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MimiiJuly 18, 2002

I used to go to a gym and use an elyptical/crosstrainer that I loved. About a month ago, I hurt my foot, and I can't put sneakers on anymore, or put too much pressure on my foot. I've also started a new job, where I spend 9 hrs a day in a chair. As a result, I've gained weight. What can I do to get back to my health weight without further damaging my foot?

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Hi Mimii! Check with your doctor of course--you may find that you can use a stationary bike. Swimming is wonderful too but of course you have to have access to a pool. Hope your foot feels better+heals quickly for you. KathyO

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I am also in a deskjob. I have started doing isometric exercises at my desk, like Kegels, and I also do a lot of little foot raises, because my knees were weak, and I needed to strengthen that little set of muscles in the thigh right above the knee.

Swimming was my first instinct also, for an idea for you. The cardio I get in a few laps, exceeds what I get at the gym, yet I stay cool, and there is no stress on the joints.

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Could you try using a Schwinn bike and using the arms only. I found at these when I was having physiotherapy on my frozen shoulder. I couldn't reach the pedals on their bike well because I am vertically challenged. I used it with my arms only and found that I did lose some weight.

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