Walk Away The Pounds?

amare_al_giardinoJuly 18, 2007

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I normally hang out over on the cottage gardens forum. I hopped over here this week to check things out and I've searched and found the previous threads for this topic but they are fairly outdated and I was hoping to find someone out there that is currently using these exercise dvd's?

Although they've been out there on the market for awhile, they are new to me as of this past Jan. I was walking with them 6 days/week and doing really well but I lost my momentum in March after a short vacation. I've struggled ever since to get back on track and would love to connect with a similar group of people so we could all encourage one another.

Anyone interested?


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Which Walk Away the Pounds videos are you using? I really enjoy the ones I have. Leslie is so down to earth and it is nice to see other people doing exercise videos who look like real people, not a fantasy.

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I am using the 1,2 and 3 mile set that includes the weighted balls.
I don't have the balls, I found a set at Target in their $1 section so I grabbed those. They work fine and I can really feel the burn and since I've been on "vacation" from walking for so long, I'm not using them until I build my stamina back up again. I'm just doing the 1 mile for now but I know I'll be doing the two mile again before long.
I totally agree with you about Leslie. She is someone I can relate to and I love that her walking teams are from all age groups, male and female.
Which ones do you use? How long have you used them?

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Hi Stephanie,
I have the same set you have. I bought my workout ball separate at a discount store (they are Denise Austin, I don't like her workouts, but her weight balls are great). I also have a three DVD set called Walkaerobics with a 1, 2 and 4 mile walk. I also have the Walk & Jog DVD, the Express 1 and 2 mile DVD, and a tape of the Walk Away the Lbs for Abs 2 mile walk. The last is my absolute favorite! It uses a belt with tubing that I don't have, I just use wrist weights when I need a better workout. It is one of her first tapes I bought. I am also partial to the express workouts, I like to walk fast! These also use some different moves. The Walk and Jog is also fun, and you can choose not to speed up if you like. I have not used any of these since it got nice outside this spring, but now it is starting to get really humid as well as hot so I may start using them until it cools off some. I use them in the winter once the temp. drops below freezing. I love to walk outside, but not if I'm going to freeze!

I really like listening to her talk, it is like going for a walk with a group of friends, some of my friends really like to talk!

I'm happy to provide support if I can. I'm usually on the forum a couple times a day, usually checking out the laundry and pet forums (two things that take up a lot of my time!), but I stop on here usually once a day. I did stop back again today!

Don't get discouraged if you lapse sometimes, everyone I know does. Summer is usually hard, there is just so much that needs to be done for the house, the kids are home, there are vacations, and weeds! everywhere! You said you hang out on the cottage garden forum, so you obviously are still getting exercise. Gardening is harder work than most exercise tapes I have ever done. If it does not seem like a workout to you, check out the muscles in your arms and legs. Digging and weed pulling, squatting and standing, these are great muscle toners!


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Hi Joanne,
always nice to have a real name to go alone with the screen name. Mine is so weird, I'd change it if I knew how! :-) It means "love to garden" in Italian and no, I don't speak Italian but I do love to make Italian food, and I dream of going there someday.
Anyway, back to the topic. Wow! You have quite a collection of her tapes. I also have the Walk the Walk DVD and it's okay but much slower paced than the others and I don't enjoy it overall as much as the 1,2, & 3 mile set. I do know what you mean by walking fast, because my mom bought her book for me which also came with a 1 mile walk dvd and it's much faster paced than the others. I really enjoy it too and use it as a break from the others. I did get bored with them about the time the weather was nice enough to get outside to walk but the problem with that for me is that I have a daycare in my home and my favorite time to walk is in the afternoon while the kids are napping. So, Leslie's tapes seemed the perfect answer for me. I'm wondering if I should just get a few more of hers and then I would have a bigger variety to choose from. Sounds like that's what you do. Do you find that it helps the monotony to have so many to choose from?
Thanks for the words of encouragement on the lapse, now if only I could stop the weight gain from happening during the lapse, I don't think it would bother me nearly as much! Yes, I do garden pretty heavily in early spring and pretty late into the summer season and it is incredible excercise as my body can attest to when I come in at the end of the day barely able to walk! :-) But, my gardening is mostly on the weekends with occasional evenings during the week so I need a little more consistency which is why I've promised myself to get back to walking with Leslie again. Also, as I mentioned before, cooking is another huge hobby for both my husband and myself and we can't seem to hang onto self-control in the portion control department for any length of time. We must though or our children will be pushing us around in wheelchairs by the time we are in our 60's! LOL! We are both active, not couch potatoes by any means so if we could just keep the food in proportion to the activity, we'd be doing a lot better.
How often do you exercise? Do you follow any specific eating guidelines/diets/etc?

