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marci_paOctober 3, 2005

Good Monday Morning!

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Happy Rosh Hashanah!

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Good Morning all,

Marci, good to see you here so early! Thanks for getting us started.

John, Happy Rosh Hashanah to you too!

Expecting another beauty of a day so make the best of it.

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BJ - This is the first disaster of this kind up here, that anyone can remember - 21 confirmed dead. Of course there are conflicting reports right now, but the captain is alive, so we may get an accurate account. This is a small tour boat and has a glass enclosure around it, the seats are just chairs that can move. I have heard that it is possible that one of the much larger tour boats went by and caused a huge wake, the captain turned to go into the wake and as he did the chairs slid to one side, causing the boat to flip on it's side - it was a group of senior citizens. An acquitance of our's rescued 8 of the survivors, he was just getting ready to go out on the lake and it happened right in front of him. Our phone rang off the hook last night, after friends and family saw it on CNN, etc. It is truly sad, but heartwarming that we got such a huge response from neighborhing rescue squads and people that were just out on the lake to enjoy the beautiful day.

Okay, onto a much lighter and happier note. I am hooked on flying in small aircrafts, just as BJ predicted. It didn't hurt that flying condititions couldn't have been any more perfect. We had 30+ mile visibility, no wind and bright blue cloudless skies. We took a direct route to the Finger Lakes and were there in a little over an hour - not a bump on the way. We got to tour 22 or 23 wineries (amazing that we could add). Actually we paced ourselves and actually only took sips of the wine. As of Saturday night, all of us have sworn off wine forever. Each couple came home with 2 1/2 cases. Yesterday we flew from the Finger Lakes and toured the shoreline of Lake Ontario, to the Thousand Islands, the Champlain Valley, the High Peaks of the Adirondacks, down Lake Champlain to Lake George. It was exhilirating! I can't wait to do it again LOL.

Suzanne - the weather is stunning around here too.

I need to get to work, but had to share my adventure - I felt like a kid on Christmas morning LOL.

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Hi all!

Raeanne--wow! I didn't realize that that was in your neck of the woods. How horrible!

Well, John, I got another rejection email today. I figured I was out of my league for this position, but still it was fun to dream of it, and it was still another blow to my almost beaten-to-death ego. I don't know any more.

Still haven't caught up on the posts--hope all is well with everyone! :)



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Hi Guys!

I've had a weird week. I have had roller coaster ups and downs and wonder what the heck I'm doing half the time...

DH and I just bought a place that is in his dream setting, a small island community. He has always wanted to live there, but I had to travel and look all over the place to see if maybe there was someplace we would BOTH want as much as he wanted this...does that make sense? We have, over the past 2-3 years, looked all over the country at places he liked and might want to live, and some place I would like as well as he did. I like Kentucky, Orient, NY, and Southern Oregon, Kauai, the red center of Australia. He doesn't. Well, now, our hunt is over and we will move in 3 years, when our DD#2 graduates, to the place he LOVES.

But there is no business for me on this island. So DH is suggesting I become a foster parent for children under the age of 5. I love the thought of it and love kids in that age range, but having be financially dependent (other than my investments--which may not last forever) on DH (or anyone) is out of my realm of thinking. I have never done that in my life. The whole thing is starting to freak me out. After all, I will have gone through the motions of getting a license and education in my current field, only to move someplace where there isn't a job market at all! Seems pretty stupid to continue what I'm doing, but I enjoy my field.

So, question: What would you do? Continue this, choose something else, or get started on the foster parenting? Or have another idea?

Raeanne~ Hope your community is holding together with all that has happened. I think of the poor crew of the vessel-how could they have imagined this? How horrible to have the doubt, guilt, and then on top of it, the fingers pointing at them? You never would have thought a day of boating would bring this.

Aside from that, though, I am so happy you liked flying in little airplanes. I hope you will consider taking a flight lesson or 2, just for fun. You'll love the confidence it brings.

Joanne~The wedding sounded so whimsical and fun! And beautiful! I loved the colors. I could imagine it all! And glad you liked your bday box---hope you had a great bday---what did you do?

NHSuzanne~ Your rides and times sounded so peaceful. You are really, really lucky. And a talented writer. I hope you make a diary of your rides. We used to write in our log books about our flights and it is so fun to read about them later!

Marci~ Good to see you! More often, please!

