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marci_paOctober 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Maddie!! Happy Anniversary Maddie and Roger!

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I knew you would be here early Marci~Thanks.


You know I'll never forget. My son turned 27 today!

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Good Monday all,

Maddie!! Dear Maddie. Happy Birthday dear sister. I am so happy that you have returned to us and I hope we hear from you more often! I wish you a wonderful day full of love and happiness! And happy anniversary too! What a great day!

Love, NH Suzanne

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I have proof that our Dee is a closet animal lover! I knew it, I just knew it!! Just look how she is embracing that goat! LOL

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BJ, it's really easy to upload a photo here. I upload photos to the site. It's free but you do have to create an account. Once the photo is uploaded you copy the htlml code and paste it here. It really is simple. Try it.

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Happy Monday!

Suzanne, you are too funny. We all know that could not possibly be me hugging an animal! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Anniversary to you and Rog.

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Happy Birthday, Maddie---SS SISTAH! You are so LOVED here! We want you to have the happiest of b-days today---heaven knows you DESERVE it after the year you've had!!!

Pop in and say HI! Let us know what you're up to today and your plans for this special time!


NHSuzanne: I am going to take a picture of my little cowboy and try to post it.

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My little 2-1/2 year old Baby V is TOO funny!

With Baby V sitting on my lap, I was watching the news (on the internet) this morning and the opposing counsel for the Letterman scandal was on. The attorney was being very dynamic, throwing his hands up in the air saying, "It's SHOCKING! Just SHOCKING how the media is treating my client!"

And the rest of the morning, Baby V went around the house, throwing his hands up in the air, saying, "SHOCKING!...SHOCKING!" with a VERY serious expression on his face. I just about died laughing!

Hmmm....should I start saving money for the law school he'll be attending??? LOL

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Happy Birthday Maddie and Happy Anniversary to you and Rog. I hope you are having the most wonderful day!!! :-)

Dee, you finally came out of the closet! You and hubby are adorable in your farm wear. You could be centerfolds for the Farmers Almanac. I love it!

BJ, too cute about Baby V. You really need to be careful about what you say around him! LOL

Everything is good here. DS & DIL will be up for a week, arriving Thursday. I can not wait! This is the longest that they have stayed, so I am very excited.

DS #2 signed up for a technical school today for HVAC certification. Yay! I am happy for him that he made a decision that he is happy about.

The fun has begun in Salem! Let the games begin!

(((HUGS))) all around!


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Happy Birthday Maddie! Hope your anniversary is great too. My sister did the same birthday/anniversary thing...that way there's no excuse to forget either! That's not why she did it but it is true.

Dee, I always knew you were a closet animal lover :-)

Will check in later, glad Monday is over.


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Happy birthday, Maddie & Happy anniversary to you and Rog!

Had my well-woman physical this afternoon. My lab results were excellent! I had eaten badly for at least a month before doing this, so I didn't deserve the good numbers I received. It did humble me and make me feel very grateful that my health is as good as it is and to not take things for granted. I started back at Curves last week, and this week, I'm returning to TOPS! It doesn't hurt that 3 of my favorite people in the world are now attending the meetings either! LOL

Besh, it's good to read the joy in your post!

Dee, you and your hubby are adorable in that photo!

BJ, Baby V reminds me a lot of my DGD Aubrie who picks up every little no-no thing she overhears. My only bad word is "crap", and of course, that's what she picked up and wouldn't stop saying for the longest!

Hey, Donna and Patti!

Well, ladies it's liver-cooking night at my house. I'm trying to work myself up to doing this, but it isn't easy. Hubby went back to work on light duty today, first time back since last Monday. He said he felt great, and accomplished a lot for his first day back. I did worry some about him, but he is still moving around doing things, so he really must be feeling stronger.

BJ, thanks for sharing your menus with us. I love the sound of it and may give it a try soon.

Have a wonderful evening!

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My gosh, Milkdud, why would you give DH liver if he's starting to feel better! LOL!!! Congrats on your good numbers.

Maddie, please check in.

BJ, I love your stories! Baby V sounds like so much fun to have around. This morning, I was picking up some phone messages in our home office and I found some cards you sent. Reading them was a real treat and gave me some inspiration. :)

I have no less than 3 people standing outside this office, so I need to take care of these kids..........errrr, professionals! hahahahahaha


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Good Tuesday all!

Yes Milkdud, why give DH liver when hs is feeling well? LOL I cannot deal with innards in general.

BJ, your story of Baby V is an excellent example of how powerful and suggestive television really is. Not good IMHO

We just had our world rocked here with the in home invasion and savage murder of a woman several towns away. Her 10 year old daughter was savagely attacked and left for dead but is in ICU in Boston. The father was away on business. All this by 4 teenage boys! I just can't imagine why/what happened...what could make four teenagers do such a thing. Makes me feel a little vulnerable with DH on the road all the time. So hard to make sense of these things.


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NH Suzanne~That is awful. It happened in a small town in TX several years ago with a boy my DS's age. He attacked a girl they went to school with. IDK what makes people go off like that. I'm so glad you told BJ how to attach pics here. I can do that.

Besh~This is definitely the time of year I think about you & wonder what is going on in your part of the country.

BJ~Are you keeping Baby V? I'm wondering if I've missed out on some awesome news???