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Hi Stephanie,
Oops, this turned into a novel, sorry. I think I forgot that I was not talking on the phone to one of my friends! I hope you like to read :-).

Well, I had typed quite a bit back in response when I suddenly lost the forum, boooo! I'm a slow typer so I hate when that happens. I will start again!

It is so funny to read your post, we have very similar hobbies! I also used to babysit, but no longer. I now volunteer at a school and the public library, between 4 and 30 hours a week depending on the time of year. I also enjoy gardening (except weeding :-)!) and I have always loved to cook, especially to bake! I do not bake much anymore, when I do I try to use less white flour and butter, and more whole grains and fruit. I also apply this to my cooking. Most recipes taste the same with much less fat, even in baked goods you can generally leave out half of the fat without effecting the recipe. Sometimes you need to add fruit puree to replace some of the fat, most of the time that is not needed.

For cooking, I serve more vegetables and smaller portions of meat. For individual meals I usually serve about 4 ounces of meat. Then they can eat what they want of the sides. Vegetables, brown rice, mashed pot. with buttermilk and butter buds, baked potatoes with low fat sour cream, stuffing made with whole wheat bread... you get the idea. I also put out fresh fruit that is ready to eat, washed berries or grapes, and other fruit that is cut up. No, we don't eat as healthy as we should every night, but every little bit counts. Last night was tacos made with 96% lean ground beef, beans, lettuce, black olives, tomatoes (from the garden :-) ), low fat cheese, and low fat sour cream, with salsa and a bit of salsa queso on the side. Not a typical diet dinner, but much better for you than taco bell! I always use 93% lean or better ground beef, I do not deep fry, and I rarely pan fry. Does this sound preachy? I don't mean it too, I am not an over the top health nut, just trying to keep my family healthy and happy at the same time. My husband says he would be happier if I would make breaded pork tenderloin with fried breaded zucchini twice a month! He would also be 10 lbs heavier!

I try to exercise some each day. Not always a video, sometimes a walk or walk/run outside, sometimes a bike ride, sometimes my Gazelle (it's fun and I can watch a TV show I want to see at the same time), sometimes I spend about ten minutes running up and down my stairs. I usually try to do some toning when I exercise, I alternate upper and lower body. I also have other videos when I want something completely different. I also like Kathy Smiths Step Workout, Time-saver Lift Weights to Lose Weight, and New Yoga video (I only do the standing portion - it is so relaxing! but I cannot do the floor portion - it's killer!). I also enjoy the Extreme Makeover Fitness video. I try to exercise for thirty minutes about five days a week, sometimes I don't manage that, sometimes I do more! But I find that as long as I do something and don't sit on the couch eating chips (like when I'm PMSing - this week, EEK!) that I like what I see in the mirror. If I slack off too much (don't do anything for days or weeks on end, it happens) then my bottoms start to get a little tight and when I look in the mirror I look like a slob. My husband says I look the same all the time! That is probably true, I dare say it is just guilt when I know I have been really bad that makes my think I don't look good. It could be the weekly Saturday trip to Dairy Queen, but you have to live! And I love ice cream!

