What could be causing my appetite increase/weight gain?

chamomileJune 15, 2007

Tried posting this at Diet Club but I think this is the more appropriate forum.

I have always had a small appetite. Lately I find myself constantly eating and have gained weight as a result.

My increase in appetite started about 3 weeks ago which is also around the time I started to take the following supplements:

-Omega complex (contains fish oil, flaxseed, borage, safflower)

-Dong Quai

-Green Vibrance Superfood (a supergreen powder blend which you mix with juice)

Along with the increase in appetite, I also have been getting a really good night's sleep which is actually a very pleasant side effect since I am such a light sleeper.

Does anyone know which of the the above may be causing the appetite increase? I like that I have a lot of energy now but I don't appreciate the extra pounds. :-(

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If you have more energy, does that mean that you are moving around a lot more? If you are getting more exercise than normal, that will increase your appetite, and, initially, you'll gain a little weight. You need that energy to fuel your body! If you keep up your level of activity your weight will come down (or you will have a higher ratio of muscle to fat, which is more important anyhow.)

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