Need Quesadilla recipe to serve 15

mdunkinJuly 29, 2007

I am looking for a good quesadilla recipe (fried preferred) to be made and cut up and served as either appetizer or as part of the meal. Anyone have any good recipes?

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Didn't know quesadillas needed a recipe.
Start with 15 tortillas, a pound of jack cheese and anything else youw ant to put into them....cooked shredded beef, shredded chicken refritos and the salsa of your choice.
I heat some oil in a fry pan...just a teaspoon or so on the pan, add the tortilla, 30 seconds later, turn it over, add cheese and another tortilla on top, put another teaspoon of oil into the hot pan, flip it over and cook about 45 seconds...
Serve with salsa.
You can add meat and/or beans with the cheese.
There is no real "recipe" for quesadillas. It's like toast, just cook it.
Linda C

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