DeeMarie~ I enjoy your uplifting spirit! I gotta get back on track though, so please throw in a boot kick for me!

Amy~ Whenever you stop by, I always get something out of what you say. When you mentioned not appreciating something until we lose it, it struck a chord. You are so wise. You should gather your quotes and wisdom (just from the SS Daily!) and illustrate a book of it. That would be so enlightening and beautiful and peace giving.

John~ My gal pal is getting the addy for the bulletin board for you. She said she will be sending it along to me shortly. And good luck on the job hunt. Have you posted on Monster and CraigsList?

Besh!!!!!!! Missed you! I am building a pile of books that I need to start reading. What have you read lately?

And Maddie~ I really don't know how you could have your ego pounced on, although I believe you are sincere. Are you applying to be an auctioneer? Or something else? How's about running the internet jewelry biz? You have so much energy! I don't believe anything could keep you down for long.

In other news, we just had Reptile Man come for my 7 yr old DD's bday. He put on an hour show and then we got to hold a boa constrictor, an aligator, a python, as well as sit on a HUGE turtle! He had many, many snakes and reptiles and it was so much fun to have him at our house. The first graders LOVED it! He has a reptile house a few miles away and supports it by doing shows. It was grand and the pics were pretty cool too!

Anyway, gotta get back to my personal midlife to everyone SOON!

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Good Morning All,

BJ, (((((((((HUGS)))))))))!! What a dilema you have presented this morning. I read and re-read your post about buying this new property. It sounds like DH is all set but you are clearly not. Did you agree to buying this? Did you voice your concerns? I am sure you did but have to ask. I am totally empathetic about your not wanting to be financially dependent on DH. I faced that about 10 years ago when I retired from construction. Never in my life since I was 16 had I been financially dependent on anyone and suddenly I was. I was totally freaked out about it but in the end it was totally liberating as I realized life would go on if I wasn't working. Of course I was not at any odds with DH and he was totally supportive of my decision. It was at this time that my equine fever awakened and blossomed!!

I have to say that I think DH is a little more than selfish to suggest you take in foster children knowing full well that you have been preparing yourself for this new career. I don't know what he was thinking to suggest it!!

You asked what I would do and my answer is this. If I truly did not want to move to this new place I would not. I would dig in my heels for all it was worth until DH understood the ramifications for me. But having already bought the place I don't know what I would's a dilema for sure. It's his dream setting but don't your dreams count in this too?????? I would take a serious look at that and base my decisions on that answer. It has to work for everyone!! That's the bottom line for me.

QOD: BJ's dilema brings up a very good question that my horse friends and I ponder quite frequently while out riding. Why OH WHY is it the responsibility of the woman to be the peacemaker in the relationship???? It seems to me that my friends and me, are always the one to make the concessions whenever there is a conflict about something. No matter what it is be it trivial matters or serious. If a compromise has to be made then the woman is usually the one to make it. This is really the way it seems to us. I hear comments like, "I have to keep the peace" or "I don't want to rock the boat" and believe me, some of those are coming out of my mouth!! What's up with this ladies? John, your thoughts are welcome here to brother!!

I have some thoughts on this but I will reserve them for discussion later!!

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BJ - A lot of things can change in 3 years (your wants and dreams as well as his), so I would probably hang in there and see what happens when it is closer to the time. You may find a happy medium for both of you - you are very creative and a great problem solver. In the meantime, I would remind him that this move is his dream and not yours, maybe he will catch on. I find that a lot of problems that I lose sleep on have a way of working themselves out - I'm not saying to just sit and wait though, in the meantime you have the opportunity to explore new options for YOU. Right now I wouldn't change a thing - I would continue what makes me happy.

Have a great day. I have to clean, the house has been so neglected the last week and I am always amazed how much clutter just 2 people can collect. I need to strip beds, as we are having a house full of guests this weekend. Good friends are coming, both DD's and their friends. I guess I have to do some food shopping this week too LOL.

QOD - I think it is probably that Venus and Mars thing again. I have to say that my DH is actually a good peacemaker and I think he apologizes more than I do (but he is usually the one that was wrong in the first place LOL-KIDDING). I also think it is the way we were brought up - that was definitely my mother and grandmother's mode of operation. I don't enjoy confrontation and will try to avoid it, but there are some issues I'm not willing to back down from.

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I'm back.

