woodnyJune 22, 2002

has anyone seen the info-mercial for the Pilates? If so has anyone used them and do they wor?. I know from reading the posts that the Pilates has been helpful for some of you, but from reading about the experiences with it, it seems that most either do it at a gym or with a PT and I have no time for either but I could do it at if I can do Pilates at home.

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The winsor pilates tapes - I saw that infomercial also. Seems a little pricey.

I saw other pilates tapes for a lot less at Bed Bath & Beyond, and at Ulta. Reading those boxes shows that they do the same moves I do in my class. Go for the less expensive tapes!

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Thank you for the feedback! I have a few other questions if you don't mind me asking. You watch those stupid infomercials and you wonder if there really is a difference between what they have and what you can purchase for a lot less at the local target.
I was referring to the winsor pilates tapes. and they do seems a little pricey. that is why I wanted some feedback. So you think the other pilates workout tapes you can purchase are just as beneficial and will work as well? I have never done pilates before and from the infomercial it seems that is the type of exercise my body needs. I am naturally muscular and when I workout I tend to bulk-up to much, even when I am just doing aerobics. So pilates looks like it will be burn fat like an aerobic workout and tone the muscles without bulking them up. Is this what you have found doing your pilates class?
Thank you!!

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Pilates is all about strengthening your 'core' (abs and spine) and increasing flexibility. The winsor testimonials are accurate. I am seeing definition in my tummy (no sixpack yet but definite tone) and the moves aren't that hard. I do the class once a week, then try to hit the highlights (abs and legs and stretching) every morning before work.

The moves are called the same thing on all the tapes I've seen. The photos look the same, too. My guess is that the store tapes are less because they don't have the infomercial overhead. There is a gal on another forum who uses a home tape. I'll see if I can find out which one she uses.

Note: The people in the tapes are pros, like my instructor, and look fabulous, and have an amazing amount of flexibility. I and others in my class started doing this in March with no flexibility at all. I couldn't touch my toes if I tried. I had ab issues (tendonitis) and another gal had back issues, and was more overweight than me.

Let me tell you, I'm amazed at my flexibility now. And the other gal actually is getting an hourglass shape to her body now, and SHE can put her head to her knees! We still don't look like our instructor, but I bet in a few months, we'll be different people. We already are.

I'll check on the tape the other poster uses.

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Thank You. this sounds like what I need. If you can find the name of the tape she uses I would be very greatful. Again thank you for all your help.

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I'm not ignoring you. The pilates poster hasn't responed, so I'll let you know as soon as I find out!

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Hi, got the response from my Pilates buddy:
"Karen, The tape that I have is by Living Arts and titled "Pilates Beginning Mat Workout" with Ana Caban. I picked this up at Sam's Club for $8.50. I've seen the infomercial for the Windsor Pilates (which my DD has recently ordered and waiting for)and it looks very similar but less $. I do like this tape & if I can get my "exercise room" in order once again I will definitely start it up again....."

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Hi, my first time posting on this forum. I recognize Karen & woodny from the Cooking forums.

I've been doing yoga for a couple years. Stopped for 7 months while I nursed rotator cuff tendonitis, but decided I was doing more harm than good by staying away. I've been back in class for a month and now my instructor is leaving for a month-long stay overseas which means no classes during her absence. Pilates mat classes are offered at the same facility and I'm wondering if they would be a good alternative for the next month. I know pilates focuses on abdominal muscles, but how much arm stretching is involved in the exercises?

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There are a couple of exercises for the shoulder, but we don't do them in every class.

You use the arms in the swan and swimming moves, but nothing too strenuous. It's similar to yoga in a lot of ways, but they stop and concentrate on the abs much more than the power yoga classes I remember.

I think you will love it!

And when a person in the class has an issue with a part of their body, like shoulders, or arms, or back, the instructor usually gives them modified versions.

I had to do modified's until my tendonitis eased up in my abs. But I still got a lot of benefit out of the classes.

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Thanks Karen. I'm gonna give a shot starting next week.

BTW, I do Hatha yoga; much different than power yoga. I'm sure pilates is going to be an experience, to say the least. LOL

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Just thought I'd report on my first pilates class. Lots of similarity to yoga, minus the deep breathing ... I missed that. Was able to keep up with most of the moves except the one where you lie on your back and move your legs up, over, and down by your head. Then again, I can't do that in yoga so guess it's no surprise I couldn't manage it in pilates. LOL

The foot positioning is new and focusing on my abs takes concentration, now if I can just figure out the breathing.

