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joe_mnJuly 31, 2009

I bike on paved trails and my mtn bike is very uncomfortable. its a nice quality bike but the frame is too cramped for me. i want a hybrid/comfort bike and notice that all the bikes in a certain model share the same geometry but step up with better parts. crank, shifters, wheels. but in the end they all fit the same. i figure try a cheaper unit and if i really like it, i can always sell it in a short time and get most of my money back. i am cheap also. besides, a new bike is good for your mood.

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Oh yeah! Anything that keeps you rolling along.

Not sure about getting "most of my money back" though. No one will pay nearly full price for a used bike.

Do you buy from a bike shop? You said you are cheap, so maybe you buy from Walmart where no one can advise you. Maybe you should try a good bike shop and go for a medium priced bike which you probably will like since you had shopping help.

Just my 2 cents.

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i have searched high and low for a (used)new style frame and nothing is out there. you walk into a bike shop and mention walmart and they laugh at you. i am pretty sure if i get a bike shop bike i could sell it with no trouble for pretty good money. or maybe buy a mid bike and keep it.

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Well...don't say the word "Walmart" when you go in the bike shop! LOL!

Anyway, good luck on your search. It's so important to have a bike you are comfortable with--really enhances the pleasure of riding.

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