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xevenFebruary 28, 2005

i am a man that has difficulty finding stylish business suits that fit the way that i like within my budget. i am entertaining thoughts of learning to make my own. but there is no info on the web related to this undertaking. should this tell me something? also, and with all due respect to the sewing community, most of the women that i see who make their own clothing dress like old librarians. is it possible to learn to make hip, stylish clothing?

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I give you LOTS of credit just to even want to make a business suit on your own. My Mom was a Tailor and I sure do wish now that I would have been more attentive at that time. It takes a little more then the usual sewing, but nothing one can't learn. Mom would go to Tailor classes, always learning more. She was good at what she learned, her work showed it and people drive way out in the country where we lived for her sewing.

One thing I've learned to tell myself when sewing .... thats no matter what I make,...... They are only lines ! ..... always remember that. If you can sew a LINE, you can sew anything.

One other thing you may want to try with a worn out suit first is, rip it apart, see the makings of it, and go from there, you'd be surprised as to what you will learn from doing that one thing. Its an experince and good teacher.

If possible, do go to a good school its worth the time.

No, you don't have to look like a liabarian, or you shouldn't have to ..... that goes back to ..... they are only lines ..... Change that pattern to suit yourself. Try different things.
Have to share.... I have some of the things I make in a shop downtown, the owner makes the iron on T-shirts for the coustomer, she had a T-shirt that I wanted to send to my daughter, it had flowers on, a realy springy and cute type of pattern. I asked her if she could do one with that same pattern on only at the bottom of the biggest shirt she had, yes she could. I took that shirt home, got out the patterns in girls size 5. Had to do alittle changing, but the Grandaughter also got a sun dress to match Mom's T-shirt.

So you see, if you want, it'll be. Just go for it !

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