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I have been borrowing the tapes from the library trying to figure out which ones I like the best. I really like them. I love that they focus on the abs. I am able to do everything so far. Not with much grace but I can do it. I have never done yoga so I have nothing to compare it to other than sit ups. The first day I did it I thought this isn't that hard how can this be working anything. The tape was only 25 minutes. I kept wondering what all the fuss was about. Then I woke up the next morning. I thought I was having cramps because my lower abdomen was so sore. It took me a few minutes to remember that the day before I had been doing the pilates. Then it hit. IT DID WORK! I was in a lot of pain. It was very painful, good painful, but painful none the less. Anyway, I am very pleased so far. I really love the fact it works the whole abdomen, top and bottom. I really needed to something to work my lower abs this is the hardest area to work for me. Thanks to all of you who answered and who gave me the desire to try it. I LOVE IT.

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LOL at your graceful comment! I'm just glad I am in the beginner class. I looked like such a goof in the beginning, doing the tumble-rocking movements!

But now, I feel like a kid again, tumbling and rocking away on the mats!

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Hi all.

I bought the Pilates Body by Siler and have been doing it daily for a week. Like Cindy, I've been doing Yoga for a few years and decided I needed a little something different.

I am doing all of the beginner moves and through the course of the week, added on most of the intermediate moves and a couple of the advanced moves. No, I don't think I moved too fast on this. A lot of the Pilates moves are identical or very close to positions that I have been doing in my yoga practice. The primary differences being the breathing and emphisis on holding the core muscles a little differently than we do in yoga. Actually the beginner moves are more difficult for me than some of the advanced things becuase of the simularity to the yoga poses.

Anyway, I have a question about the pace. The book has us moving to the pace of our breath. Doing yoga for so long, my breath tends to be long and slow, so I am wondering if I am working too slow.

I have felt a bit of 'burn' in those lower/inner abs after the first 2 workouts, but not again since. Not that I feel nothing. I am strangly aware of those core muscles, which is a new sensation for me. But, no achiness or burning except when I am actually doing the mat work.

So, I am wondering if I am working too slow. I am thinking I might need to pick up a tape just to get a grip on timing, but maybe you guys can help with that.


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You are correct to notice a difference.

The breathing in Pilates is rapid, and reminds me a lot of the breathing I learned in Lamaze. The breathing is still deep, and is more lateral - imagine your rib cage expanding horizontally as you inhale. The exhaling is usually a rapid whoosh, like Lamaze.

Hope this helps!

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Check this site out > www.prevention.com > click on "Fitness" > then click on "3 weeks to a flat belly"...This is ideal if you just want to do certain exercises and don't feel like dragging out the videos.

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Lamaze, huh? hmmm....it's been a long time since I took that class.

That might be kind of difficult for me. I am so used to breathing slow and deep into my abdominals when I excersize. I have to keep reminding myself to hold that navel back, becuase in yoga we lift our navel to inhale. But I will give it a try. Gee. It should only take me a few minutes to get through what I have been doing in 20 minutes!

Thanks for the info guys. I'm off to check out that website.


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I have only a few days before my THS runs out - so hope I can get info quickly so I can post questions, if needed then I'll have to lurk for awhile. :~( I am 54, overweight and my muscles are very tight. I have been reading and watching pilates info for awhile now. I think I'll do what woodny says and go to the library and check out every video/dvd I can today and see which one works best for me before purchasing a dvd. My main question right now is - I have seen the power ring - does anyone use that and is it worth it? I also have a treadmill - so thought I'd start using that again (new years resolution! LOL) I must change my life this year! No questions asked........ another resolution - dragging my husband with me! How long does it take to notice a difference and how often do y'all do pilates per week???? Can you do pilates at home and still get the results that you would from a class? Thanks for all the advice. Vicki/FL

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Well, in October, I started doing at least the 100's and the leg circles every day at home, in addition to my once a week studio class. The progress when I did that was amazing. Due to personal issues, I have fallen off the wagon, but hope to make today Day One in another set of straight days doing at least the two basic pilates moves at home daily!!!

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Good afternoon from England.
I wondered how people were going with their Pilates. I've had a Denise Austin tape for months, over this last week it's made it out of the rack, onto the coffee table and finally into the machine this afternoon.
I feel like a sack of cement, I couldn't do the warm-up properly - how do you move your waist form side to side without moving your bottom?, the slow movements I seemed to do a lot slower so I missed the next bit and I can't roll myself up from the floor. I have zero flexibility and I don't think there are enough instructions in the taped session to make an exercise tyro like me understand! After 20 minutes I dissolved into foul and abusive language and it's a wonder I'm not stuffing my face in the kitchen, I feel so angry at being so unfit - except I'm (mostly) cured of that now. Phew, sorry to blow!