Oh yes, very important, I make sure I eat a good breakfast every day. Sometimes just a quick bowl of cereal, sometimes oatmeal with fruit, or whole grain toast with fruit. But something with fiber so it sticks with me for a while. Make sure you get your fiber. I was reading a study that said that most adults get less than half the fiber they need. It said if you started eating the recommended amount of fiber, you could lose 10 lbs in one year without changing anything else. Eating that much fiber would be a challenge, I try to eat more than I use to.

Hmm, this got really long! I'm going to stop and go have some breakfast now that my son is up! If I missed a question let me know. Do you have any other hobbies? I also read, crochet, sew, do machine embroidery, quilt, paint, do puzzles, and help my husband and son with their hobby - collecting sports cards and memorabilia. Believe it or not, playing with sport cards is fun! Oh yes, I always sit on my yoga ball when I sort cards, I figure it should be good for my abs!

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Hi again!
Life has happened and I've been away from the forums for a bit but thought I would check in again today.
I liked your "book". I tend to do that myself sometimes.

You are in a better place than I am at this point. I am in a funk that I cannot seem to shake myself out of. Not sure what's going on but I'm so hoping it will pass soon! I do not think about what I can do all the time to help myself. For instance it would never have occured to me to sit on a yoga ball while sorting sports cards! That's a great idea though!
I like all your ideas for healthier foods. We do a combination of things like that too. We have tried to replace most white flour foods with whole grains and "brown" foods. My kids are pretty picky when it comes to veggies so I find myself fixing the same ones I know they'll eat over and over again.
Myself, I just love food. All kinds. I love to cook/bake it and I love to eat it. I think it's as much of an emotional thing for me as it is for the taste and smell of it. Over the years, there have been so many happy times associated around food so I guess I'm just always trying to relive a memory. All of that is fine and good if I could just exercise some self-control and cut my portions back. I do okay when making something like pork chops with a carb side and veggie sides because I make only one portion per person but when I make something like a casserole or meatloaf or a good hearty soup where there are almost always leftovers, I have such a hard time not going back for seconds. That in itself is the key for me. I have successfully lost weight in the past by simply cutting my portions in half so if I can will myself to get there again, I know I can have success. As for the exercise, I feel great when I do it on a regular basis so again, I've just got to kick myself in the pants, get over this hump and get going again.
It sounds as though you do provide yourself with plenty of variety and I think that would be key for me too. I have thought about trying a yoga video. You said you are liking the one you have, would you mind telling me which one that is? I think I'll see what I can find at the library to give a few a try before investing in one.
As for hobbies, I LOVE to garden but I readily admit that I hate the heat so badly that this time of year I really slow down a lot. I keep things watered and alive but as for hanging out and "playing" in my garden, I pretty much stop that at this point in the summer.
I also really enjoy scrapbooking. I think it's such a great investment of my time and money. The result will last for so many years to come and hopefully be enjoyed by many. Especially my children and their children, etc.
My list of craft hobbies used to be so much longer. I love to do all kinds of things but since having children I have cut back on almost everything else. I do sew and used to make a lot of clothing for my daughter when she was little. Now, I only sew on occasion and usually only for home dec. projects. I have a large collection of cross-stitchery and I hope to get back to that someday but I don't seem to have the desire or patience at this point in my life. I keep it all just in case! My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 8 years old. I still remember how and pull out my thread and make a doily every now and then. Our house is small so space is at a premium and I think if I had an actual crafting room, I might do more. For now, I set up a corner in my bedroom for scrapbooking and that's pretty much all I do in my spare time when it's not high-gardening season.

We splurged and bought a swimming pool this summer. You know the kind at the big-box stores that has a metal frame with the big vinyl "tub". It came complete with it's own filter system and although it's not huge, we have really enjoyed jumping in and cooling off and it has already paid for itself in entertainment value for our kids. They love it! They are still young enough (8 and 5) to have plenty of fun in a smaller pool.

I guess that's it for now.
Look forward to hearing from you again.

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The pool sounds like great fun. You can get a workout in there too, just do the moves from the walking tapes in the water! The water adds resistance!