NHSuzanne~ He knows it's his dream and I would be making a sacrifice and I know it too. And he brought up fostering children because a few years ago, we were going to adopt 2 children and just before it happened, he backed out. It really broke my heart into a thousand pieces, as we already had chosen 2 boys (the boys didn't know yet) and the deal was nearly done. Then, we bought a large piece of country land, planned a beautiful house, and I started on a career path that would fit that town and area, only to have DH fire the architect, contractor, and as well, ask me for a divorce. He fired three counselors and finally, on the 4th, we were able to get back on track. Then, he quit his job, we agreed to sell the plane and some land, and he went back to college for his second degree. Now he can open up a shop of his own and live his dream. He is accutely aware of these changes in plans and let downs (to me), so this is his compromise for the hurt. He's trying to figure out something he can do for me to equal my agreeing to us settling and living in his dream location. He's come up with this. I love the thought of fostering young children, but not the thought of having no earning power, which, to me, weakens my veto power on money-related decisions and besides, I love working! In addition, I have sort of lost my trust in him, since he tends to change his mind on LARGE plans. I am not a victim here, of course. I love him, want him to be happy, and think, in my heart, things will work out for me, which is why I agreed to this move. But, being the control freak and living my life by lists, goals, and plans, I am starting to panic. 3 years is a ways off, but sometimes I think, why should I dump my $ into licensing and schooling for a career I won't have? Isn't that a waste of good time? DH has talked about me running his office when he starts one. Should I do that? Hmmmm. Working side by side every day? We've done it before with great success; is that the answer? I'm thinking too much, I guess. But the burning question is, What should I plan for? I'll like the island. I grew up in a small town and enjoy this place every time I go there. The people are great. I need to find my place and peace though, soon, about it.

You bring up a great questions though, NHSuzanne, why are women the peacekeepers? Sometimes it's depressing and exhausting. I guess if we could feel safe (emotionally) in relationships communicating and venting, knowing it was just that, it'd be nicer. Baggage from prior relationships prevents some from being anything but partially guarded when a situation is simmering. Best to only let the most important pots boil, eh?

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Raeanne~ End of summer is not the end of company for you, I see. Take a minute for meditation today, sis!

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Oh my gosh! So much going on here, but I'm heading for yet another meeting and won't return until after 2pm. Will check in with my 2 cents work then.

[[[[[[[hugs]]]]]]]] to all!

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BJ, I have a few thoughts and a few questions about your situation. First, I agree with Raeanne, that 3 years is a long way off and many things can change. Personally I would continue with the education in the field that you chose because you have already put so much time into it and you just never know what tomorrow will bring. How much longer do you have before you are licensed? I know what field you are in, but I'm thinking you may not want to post it because you have not actually said it, so my question is, how is this ceremony, if you will, handled on the island? Is it performed on the mainland, and if so, how difficult is it to travel from the island to the mainland? I'm glad to hear that DH is aware of the sacrifice that you will be making to accomodate his dreams. So many people are so unaware of how their actions affect others. You must discuss all options with him before really committing to this. Don't give up your dream.

QOD: Good question! I think women are just naturally the peacemakers. It is what we are made of. I too do not like confrontation and will more often than not, be the one to step up to the plate and at least open up the lines of communication. I hate more than anything to wake up angry at someone so I always try to at least get some resolution started before bedtime. But that is me, and I'm not sure that applies to all women.

BJ - What am I reading you ask? I'm back in school so I am in my young adult mode right now. I am just going to start My Thirteenth Winter by Samantha Abeel. It is a memoir about a girl that gets diagnosed with a learning disability at 13. I can so relate to this story because my older DS was diagnosed as being dyslexic when he was 14.

I'm going outside to enjoy some of this wonderful weather! Have a great day. Go Red Sox!!!

Love, Besh

PS - Because of all the great reviews on this board about Six Feet Under, I am so hooked. I finished watching the end of the second series and am waiting for the next discs to arrive from Netflix. I hope Nate makes it!

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Hi Ladies,

Sorry to hear about the boating accident on Lake George :( Im not sure why, but often in these situations I feel the worse for the driver or captain in this case, I cant imagine any sane person would not have so much guilt and regrets surronding their actions that will stay with them for a life time.

