been a runner & a tennis player over the years. Of all these, though, the one piece of equipment or activity that gets me in the absolute best shape is a step bench & step DVDs. Step gets my heart rate higher than the elliptical trainer & keeps it there. It's low impact yet weight bearing. It develops side movement as well as forward movement. It develops coordination & balance. It's a total body workout. You might consider spending $100 on a quality step bench & $40 in a couple of DVDs.

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I liked an elliptical trainer I used at a hotel gym. At home I have a 2 station weight machine, free weights, step, bench, treadmill, exercise videos, a recumbent bike, and a Tony Little Gazelle. I hate the treadmill, it is boring and noisy, I have to blast my music to hear it well (I do have some hearing probs). I have to admit, I love the Gazelle! It is easy to use, gets your heart rate moving (as long as you move), and is silent! No noise! I can listen to music, watch TV, whatever, with no outside noise. I also like my step and videos, and my other videos. I have collected about 30 over the past 20 years (I get them when they are on sale) so I can pick whatever I am in the mood for! Some of my favorites are Kathy Smith and Leslie Sansone. I also like dance ones, and short videos with 10 to 20 minute workouts for days when I don't have much time but want to do a video. And one of the best training item I own? My staircase! I run up and down, simple and efficient, not to mention inexpensive!

For weight training , I really like the free weight better than the machine, they are more versatile.

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