Milkdud~Congrats on the numbers. I went on Monday & got great numbers myself. I was very thankful. I have my cholesterol & blood sugar back in control & my liver is doing well. I'm so grateful. I'm not wild about beef liver but like chicken livers. Don't know if you like them any better or not.

Dee~Poor thing you are always so busy.

Hi Donna!

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Good Thursday all,

Where is everyone this week? I hope you are all well. Check in when you get a chance....Maddie, how was your birthday and anniversary?

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Hello everyone!

We lost power in the office yesterday because of very high, dangerous windstorm, so I worked from home in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I was unable to achieve too much due to the nature of the project(s) I was working on.

Hope everyone has a great weekend; we are heading out tomorrow afternoon to spend it in NC. Great fun with my DS and DBIL is in store.

Patti, good to see you here. You are one busy lady over at FB!! LOL!!

Gotta run; Make today count!

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Dee, make sure you give all those animals a kiss for me!!

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Good Thursday afternoon! It's hot and humid here, but rumor has it that a coldfront is on its way in tonight!!! We're actually at 100% humidity with sunshine and a temp of 92 F.

I'm off to Beaumont this afternoon to babysit my DGBaby tomorrow while older DGD is at school. Aubrie had her tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday with no problems, but her babysitter has gone on vacation, so I'm on call. I also need to go back Sunday evening to babysit on Monday. Aubrie told me the other night that she was having her "annoyings" removed. Everybody there laughed as did I when she said that! LOL

Patti, nice to see you posting!

DH is on his own for dinner tonight since I need to leave too early in order to be there before dark. He'll probably do the Thursday night steak dinner at the golf club by his lonesome. Good thing is that there's always someone there to dine with because it's well attended.

I need to do some laundry and put fresh sheets on our bed and pack for my overnight stay. Wishing everyone a terrific evening!

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Right on the lips, Suzanne, right on the lips! lol

Milkdud, have fun with those grandkids. I remember taking vacation days to stay with my 2 nieces, while my sis and DBIL took some time away from the chaos. What fun I had; miss them. Now looking forward to my stepdaughter engagement (her 'boyfriend' has not yet asked her dad) and a grandchild or two. ;-)

Gotta run; I'm leaving early for my long weekend.

Make it safe, make it happy!

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TGIF INDEED!!! It's been a long week for me and the day is still young but I have a three day weekend and I am camping with the girls in my own town!

What is everyone else up to?

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They are having a sbing weekend on the sbing site I frequent. Lots of challenges & games going on. I'm trying to spend time there. My mind just hasn't been very settled lately.

It is so hot & muggy here.

NH Suzanne~Enjoy your weekend with the girls. ;-)

Milkdud~Enjoy your weekend as well. My Aubrey is with her other grandma this weekend.

Dee~Don't work too hard.

Hope everyone else is too busy having fun to check in & that is why they haven't been by.

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Hi all!

Thanks for all of the bday/anniversary wishes--I had a great week, and we had a really nice anniversary! :) Rog got me tickets to see A.J. Jacobs (the author--he writes for Esquire, and is like Bill Bryson--really hysterical!), and tickets for Anthony Bourdain the next night. Now, he's yummy! :) Then, this past Friday night, I went to see a live showing of Rocky Horror--gad, that was f*u*n! No props, but it was still fun yelling out the lines to the actors! :) We're going to Chattanooga, TN next weekend to look at fall foliage, and just have fun and relax. So, it's been a lovely couple of weeks!

School is going well, too. I just took another algebra test, and did suprising well on it. I am one point away from an A average, so hopefully, I can get it. Even though I've worked in corporate accounting/finance for decades, I still am not a math person. Go figure. LOL! I'm enjoying it, though, and it's good to get the ol' gray matter up and working again. I did get a very nice complement from a friend. We were discussing my going back to school at my age, and she said that I was her hero for doing it, and that she'd like to be a nurse too, but that she didn't think she could do it. I told her that I thought that if *I* can do it, anyone can and that she'd be a wonderful nurse (and she would). I just thought that was nice as I've never been anyone's 'hero' before. :)

Milkdud--liver! Urk! :) I like the taste, but can not get past the texture. Congrats on good numbers! :) I started eating better, and walking 3 miles a day, and I feel so much better. I think that mess I went through in July was a real b*tt-kicker for me to take better care of myself.

Speaking of that........ (drumroll, please!) I am down almost 50 pounds from my top weight!!!! And I have bought a pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans, and got in Âem, and they are comfortable. I am thrilled, to say the least! I want to lose another 20 pounds to get to a healthy BMI, and then maintain this.

I canÂt believe thatÂs itÂs this close to Halloween already. Gad, what a year. Does anyone what to do a Christmas exchange this year? (I know that I missed last years, so IÂm hoping that we will do it this year!)

Anyhoo, gotta goÂhope all is well with everyone!

Love and hugs,


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Maddie - Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday/anniversary celebration. I am so proud of you with your school achievements and weight loss!!!

Dee - your manicure is a dead giveaway that you aren't a real farmer hehehehe.

Suzanne - how unsettling that story is.

I had an art show this week and did well, and a garage sale today which started out slow but got busy and we made some cash and got rid of some junk and/or treasures.

I just wanted to shout out to everyone and say hello. I need to shower my garage sale day off of me and get ready to go out to dinner. I will try to say hello to all of you personally next week.

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