BJ - being a planner myself, I can understand the worry now and also the concern that he has backed out of plans before. For that reason alone I think you should continue with the education and complete them. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best right? If foster children would make you happy then that is a good option, helping run the office would also be a way for you to contribute to the family earnings. Although I understand how you feel and that you enjoy working, you should remember all the sacrafice and support you have provided to help him get here, so let go of the guilt and let him foot the bills for a while. You could also look into starting an internet company, you would have time to get it up and running before hand and you could base it from anywhere. Another crazy idea maybe.. if its an island would it be possible to work a nice little plane back into your side of the deal, maybe you could build a buisness around it or use it to comute to your mainland job ;) just a wacky thought.

As far as the QOD, I think in most relationships, note I say most, men dont look to resolve conflicts as often as women do. I know with most of my guy friends, if we have a dispute, things are back to normal after a few days even if we didnt talk it out. Men also tend to be more stubborn so they would rather stay mad than give up and sort things out. Personally I cant stand going to bed mad and would rather resolve things quickly, but thats me and im far away from being the typical normal guy.. :/

I ordered a few books to read here at work and am looking into some online courses I can take here durring my down time at night, im going to try and make the best of it. One book is the "move your stuff change your life" Im going to give it a try, although living in an apartment im not sure how much of my stuff I can move around, but it sounds interesting. I also ordered a book on cheeses that im interested in learning about.

anywho, time to get back to work, the phones are off the hook with clueless parents and people who watch too much TV and think they have EEE.

take care


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Maddie! and

Maddie and Roger!

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Happy Birthday dear, dear Maddie. I wish you a year full of happiness, contentment and continued success. Your dream job is just around the corner!

Happy Anniversary to you and Roger. I hope you have a wonderful day and evening ahead of you!

Love, NH Suzanne

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guess I'm the only one singing this morning.....

Happy Birthday to you..........
Happy Birthday to you..........
Happy Biiiirrrrttthhhhdaaay dear, bless-your-heart, funny, sunny, bright, we-love-your-sticky-chicken-stories, Maddie.......
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!

Love ya!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Maddie - wishing you a year filled with dreams that come true, peace, fame and fortune. I say the fame and fortune, because I believe you should get busy and write a book! You have the talent and you don't have to search far for stories. I see you on the book signing tour already - come on, what are you waiting for? I also hope that you and Rog have a wonderful celebration and a lifetime of memories ahead of you.

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(Insert a heavy bass line here))





(Okay, that's about as much singing as you guys can probably take from me!)

Maddie! I am so happy you are here, with us, through day after day of ups and downs, sharing your life, good and bad, and telling of your exciting adventures!

As I've said many times before, we'd be hard pressed to outmatch the radiance you bring to an event. I'll describe it:

She walks in, with her ultra bright smile, framed by her halo of red thick shiny, shiny hair! Then she speaks, telling a mezmerizing story, punctuated with contagious laughter, all of this combined with the undertones of a southern girl's charm with a touch of modern independence thrown in.

Your personality wins over whomever you meet and leave them anticipating the next encounter. I look forward to our next meeting in May!

Since it's your birthday, you can start the year from here and do what YOU want to do. Forget that degree you have, you used it and got your money's worth from it. Now do something that's REALLY YOU! In a job that brings $$$$ --or not, be happy! You have such a sparkling personality! Have some fun and walk into the local talent agency and show 'em your stuff. Maybe there's a call for an auctioneer or maybe a stage person to warm up the audience. That's where we see you! ENTERTAINING! Even, as Raeanne mentioned, writing a book of funny and personal stories. Then you can come visit us when you're on Oprah's book list! Sincerely! Dive in to your dreams! It's your special day!

And I hope you and Rog have a great anniversary! You two have a wonderful time!

Don't forget to tell us all about it though!


(This offer good today only, expires at midnight, and is not to be combined with other cake-eating offers.)

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BJ, I'm LOL, as I eat a virtual piece of Maddie's birthday and anniversary cakes!!!!

OK, despite a total lack of standing ovations, I have decided to sing again:

Maddie and Roger sitting in a tree....
First came love,
Then came marriage,
Then came Maddie with auctioneer's gavel!!!!

Have fun you two lovebirds!

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Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Maddie,
I need your address,
So I can send something
from me to you!!!

Love, Besh

PS Happy Anniversary!

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Congrats Maddie, I hope you have a lovely week!

