Food expiration date

joe_mnJuly 22, 2014

Is the 2 yr limit valid on canned food? Our garage is heated so it has stable temps. Wife is storing colleges kids junk so it's a mess. I found a case of ensure which is 1 yr old. Wife used it to stack boxes on. Found a bunch of info that protien powder is "special" since it has nutrients and amino acids and so on. So how it that different than liquid food, like ensure, vs a can of beef stew? Isn't canned stew just "chunky" liquid protien?

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Link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: NPR-Don't Fear That Expired Food

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Most food is so full of preservatives that it's probably okay. A lot of foods are what they call 'shelf stable' meaning that if the can isn't damaged, it's okay. Spam, Bushes Baked Beans and Nalley Chili are 3 examples of known shelf stable foods that preppers keep on hand for emergencies--don't want to eat it unless you have to....

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