I wondered if people who went to classes were still going, were improving and can remember when they started feeling like they'd never get anywhere? Our adult education classes will be signing up in a few weeks for the September term and I'd like to know whether Pilates is something you do see gradual improvement in. 'Is it worth it for me?' is the question, I guess, which I know is impossible to answer!!

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I'm thrilled with the Pilates for Dummies tape I bought at Target for $7. I did it faithfully 3x per week for a month or two, fell off for a few months, and have been back on daily for two weeks. It is amazing how much of a difference it has made in my body, we can't *see* it yet because I have 30-40lbs of fat to lose but I can really *feel* it.

I love that one can adjust the workout to be easier or harder, that it only takes 30 minutes, that I feel so great when I'm done. When I started I couldn't do several of the exercises, now I'm working on the harder level for some of them (but still can't do those darn roll-ups). Quick quick results and balanced strengthening, I highly recommend it.

I really think that which tape you have makes a difference - try another one before blaming yourself. I have a "yoga on the ball" tape that isn't nearly as good, and another yoga tape that is so irritating I only played it once and never even tried to follow along.

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Pilates is like Tai Chi- the longer you take to complete a movement, the longer you are forcing those abs to work...

I'm a huge fan about everything Pilates- except the hype, which I think interferes with the practice. the machines are far more interesting than nautilus gear- but they're by no means needed-

kinda like you can do Yoga without the $80 silk pants- and can use old coffee cans or your kid's building blocks (do kids still play with wooden blocks?) instead of the fancy foam props.

so find a tape you like...but remember that the difference in price between tapes comes from two things- the cost of the person starring- and the marketting costs.

the first cost- does matter. I wouldn't buy a Richard Simmons Pilates tape, eh?

the second cost...is something that offends me, for obvious reasons.

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I love pilates, and try to do it every other night. I like Gaiam's pilates tapes - there is a beginner one and one for lower body. Between this and getting aerobic exercise, I have lost 2 dress sizes.


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Sheryl -

I always try to get reviews and polling information from users of my sites. Just curious how long did it take to lose the weight?


Here is a link that might be useful: Pilates Fitness Workout

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I checked out a Pilates DVD from the library. Is anyone familiar with this one? "Pilates Complete for Everyone" with Karen Garcia.

I watched some of it and it looks like the moves are very similar to my yoga tapes.

The cover states that this DVD contains over 25 workouts for beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Students with routines that range from 5 to 30 minutes.

If you've used this or know anything about it please give me your opinion of it.

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Kj Luker has a couple pilates videos. She wrote and produced a special program on pilates for PBS. I think it still airs around the country.

I use her first video at least once a week. Doubt I'll ever be ready for the advanced version, but that's ok.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Heart of Pilates

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Hi, I am new to this site, and I just started exercising recently. I purchased from QVC a Pilates exercise machine.It is fantastic..little pricey..but wonderful. The first thing I noticed was the change in my posture , and that happened after just a few workouts.


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I bought my reformer half trap from these guys http://store.pilatesprofessional-pro.com/ and they also sell a very helpfull DVD, it goes with you as it explains what to do, and how to do it.

I would recommend this to anyone

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I saw that info-mercial too. It wasn't really what I was looking for. I love Pilates, it has made me stronger and so much more flexible. So, I was searching for the same thing. Some kind of DVD or download because I can't really get to the gym. I found a lot of generic workouts. Then I found the Ultimate Pilates Workouts. It is awsome! It is really designed to fit what you want. You can get set workouts or create your own. There are also a few videos which I have already ordered and can't wait to try out. The two ladies that lead you through the workouts are really good about describing what to do, how to do it safely and what to watch out for like shoulder tension. Anyway, here is the link. Check it out, I think you will like it.


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There are quite a few great ways to enjoy the training system that has changed so many peopleÂs lives. The most popular type of Pilates Training is the Mat Class which offers many exercises that are done on the floor or standing up without the use of mechanical devices. Fitness oriented people who want to become teachers of the Pilates System will complete an in-depth
Pilates classess can find it in Kore pilates

Here is a link that might be useful: Pilates classess

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Pilates is a great way to help increase flexibility and elongate the body and muscles. It will not get you the ripped and muscular body building look if that is what you are looking for. Which most people are not. But if you are looking for a lean and toned body without being "jacked" this is the workout for you. I would recommend starting off with a set of dvds and working your way through them. Dvds are easy to do at home and the instructors in the videos give a lot of instruction bec they know they are not there to help you. Mat pilates is what most people do and if you are workout from home then that is most likely what you will be working with. This is a great low impact way to start off. If you start slow and with a beginner level and actually stick to your workout schedule you will def see results. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Beginner Pilates DVD

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