Dont let the job search get you down, you do have my empathy though, i'll say a prayer for you if you do the same for me ;)

OK here is my QOD for you ladies. I work with all women, most of them are nurses and in the 40-50 year old range. One in particular is for lack of a better word nosey as hell. Every time she walks by my cube she looks at my screen and is asking me what im doing or what im looking at. If the phone rings and i dont put a call in the que, that they check on the computer, she will ask me "who was that?" or "are you putting one in?". It takes me on average one minute and 15 seconds to put a call in and she can check the que just like everyone else. I also get calls from all over and only some of them are for the nurses and if they are I put them into the que. So there isnt a practical reason she needs to know what every call coming in is. Tonight she spent 10 mins talking to me about a car that is parked in out parking lot that has no plates on it. We share the parking lot with a dozen other buisnesses and lease so its not our responsibility. She made a big deal about it and wanted me to report it to the police and so on... The question is that this really is bugging the crap out of me, I cant stand nosey people and have tried to ignore her and shrug her off with little effect. I know that if I say something directly to her about it I will hurt her feelings and I already know some of the nurses talk behind my back and say im cranky and a grump. Fact is they dont understand when I come in at 9 pm its my morning and Im just waking up so dont feel like being chatty. I also dont have much in common with them and they always end up talking about kids and husbands. Im just not sure if its worth the confrontation as im sure she feels that she isnt doing anything wrong. I swear she is completely clueles as she has had several conversations with the back of my head and it doesnt phase her. Any ideas? I would fake a hearing loss injury but that would be hard to pull off while answering the phone :/

I look forward to the female perspective on this!

take care and have a great week!

John, the cranky one.

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QOD: John, I'm looking forward to the answers on this one. I have the same problem with our department secretary. Yesterday, I took my coffee cup and walked away from her as she was babbling about all the details of winning $1900 in AC (Atlantic City). She literally RAN after me calling "I'll get some tea too" and continued non-stop! Normally, someone in the department will call me (as I would someone who was being trapped by her), but most of them were at a meeting.

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John - I have to give this one some thought. I am not a nosey person and fortunately I don't deal with this problem on that level at work. I do have someone that is always trying to pump me for info, but she doesn't babble on. I don't know of a nice way to say something to her, that she won't feel hurt by it. Is it possible that they may "believe" that you are not accounting for all the calls they need to know about? Our office policy is to log all incoming phone calls and a lot of times someone will pick up a call in the office and not tell me who it was, etc. so I have to hunt them down and grill them LOL. I have heard that you should deal with nosey people by asking them questions - but it sounds like this one may enjoy that.

Maddie - we are waiting for you to make an appearance - fashionably late!

I went to my first art class last night since Spring. It was a lot of fun and I accomplished a lot.

Last night I had to make something that could be eaten whenever, since I had to go out before our normal dinner time. I sauteed some chicken coated in spices, chopped up some lettuce, blanched asparagus and red peppers. I mixed up a balsamic dressing and lightly coated the vegetables, then made chick salad with the chicken and added a littled crushed pineapple. Served a scoop of that on top of the vegetables and it was delicious. Quick and tasty.

I am baking today, muffins, etc. for my house full of company this weekend. I still need to do bedding on 1 of the beds and declutter one more room.

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First off....



Marci! Loved, loved, loved the gif! How cute and appropriate!


I have to thank everyone for answering my plea for help. There are such great ideas here when everyone puts their heads together. Besh, to answer your question, there are no funeral homes on the island, although there IS a cemetery. The off-island funeral homes handle everything and they're FAMILY run (their emphasis, not mine). After the suggestions here though, I got my guts up and called one and asked to them about some p/t employment when I move. The manager hasn't called back, but the woman who took my call was very nice and thought maybe something could be worked out. Meanwhile, ever busy, I took John's suggestion, and brainstormed. I think, maybe, I can work for my DH, promoting him (good for the both of us, no doubt!) and run a sort of store front, will/estate/funeral event planning biz. Many people on the island have life celebrations and I could get into that. I know a caterer from when we had the restaurant there, and a few musicians. My DH's mom does video production, so she has connections to making DVDs. And, I could work a little flying into it by renting a plane and offering to spread ashes. And I could fly to a mainland job on weekends, since the funeral home isn't too far from the airport. Anyway, like Besh & Raeanne said, I think I will continue my path and get the license. And, as taking NHSuzanne's advice, I will accept and enjoy the freedom of possibly being unemployed for a while. Kayaking, here I come? Maybe a job at one of the MANY kayaking tour places! So, thank you everyone, once again. Combining everyone's ideas has made me look at the move in a totally different way. It'll all be okay in the end...if it's not okay, it's not the end! :)

Raeanne~ My in-lawas will visit at the end of the month. So company is coming here too!