I do have a craft room since we only have one child, otherwise I don't think I could keep so many things around. I thought about taking up scrapbooking, it looks like so much fun! But I decided I probably have enough hobbies already.

This morning I did The Miracle Mile, I forgot how much fun that video is, and you walk the whole mile in 12 minutes, yeah! That's great for tight mornings like today. I volunteer at the local library on Tuesday mornings so I need to be showered, dressed and out the door by 8:45 (can't forget breakfast either!). This was so easy when my son was younger, we were up before 7:00 every day. Now that he is 17 he likes to sleep in, he got up at 8:40 today to drive me to the library. He needed the car because he volunteers at a respite home for children on Tuesday mornings in the summer. When he is in school I usually walk to the library, it is also nicer outside then. I used the video this morning instead of walking because it was so humid here today, yuck! Of course, I had to walk home since he starts later at Coach House and comes home later. It was nasty out!

My favorite yoga video is Kathy Smith's New Yoga. It is the only yoga one I really like. I found it trying tapes from the library. That is a great way to find new workouts. I tried the Hula Workout one time, it was not as fun as I thought it would be.

You can try portioning things that you normally cook together. For instance, you can get individual casserole dishes, or make a bunch of small meat loaves instead of a large one (just remember to cook them less). I just made meatloaf yesterday. I roasted a bunch of vegetables and made two small meatloaves out of the recipe instead of one large one. That way we just use one the first day, and one for a second meal during the week. I know I won't cut into the second loaf, it would be more likely to dry out then. I don't really worry about soups, I try to make those really healthy to start with. Here are my soup tips, you might already do these things! 1. I never use cream in cream soups! I use 1% milk and puree some of the soup to add body, you can also add some cornstarch to thicken it more. 2. I always add a lot more vegetables than the recipes call for, most kids will eat vegetables in soup. 3. I rarely use a rue to thicken, usually I use cornstarch or I just use plain flour mixed with water. All these are just a matter of taste, I would not make lobster bisque with low-fat milk, that would be a waste! Then again, I never make lobster bisque! :-)

It sounds like you are generally doing good. And you are not alone with emotional eating, I do that too. When I have my period is the worst, I just have to have things like potato chips, ice cream, and cookies, ugh! I try to at least have some low fat chips and 100 calorie packs of cookies so I don't get into my sons snacks. The I feel like I did something horrible the next week. Of course, I just know I will do the same thing again next time. All we can do is try!

Speaking of emotional eating, I am afraid this school year is going to be really bad. Our son is a Senior in high school, trying to fill out all the college forms is going to be a nightmare. At least he already has his list narrowed down to 5 schools! He will apply to all five, his counselor says that he will be accepted at any school he applies at, but the cost! He is looking at some schools that offer good merit scholarships, and some that don't offer any merit scholarships. Until I see where he is going and what it is going to cost, I'm going to be having a nervous breakdown. And yes, I always eat when I am nervous! Not Good!

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Your title is neither capitalized nor in quotes so I didn't know you were referring to the title of a work.

I'm not familar with "Walk Away the Pounds." I do know you can walk away the pounds, though.

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I just heard about Leslie Sansome. Been using one of her DVD's for 3weeks now and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Mine is called "walk away the pounds for abs" i bought it off of ebay with the waist belt with resistance bands that go around your waist. You can go to www.youtube.com type in leslie sansome walk away for abs and you should see some short clips of it to see if you like it or not. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I also just ordered Debra Mazda's workout's she is very new. Look her up on youtube also to view her DVD clips. I LOVE WALK AWAY THE POUNDS!!!!
Good luck.

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whats the difference between this and the walk away the pounds for abs? the names for each mile r the same

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I've been using this during my pregnancy and really like it. I use wrist weights instead of the balls. I like you have a choice of duration for what your mood is at the time. I may keep up with it after the baby is born as the weights help me make it easier or more difficult plus it's very easy on the joints compared to most videos I do (or did).

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