Anyone Use Wii for Exercise?

chisueJuly 1, 2010

DH and I are Seniors. Considering buying Wii for exercise. Anyone here have and USE this? Exactly which components would we need and what do they cost, please?

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linda_leaf z10fla

My DH and I are seniors also and we got our wii fit plus for Christmas. We really love it! I think you can actually try it at places like Walmart and Best Buy. At first I thought I wouldn't like the 'cartoon' like mii people, but it sort of makes it more fun. There is yoga, strength, aerobics, balance, and some really silly but fun things to do. You can flap your arms like a chicken and land on different posts until you land on a ship. Yes, it's silly but you are moving your arms. Another game is step aerobics with a line of other mii people. The Hoola Hoop is fun and works your waist. There is jogging through the little mii town. A punching bag game to work your arms. There is a bicycle exercise (you step as if you are on a bicycle).My favorite game is the Obstacle Course that has you running, jumping and dodging objects. And oh so much more. You can do a mix of whatever you feel like doing. I do about 30 minutes nearly every day. You will need wii fit plus, the console to play it, and a balance board. It is a fixed price of about $300, but if you shop around you may find a store offering a bonus of a gift card or something extra. It is definately a good investment. And if you have children or grandkids over, they can do the exercises also because they are so much fun. You can go to nintendo wii online and see real people including us 'more mature people' doing the exercises. Go for it!
Linda Leaf

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I love my Wii, I use it everyday there are so many great excercise for the Wii that you never get bored. The wii actually got me back into excercieing and helped me love close to 50 pds

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I guess I should report back that we did buy the Wii Fit Plus and have each been using it almost every day for 20 - 30 minutes in the mornings. Now that the weather is nicer outside -- not too hot; not too cold -- we're using it less.

I agree with Linda. Her favorites are mine, too. My DH also likes the 'Table Tennis', 'Frisbee' and 'Basketball'. Our DGS, age 6, loves to play the 'Swordfight' and '100 Pin Bowling' games. (He has X-Box at home and sometimes plays those games in competition with his cousin in SLC. Amazing, huh?))

Glad to read that Beaw likes her Wii. I don't need to lose weight; need to gain *muscle*!

I have to thank this forum -- my 'go-to' place for real life information. We might not have bought this system without feedback here.

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