1. Can you face your desk so it's facing OUT of your cubicle---so she can't see your screen --- and so you can see her coming?

2. If that's not possible, perhaps you have room to hang a large mirror above your monitor or on the wall next to it, even propped on an easel, so you can see behind you always (good feng shui). Then she can't sneak up!

3. Next, get a couple of corn plants (tall and straight) or potted bamboo and stick them on each side of your cube - that'll give her less room to stand behind you and kind of close off your office to intruders.

4. Then, with double sided tape, attach an small octaganal mirror on the back of your office chair. Good conversation piece and it'll reflect HER big, fat nose getting into YOUR business.

5. Then, every time she asks a questions, say either, "Why do you ask?" or "Pardon?" or "Say that again please?" In a VERY nice voice. When people are asking insulting or nosey things, asking them to repeat the question forces them to rethink, over and over again, what they're saying.

5. As well, if she gets excited over things outside in the parking lot or elsewhere in the building, just tell her, "Hey, if it concerns you that much, maybe you should call the police, security, or the FBI."

6. Go to an antique store and get some old pictures i frames and velcro them to your cubicle, then make up family stories about them. If you need pics of your SS sisters, just email us and we'll send the raciest ones we can find, right, girls? When Miss Buttinski asks about a phone call, tell her it was one of your 'relatives' calling, and if she has any ideas on how to stop the chafing marks Depends-brand diapers cause.

7. Then make up more huge lies about your family pictures. Keep changing the pictures until you have such an extended 'family' that absolutely no one, not even you, can keep track of them all.

8. Then start hanging pictures of babies up. Tell her these are your illegitmate children from your WILD daytime romps and you're working nights just to keep up with the bills.

This should give the office 40 yr olds something to talk about for some time.

8. Then, if she still bugs you, ask if she would like to sit with for breaks, since you can't possible socialize as much as she likes on company time.

It sounds like she's clueless and you're mysterious and they just want to get to know you. Girls bond by sharing secrets and talking endlessly. So she probably just wants to get to know you. Don't forget to hang a sign up that says, "I'm free to gossip at 10pm; I'll be awake and able to pay FULL attention then!"

And good luck, brother! I'm thinking of you!

DeeMarie~ I would say "UmmmmmmHmmmmmmm" loudly over and over again and NOT ask any questions about anything she says. If you keep doing that, she'll think about it afterwards and maybe get the message! Maybe!

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Oh! And if all else fails, and you're not worried about offending an offensive person, you can say...

"HEY! If you're not a hemorrhoid, get off my A$$!!!"

Gad! I've hung out at airports with old cranky pilots too long.....!

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BJ, you are a gas! The secretary just came in to see me to ask why our boss (the worldwide director of the group) has her AMEX automatically charged in payment of wireless phone bill. I just sat there and stared at her for a long, long time and said "did you ask her"? She said, "no, not yet". I said "I think you should ask her, as I would have no idea why. Personally, I would never give a utility company permission to automatically charge my credit card....corporate or personal". Then, I looked back down at my work and ignored her while she babbled!!!! Why me!

BJ, you've taken great advice and given yourself some also. Since it's 3 years away, I've got a feeling that we have not had the last opportunity to comment on this next move! lol

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BJ - another book idea, lol, and thanks for the vote of confidence. You will do okay. I have a question for you. In fact, I might make it a question of the day. If you could live your own dream, what would it be?

My dreams are (and it feels beyond my control at this point) to heal and be mobile again. Also to continue with the art, get my things in to shops and galleries. I've made a small career of it, but I'd surely like to go over the top. I guess I'd like to find a significant other if we could really help each other. That's a new one for me, lol. oh, yeah, and connect with the divine and move through levels of perception with ease, lol.

Raeanne, I saw the news of that disaster. It's a difficult thing to think of.

John, I don't know how things are going with you and your girlfriend. I read your post about the concerns you had, but then didn't read forward to see what came of it. It's interesting to me, as I have many of the same problems she has and of course that enters into any consideration of a relationship. I would not allow anyone close to me to spend their time taking care of me. I have other arrangements for that. The hard part for me would be that I couldn't do fun things with him, such as camping, swimming, etc. I've known a couple of women who had such illnesses and also successful marriages. It's just what you want and can agree on. Anyway, because of my own illnesses, your concerns were of interest to me.

