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wanda_illinoisJuly 22, 2003

I was just wondering what kind of exercise everyone is doing, and if anyone is dieting, and what kind? Thought maybe everyone could post here, what their doing, and their progress,even if we are all doing something different.

I have been on the South Beach Diet now for 2 weeks, and have lost 6 lbs. I try to do the Walk away the Pounds 2 mile walk everyday, but....... I miss some now and then, haha.

I am 56, and I would like to get down to 125 by fall. But I would like to just live a more healthy live style, and feel healthier and better about myself.

Started at 142/Presently 136/ Goal is 125


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Hi Wanda, I'm not on a diet right now, but I am marking next Tuesday as my day to start! I have been on vacation and will start back to work on Tuesday. I have never had much luck staying on diets because they are so hard for me to follow. I usually just cut back and try to eat healthier. Of course exercise must be a part of the plan.

I also have the Walk Away the Pounds Video and plan to start using it along with some outdoor walking and a few ab exercises.

You and I are alike in many ways. I'm 54, 140 lbs. and would like to get to 125. And that's not just so I'll be slim! I have always felt much better physically when I'm in the 120's.

I usually have more success in the Fall when it comes to diet and exercise. I guess because it starts getting a little cooler and I start getting excited about the holidays to come.

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Hi MaryAnn! Good to hear from you. I was about to give up on anyone responding to this posts. Yes, it does seem like you and I are alike. I feel so much better with just the six pound weight loss.
I think the fall is a harder time for me to diet and exercise. Holidays start, so all the hustle and bustle begins, plus all the goodies. I have made up my mind, that if I loose, I am not going to be the food junkie that I have been in the past. A little treat now and then is fine, but not all the time. I have already told my family that I am not doing all the baking this christmas that I normally do, cookies, fudge, cakes, and cheesecakes. Maybe a batch or two of chocolate chips. They are not my favorite, so I won't be as tempted by them, but everyone else loves them.
My niece is getting married on Oct. 25th. I really want to reach my goal by then, and be able to wear a really pretty dress and look nice, instead of having the big belly, lol.
So, are we going to hear from you on Tuesday? Why the wait?

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I've joined Curves and am very pleased with my progress. I'm not on a diet, but I've started eating healthy and I concentrate on one meal at a time. I'm eating low carb, low fat and since April 29th I've lost 28 lbs and am down from a size 18 pant to a size 12. I still want to lose more and get down to a 8-10. I've tried dieting, but the word diet implies "temporary" to me and then when I reach my goal I revert back to unhealthy habits. This is a way of life that I can live with.

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Wow, congratulations, MonaBlair! It feels so good when your clothes start getting too big! You're right, it can't be a temporary thing. Your new eating habits have to become a way of life.

I think I'll always be a food junkie. I still eat like a teenager. I don't eat large meals...I just graze all day. But I've learned that if I'm "good" during the week that I can splurge on the weekends.

Wanda, I don't do all the baking during the holidays like I used to. I'm the one who enjoyed all those sweets. My kids don't really eat many sweets. So I usually concentrate on decorating, shopping, doing things for others. And if I'm in shape I look forward to buying something pretty to wear for the holidays.

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Hi everyone. MaryAnn, I just posted to you on the watp thread.
Hi MonaBlair. Welcome. Glad your joining in with us. Wow, what a success story you have. Thats great. I bet you feel so much better, huh? I know that just with my 7lb loss,as of today, I feel so good.
Do you like curves? Do you feel like that really helped you in your weight loss? I live in a rural area, and there is a curves in town, about 7 mile drive. I find it much easier to just work out at home.
You girls have a great day!

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I LOVE Curves, Wanda. We are all showing signs of success, if not in pounds, then in inches. I do know that the exercise has played a big role in my getting smaller. I'm wearing dresses now that I fit into when I weighed 20 lbs less. My lumps and bumps have smoothed out and I have more energy than I've had in a long time. I plan on sticking with this and highly recommend it to others. What's hard to believe is that I always thought "no pain, no gain" and none of us has felt any soreness whatsoever. It's almost too easy to be working, but it is.

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Wow, MonaBlair, that sounds great. If it wasn't so far for me to go to curves, I would join. I cut an article out of the Womans World magazine that showed how to do all the curve exercises, with a band and how to do a break between each. The article was by the man that invented curves. I bought the band about a month ago, meant to do it, and never took it out of the box. Think that I need to give it a try. I think it is altogether like a 30 minuite workout.

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I'm doing half an hour of aerobic exercises (usually recumbent bike or treadmill on flat surface), followed by the Nautilus circuit. I stive for lower weights and more reps. With the aerobic exercises, I set off at a quick-but-comfortable level, and then speed up to as fast as I can go four or five times during the workout, for a minute or so. I think that helps.

I'm still looking to add some gentle stretches to my workout.

I have no idea how much weight I may or may not have lost, as I don't own a scale. I do know that my pants are fitting better, I have less knee pain, and I can do the upper body weight-lifting exercises a bit easier, though I'm still very weak.

I know that a lot of serious weight lifters belittle Nautilus, but I love it. It keeps me in the correct positions, works the muscles throughout the whole range of motion, and provides a bit of stretching.

Nice to hear about others successes - I consider it a success that I'm keeping at it!

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: ) I bike- commuted for three years, and went from a 230-pound sixe 18 to a 175-pound size 12- then moved, got a desk job, and found myself a 200-pounder all over again- at which point, I tore two discs, and by the time I could dress myself again- I was 240.

made a full recovery, thankfully- and then, in april, we bought a house a whopping 5 miles from my job- so out came the bike again...as of the onset of this cold snap, I was doing that 4 days a week, and am 210.

I don't eat white bread, I don't drink soda or beer...and that's about the limit of my 'diet' but I don't see anything wrong with baking my apples with real butter and maple sugar ; ) and the weight IS coming off...

I worked with a martial artist for the first year after the accident, and follow the basic plan we developped- which inolves light weights, staff work, and the same stuff that was 'developped' into Pilates in the 60's...

it seems to be working : ) and it's sure easier than my husband's gym regimen, which he slacks on more than he gets up for!

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