Working out at the gym or at home?

margauxgauxJuly 15, 2008

Which do you guys prefer? Working out at home, or working out at the gym? It used to be that I'd rather work out at a gym because the fact that I'm paying a membership is motivating enough for me to get off my butt and work out. However, after a few years, I started to care less and less. Lol. So I quit my membership and I've been working out at home. I've been working out with my boyfriend (following this 3-month program), so we were able to motivate each other. Then he hurt his ankle and wasn't able to work out and I couldn't either! I got unmotivated. I am soo horrible! NOw I think that I need to have a gym membership again so I'll be motivated again.

What about you guys?

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at the gym - well prefer really doesn't come into it. At the gym I do the work. At home, even with the best of intentions, I always find something else I should do instead or if I do get started I stop much sooner then at the gym.

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I have to be at a gym or in some sort of organized program, otherwise I just don't do a good job of it. Could you join a different gym or program than you were on before? Yeah, money motivates me too. If I paid, I'm GOING!

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Definitely at home. I love the convenience factor -- it takes too much time to go to the gym, change clothes, shower there, and drive back. Whereas now, I can come home from work, quickly throw on something grungy and just walk down the hall to the extra bedroom where our exercise equipment is. Also, I get to pick what is on the TV, and I don't have to worry about strange people staring at me -- feeling self-conscious is one of the major reasons that I wouldn't want to go to a gym!

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Hello! When I'm grunting,making gross faces and sweating,I dont really like other people watching me,LOL.So I prefer working out at home.
I have a huge collection of dvds,a yoga mat,a balance ball,3-15 pound weights,plenty of towels,water and can wear whatever I want without worrying how I look in it!Then when I'm done I can go straight to the shower.
And these days,I'm saving gas not having to drive anywhere.

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I definitely prefer to work out at the gym. I have to leave my comfort zone in order to get a really good work out routine in. I have tried working out at home before but I never push myself as hard or for as long as I normally would. I also really enjoy adding variety to my exercise and my gym offers me all kinds of different exercise and aerobic classes.

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I prefer the gym. I find it motivating seeing other people working out as well, it's usually the same familar faces in the gym. I also like the fact I can use different machines and the treadmills are of a high quality and I do not have to fix the equipment. Our gym charges like 19.95 a month with no contract. Do whatever makes you the most comfortable just as long as you are getting your required amount of exercise to keep you healthy.

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