I'll try again to be regular. Still low-carbing, as nothing else seems to work for me.


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Hi all!

Have I told you all lately that I love you....???? Thanks for all of the wishes, and of course, the singing! :):) AI, look out! LOL! I spent the days with old girlfriends; we had lunch and just played around the rest of the day--Rog had to work, so it was just a fun-girl day--and these chicks are nuts--and why do they say outrageous things when you have a mouth of food/drink??? I think one deliberately waits until I take a bite, and then lets a zinger go. Gad--what fun!

Well, Rog got me a beautiful, old oil painting of yellow roses in a huge, old, handcarved, wooden frame. The lady that he bought it from is 81, and the frame was her mom's. It's well over a 100 years ole, and in perfect shape. What a sweetie! :):)

BJ--I think you've hit on something! A life-celebration planner! Seriously! I know several people who have already planned for this type of thing, and I've started it myself. What a fabulous idea!

John--I gotcha back, babe! You betcha; I need all the prayers I can get! :) I hate noisy people, too. And I *can not* even get near BJ's 6,7 & 8, (which are hysterical!!), so I will hafta think aobut this a bit.

DECLUTTER???? What a novel concept!

Amy's QOD--I would be a ballerina, or a Broadway dancer. Since I can not do either, I want my own auction barn.

Gotta go--hope all is well--



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Maddie - Rog sounds like such a thoughtful DH. Glad you had a nice birthday celebration with friends.

DeeMarie - I will get "Eleven on Top" in the mail in the next few days.

We are going to the pumpkin farm today...........IN THE RAIN! We have had such gorgeous weather the past week and wouldn't you know, it has to rain today and the temps have dropped about 20 degrees. I don't mind the change in temp, but I do mind the rain, because the kids will be a muddy mess when we are done. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that it will either stop raining soon or just sprinkle instead of pour. Wish me luck.

I know I need to answer some of the QODs and I will try later on when I have more time.

Off to find my umbrella, water proof jacket and boots!


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Hi everyone!

What's on tap for this weekend? My older DD is taking the SAT at the University, so, other than work, that is it for me. Everyone wants to chill out this weekend. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, maybe I'll start my new book called:

"The Year of Magical Thinking" by Joan Didion

I'll answer my own QOD, but I liked Maddie's answer the best! I declutter by tossing everything into a box or basket(s), taking it to the garage, and sorting it out there. I have a recycle bin, a give-way box, and the trash bin out there. It also makes me physically haul whatever I want to keep back into the house, which stimulates asking the question, "Do I really, really want this?" This works most times, but sometimes the garage gets cluttered with the 'gotta sort' containers!

Amy's QOD: Living a Dream: I have decided my dream would be having a work schedule that I set, or at least a flexible schedule would be good. Traveling to other parts of the world to help and learn about other cultures would be on the top of the list - I used to do this and it was most rewarding: hard work, long days, and endless feelings of having a purpose and being a worthy contributor to a village and its children's futures. I always slept well and peacefully. I love to see and learn about new (and sometimes scary) things and I love tying in with the local customs and people in other parts of the U.S. and the world. So that'd be my dream, to do that again. I know that if I'm healthy and mobile, that I'll be joining up to do that once more.

Enjoy the week and "Make good choices, honey!"

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I still love BJ's hemorrhoid comment - I can't wait for someone to bug me, so I can use it LOL.

Maddie - glad that Rog and your girlfriends saw to it that your day was a special one.

QOD Clutter - On my shelves over my desk at home, I have 4 large baskets that I throw papers, invites, cards, clippings, etc in - things that I want but on a temporary basis. 1 basket for me, 1 for DH, 1 for the two of us and 1 for travel related info. I go through them when I get the urge or when they start to overflow LOL.

QOD - Living a Dream: If I could do anything I would love to be able to play an instrument professionally or be an artist.

On tap this weekend? DD's arrive late tonight, so we are meeting friends at a restaurant near the train station for dinner first. Tomorrow morning company arrives, I plan on a seafood feast for dinner, with rain as the forecast for the entire next 5 days - I don't see any boating or other outdoor activities in our future. I don't know what we will be doing Sunday - probably nursing a hangover LOL.

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